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Search our inventory of over 12,000 vehicles including charter buses & more. No matter the occasion or location we have the perfect vehicle for your next special event! Below we have listed our most popular charter bus rentals. Get an instant quote online or call to speak with a live customer service agent.

Charter Bus Rental

When thinking of transporting a larger group of people, a charter bus might be the best option not only for you, but for the entire group. There are many benefits to booking a charter bus for a special event, such as cost efficiency, comfort, reliability, and overall experience.

When planning a larger event whether it be with family or friends, we all know it could be tough for everyone to be there on time or unforseen circumstances can sometimes happen. A charter bus helps to keep everyone together, and a charter bus does exactly that. It helps everything run more smoothly and ensures everyone is there for the right moment. Buses can be used as a band tour bus, a sports event coach, a wedding or even a church bus. Many organizations or companies reach out to us and we make these buses available to them.

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Charter Bus Pricing

A charter bus usually comes equipped with spacious seating, and enough leg room to be in your own personal space. Aside from that charter buses can also include a bathroom for those long trips. The joys of comfort within a bus can also provide a bit more storage space than a car normally would. Of course it's good to be mindful of others who you will be sharing the space with. The good thing about riding charter buses, is that you will also be able to kick back and turn on a movie if you need a bit of entertainment. While on long rides, its easy to get distracted on the road, not only will you not have to worry about traffic, you'll be able to take a nap if your heart desires.

Vehicle Type

Vehicle Passengers

Hourly Rates*

30 Passenger Charter BusUp To 30$150-$175
35 Passenger Charter BusUp To 35$180-$195
40 Passenger Charter BusUp To 40$200-$225
47 Passenger Charter BusUp To 47$230-$250
50 Passenger Charter BusUp To 50$260-$275
56 Passenger Charter BusUp To 56$280-$290
60 Passenger Charter BusUp To 60$300-$350

* Prices may vary depending on availability

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If you break down the numbers between going from city to city with flying compared to getting a coach bus rental, the savings could be well into the thousands. If you have never booked a charter bus, it could be really a good experience for everyone, not only is everyone going to be relaxed onboard but you will have a closer experience with everyone there.

A good way that people handle the cost and peaks everyone interest is by pooling travel costs together with your riders. It not only saves money, but it makes the overall experience more enjoyable. Who doesn't like to save money and also be in comfort? It's hard to do that with airlines, being that their upgrades could end up making you feel spent. At Price4limo you will know how much the pricing will be upfront with no hidden costs and not only that but you won't have worry about filling up the gas tank.

Rent A Bus

When it comes down to choosing your charter bus, you have many options. Whether your have 15 guests or up to 57 people, you can choose what works best for the ocassion. Keep in mind that you can always book multiple charter buses if the situation calls for it. Before you charter your own bus, you see what amenities you would like your bus to have. Ensure that all of your options that are offered help you decide on the best choice. Get An Instant Quote

Some Bus Charters may include:

  • Interior Leather Seats
  • Privacy Divider
  • AUX/Ipod Connection
  • TV & DVD
  • USB Ports
  • Reasons to Use

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    30 Passenger Charter Bus

    30 Passenger Charter Bus

    If you have had enough of the minibus rental our smallest charter bus offering is ideal for medium sized groups. Let this vehicle be your choice for ground transportation when you are planning a school field trip. Charter buses have various uses, not limited to sports events, bachelorettes, birthday parties, long haul trips from city to city or even be used as a church bus to help transport your group. The charter bus inside looks immaculate and topped up with all the features you can think of. We are the coach bus company to get a simple quote on this 30 passenger charter bus.


    25 - 30

    35 Passenger Charter Bus

    35 Passenger Charter Bus

    This charter bus is ideal for medium sized groups of people looking to travel all in one vehicle. Use it for your wedding transportation to get guests to and from the venue. Having a chartered a bus is great because along with it you get your own chauffeur. Many bands love to do band tours with our service as they don't have to worry about driving the long hours. Band members get to hang out and relax in the tour bus inside and get some rest after their show. This 35 passenger coach vehicle has enough room for a full drum kit, a reasonable sized bass amp, a couple of combo amps, keyboard, guitars, and even some merch to sell in the lower compartment of the bus. The 35 Passenger party bus is ideal when you want to get your group there at the same time.


    30 - 35

    40 Passenger Charter Bus

    40 Passenger Charter Bus

    Also ideal for medium to larger sized groups is our 40 passenger charter bus. All of the tour bus inside come with standard amenities and comfortable seating for long rides. These charter buses are always used for sports events to help transfer a large amount of people. These 40 Passenger vehicles come equipped with multiple USB ports for those long hours on the road. Ensure that your white bus interior has the options you're looking for prior to booking. If you're wondering your band tour bus rental cost feel free call us to compare pricing.


    35 - 40

    47 Passenger Charter Bus

    47 Passenger Charter Bus

    If you require ground transportation for a larger group then take advantage of this charter bus rental. It's perfect for corporate outings & other group transportation occasions. Renting a luxurious tour bus can be daunting at first but we can help with breaking down the cost and finding you the best coach price. Whether you book it as a church bus, a tour bus or simply a way to transport your guests we make it a breeze. Many school districts choose us to help transport their students for extra curricular or sports events such as football, baseball, volleyball, basketball & more. Schools love us as we make it easy for schools to book their School Field Trip Bus Rental.


    41 - 47

    50 Passenger Charter Bus

    56 Passenger Charter Bus

    This is one of the most popular charter bus rental available. It comfortably seats up to 50 people and is your go to solution for transporting large groups. Comes with all the standard accommodations. Find a charter bus company near me and you'll be able to see us beating the competition. The tour bus inside is more than you ask for on this vehicle with its multiple amenities, you can be sure you'll be riding in comfort the whole ride.


    45 - 50

    56 Passenger Charter Bus

    56 Passenger Charter Bus Rental

    This is one of our largest charter buses we offer. It seats up to 56 passengers and is ideal for large groups. This bus comes with all the standard accommodations like comfortable seats and TVs. Some buses include a restroom for long rides. A popular feature that is often asked is whether the tour bus rental comes with power outlets and the answer is often yes. However always ensure that your group transportation vehicle has what you're looking for. A luxurious tour bus is what you can ask for, with all the bells and whistles ideal as a band tour bus to a new city.


    50 - 56

    60 Passenger Charter Bus

    60 Passenger Charter Bus

    This is our largest charter buses available. It seats up to 60 passengers and is the perfect solution for transporting large groups. This white bus comes with all the standard accommodations and in select vehicles includes a restroom. This particular 60 passenger charter bus definitely has the best tour bus interior, with enough room for extra guests or luggage. If you've never chartered a bus, you don't have to worry as all of our buses come with their own professional chauffer. To find out how much a it actually is to book a coach bus rental give us a call. The driver can legally drive 10 hours per day until they need an eight hour break. If you have any questions regarding this, feel free to ask!


    55 - 60

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    If you're in need of a charter bus rental, has the nation's largest fleet. With so many options for ground transportation, you're bound to find a bus rental that fits your needs. All of our charter bus rentals are affordably priced and ready for service. No matter what you need a bus rental for, we can help you find the perfect ride with a budget-friendly price. You can view bus rental prices in your area by completing the form found on this page.

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