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Do you need a charter bus rental to handle your ground transportation? Charter buses are the perfect means of transportation for large groups. No matter what the occasion is, a minibus, shuttle bus or charter bus can get your party to where it needs to be. Charter bus prices will vary based on several factors.

You may or may not know that there are several different types of buses available for hire. Each bus serves its purpose based on your needs, and the bus rental prices will reflect this. Let's take a closer look at your options.

Average Bus Charter Rates

Vehicle Type PassangersLuggageRate
50 Passenger Charter Bus Rental


$179 / hr
40 Passenger Charter Bus Rental


$159 / hr
40 Passenger Shuttle Bus Rental


30 28
$139 / hr
20 Passenger Mini Bus Rental


$119 / hr
60 Passenger School Bus Rental


$109 / hr

Mini Bus Rental Prices

If you have a smaller group of people that need transportation, a mini bus rental would most likely be the best choice. Minibuses come in a variety of styles and seating capacities. There are 20, 25, and 30 passenger minibus rentals all of which will be cheaper than a traditional charter bus.

Shuttle Bus Rental Prices

If you have a mid-sized group that needs transportation, shuttle buses are a great option. Although similar to mini buses, shuttle buses are slightly more expensive due to their larger seating capacity. Shuttle bus rentals also come in a wide variety of makes and models that can accommodate 25, 30, and 40 passengers.

Charter Bus Rental Prices

When you need to move a large group of people, 40 or more, a charter bus is the way to roll. Charter bus rentals can seat 40, 45, 50, and even 60 passengers depending on the bus selected. Charter bus prices will be higher than the minibus and shuttle bus rentals. Charter buses often times come with a restroom and other interior amenities that make your travel experience more comfortable. Some of the interior amenities include flat screen TVs, DVD/MP4 players, and a premium audio system.

Luxury Minibus Prices

Luxury minibuses are preferred by many organizations because they can accommodate more passengers with comfort. However, luxury minibus prices vary based on the number of seats and amenities you require. The average luxury minibus rental price costs about $150-250+ per hour, but this can change depending on whether you need extras like Wi-Fi or DVD players. These vehicles generally accommodate up to 24 passengers and offer amenities such as reclining seats and tinted windows to protect your privacy while traveling through busy traffic conditions.

Coach Bus Rental Prices

Coach bus rental prices are $110 to $260 per hour. The price will depend on the size of your group and what amenities you want included. If your charter bus company has a standard coach bus without frills such as leather seats and a bathroom, expect to pay less than if they offer luxury coaches with entertainment systems, WiFi and more comfortable seating.

Motorcoach Rental Prices

There are many different types of buses available for charter. The first and most obvious difference is the number of passengers they can accommodate. Motorcoaches can range from 20-30 to 45-60, while school buses typically hold upwards of 55. 

School Bus Rental Prices

School buses are more expensive than other types of passenger vehicles, but they're also a great choice for groups. School buses are often in high demand during peak season, so book early if you're looking to secure one at a specific date or time! 

Sprinter Bus Rental Prices

Sprinter buses are smaller than motorcoaches and coach buses. Sprinter buses can hold between 14 and 24 passengers, making them a perfect choice for small group travel. They're also less expensive than motorcoaches or coach buses, which makes them an excellent option for large groups traveling on a budget.

Mini Coach Bus Rental Prices

Mini coaches are perfect for shuttling smaller groups of up to 35 people. The mini-coach can hold anywhere from 25 to 40 passengers, depending on the make and model.

Charter Bus Prices And What Determines the Cost

The type of coach, its age and its capacity are the most important factors in determining charter bus rates. The number of miles to be traveled is another major factor. You should also consider whether you will have one or multiple passengers on your trip and how long it will last. 

Number of Passengers

The number of passengers determines the size of the bus. The more people who ride, the larger your charter bus will be. This means that there will be more space for everyone to sit, and it also means that you'll probably have to pay more money to hire a bigger vehicle.

Accessibility and Features

The more features your bus has, the more it will cost. Keep in mind that some features are worth paying extra for. For example, if all you need is a charter bus to take your employees to a meeting or event, then you can save money by renting an older model with fewer amenities than if you were looking for something with entertainment centers and on-board restrooms.

Duration of Rental

It's also important to note that the length of your trip will affect how much you pay for a charter bus rental. If you plan to rent a bus for multiple days, or even multiple weeks, you'll save money overall compared with renting it only for a few hours at a time. This is because there's less fuel usage per hour over shorter distances - and therefore less cost associated with using the vehicle.

Time and Season of Rental

The time of year you rent a charter bus and the day of the week you travel are also factors that influence pricing. For example, private charters during peak travel seasons like summer and holidays can cost much more than they do in other times of the year. Weekend rentals tend to be pricier as well because most people don’t want to drive their own car on weekends when they could be spending time with their family or friends instead. The same is true for winter months, which see a decrease in demand for private transportation due to inclement weather conditions (e.g., snow storms). However, this doesn’t mean you should avoid booking a charter during these seasons—just be prepared for higher prices since supply is lower than demand during this time of year


The destination is a significant determinant of charter bus prices. If you’re traveling to a popular tourist destination, you may have to pay more. However, the price of the charter bus will also depend on the distance you are traveling. Longer distances will cost more than shorter distances. The type of vehicle that is used for transportation also has an impact on how much money is spent on hiring a tour bus service provider.

Distance and Availability

The distance you're traveling is a major factor in determining the cost of your charter bus trip. The further you travel, the more it's going to cost. For example, taking an 8 hour trip will likely be cheaper than a 20 hour trip (assuming all other factors are equal). That being said, there are also other factors that come into play when calculating distance-based pricing such as availability and destination availability. In short: if you need to go somewhere at a specific time of year or day of week (say, school holidays), then there may not be many options available for booking something on short notice on those dates which could raise prices significantly.

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