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A limousine is a perfect ride for any kind of formal event. And what could be more formal than a wedding?

Wedding ceremonies are meant to be formal, memorable and fantastic. A limo ride for the bride will complete this event creating a magical moment for her and her groom. A limousine will also be their perfect wedding car; it will take the newly wed to the wedding venue and will also be their getaway car as the ceremonies and celebrations commence.

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Wedding Party Bus Rental

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How to Select a Limousine for Your Wedding

But how do you choose the ideal limousine ride for a wedding? The key to selecting the ideal limousine is to remember the following:

  • Your budget – there are a variety of limousines that you can rent for your event. Even if you have a tight budget, there will still be a suitable limo ride for you.

  • The number of passengers – do you plan to give the wedding entourage a ride to and from the wedding venue? If so then you would need a bigger limo ride to accommodate everyone.

  • The time you want to rent the limo for - most limo rentals lease their vehicles by the hour. Technically the longer you rent a limo the costlier it becomes. But don’t despair, there are limo rental packages that you can enjoy which will give you a lot of savings even for a budget wedding.

  • The features that you are looking for – limos differ in size and capacity and most of all, these differ in features. You can guarantee that you will be able to rent the limo with the features that you want such as a private bar, club lighting, privacy panels, Wi-Fi and audio and video systems if you compare limo rental packages.

  • The destinations that you are headed to – the more places that you intend to go such as the wedding venue, the wedding reception venue, the hotel, the airport and so on, the more likely you get a higher rate.

Wedding Party Bus Rentals & Limo Buses

Aside from limousine ride for the bride and groom, the wedding entourage and the families of the bride and groom would definitely need a spectacular dire to the event. Forget waiting for people to arrive and even arriving all stressed out for the event when you ride a party bus rental.

A party bus will ensure that all the guests will be relaxed and on time for an event. And even when a party bus will cost you extra, it will be worth it considering that all your guests will be present and on time.

  • The type of party bus - party buses come in a variety of sizes and features. Choosing a bus with all the most updated features and the one that will fit all quests should be a priority.

  • Features & Amenities – choose the features and amenities that you want. Do you prefer a bus with a private bar, flat screen television sets, gaming systems. Wi-Fi and more.

  • Follow your budget – there is a party bus that will fit your budget. and just like renting a limo, there are rental packages for party buses too so don’t miss out on these huge savings when you rent a party bus service.

Wedding Transportation Party Bus & Limo Service

Booking is easy for any of our wedding party bus rentals. When you have to arrange a wedding in town, you need a luxury ride for your wedding guests. We offer different kinds of wedding party buses. These could vary from luxury limo coaches to standard buses - large or small. If you're booking a party bus with us, you will have access to all the amenities on board our coaches that help entertain your guests on the go.

You should take a look at the fleet we have available in your area and decide on the best transportation. We offer reasonable party bus rental prices which make booking any wedding limo or bus rental an easy decision.

Weddings Limo Service

Wedding Party Buses & Limo Rentals Near Me

It is easy to book one of our wedding party bus rentals when you are in town. You can make a reservation for one of our party bus rentals or book a cheap mini bus rental for any wedding group travel requirement. You will find wedding party buses as well as other coaches on hire. If you give us a call we can help you find the perfect ride as per your requirement.

There are different kinds of coaches available from our agency. You could hire party buses as wedding limousines. We also have access to models like shuttle buses, charter buses, and motor coaches. These vary as per the number of passengers they can seat, from 14 to 50 in number. If you book our party buses for your wedding you and your guests will certainly have a great time! We have a wide range of wedding limos and premier rentals for you to select from.

If there are small or medium group ride requirements, we offer sedans and shuttle buses for hire. These can work well for groups not exceeding 14 passengers. These rides can be great for the bride and groom, or the bridesmaids and groomsmen. We also offer limo service for birthdays and sporting events as needed.

You will find exclusive wedding cars and limos from our agency such as:

Wedding Transportation Party Bus And Limo Service Prices

Our agency offers reasonable and affordable prices for most of our party buses and limos for hire. There are different wedding packages on offer as well. You could even take advantage of discounts available for certain limousines and buses. In general, the rates depend on the number of seats, hours of hire, distance to cover, as well as the number of stops requested.