BMW Limo Rental

If you're a car lover, than the BMW probably has a special place in your heart. Did you know that you can hire a stretch BMW limo rental? That's right, it's now easier than ever to find a BMW limousine near you. Simply complete a search on the Price4Limo booking platform to view all BMW limos available in your area. If you want to have a night on the town with your closest friends, book a BMW limo rental.

Why Rent a BMW Limo?

There are too many reasons to list why one might want to hire a BMW limo rental service, but let's look at a few. First, BMW's are a luxury car, so many people who drive them prefer the finer things in life. With that said, a BMW limousine can be rented for any reason from birthday parties and kids parties, to weddings and bachelor/bachelorette parties.

These rides are sure to turn heads and impress the masses. Interior amenities include flat screen TVs, bars, LED light displays and MP3 players. You can also rent a BMW sedan or BMW SUV if you do not want a stretch limo.

Seating Capacities: 10-16 Passengers
Storage: Limited Trunk Space
Restroom: No
Air Conditioning: Standard
Music/DVD/TV: Yes
Average Price: $699-$1200*
*Due to covid-19 Prices may be significantly higher and may vary depending on availability, service, and location

How Much is a BMW Limo Rental?

BMW limos will vary in pricing based on a few factors. Your location, type of service, and duration of your trip will contribute to your rental costs. Additionally, if you need to make a bunch of stops, or if you go overtime you will see more fees. These can be avoided with proper planning. To find the best BMW limo rental prices, call Price4Limo today or check online for availability near you.