Complete Guide to Charter Bus Amenities: What Amenities Can You Find on a Charter Bus?

Charter buses come in all shapes and sizes so there is no one-size-fits-all answer to the question of what amenities will be on your bus. But don’t worry! We’ve put together this guide to walk you through all the possible amenities that you can get on a charter bus rental — and we have a reservations team available that can source a bus with the amenities you need.

Now, let’s see what great features you can find onboard!

Quick Answer

Amenities vary by bus, but here’s a list of all the different amenities that charter buses have:

  • Bathroom
  • WiFi
  • USB Charging Points
  • Large Reclining Seats
  • Reading Lights
  • Individual Climate Controls
  • TV Monitors
  • DVD Player
  • PA System
  • Overhead Luggage Compartments
  • Undercarriage Luggage Space

On-Board Bathroom

Many of the full 56-passenger charter buses will have a bathroom. Restrooms on most full-sized charter buses are compact and tucked away at the back of the bus. You’ll usually find a toilet and a hand washing station in these small spaces.


charter bus wifi

Gone are the days of spending long bus drives staring out the window and listening to the same three songs on repeat. Modern charter buses can have WiFi to keep everyone in your group connected to the outside world.

WiFi is a common amenity on most newer motorcoaches, but always verify with your reservation specialist at the time of booking that your bus can access wireless internet.

USB Charging Points

charter bus usb charging points

Between GPS apps and social media updates, a day of exploring can really drain your phone battery. Now, imagine a long drive with your entire family or a dozen coworkers, all with their cell phones dying at the same time—not the greatest environment, right?

Many modern charter bus rentals include power outlets and USB charging points at every row (under the seat) to help your group stay connected. Just don’t forget to bring your charging cords. If you need a reminder, send out an email with your trip itinerary outlining any essential items like sunscreen and charging cords to your fellow passengers. (Better safe than sorry!)

Charter buses with power outlets and USB charging points are common, but you should always verify this feature is available at the time of booking if it’s important to your group.

Large Reclining Seats

charter bus usb reclining seats

One of the biggest perks to traveling by charter bus is taking advantage of comfortable seats while letting a driver handle the navigation. Unlike the seats you might find on planes and public buses, most modern charter buses come with plush, reclining seats, and plenty of legroom to stretch out.

The number of seats in your charter bus rental will depend on the type of bus you rent. On average, full-sized charter buses will have anywhere from 50 to 56 seats. For groups smaller than 35 people, we recommend a more compact and cost-efficient minibus rental with seats designed for comfort during short trips and around town. Some minibuses have reclining seats while others don’t – so just confirm with us prior to booking.

Reading Lights

charter bus reading lights

A long road trip in a comfortable charter bus is a great time to relax and catch up on your favorite books. Instead of straining to see in the darkness, enjoy your favorite book with your own personal reading light above your seat. Your light is similar to the reading light on an airplane — and you can turn it on and off as you please.

Your bus driver may also dim the overhead lighting in the bus during a long drive. You can relax and enjoy the views through your window while taking in a few chapters.

Individual Climate Controls

Everyone in your group will be able to enjoy their ideal temperature with individual climate controls located above each seat in most charter buses. Travelers on long-distance trips across the country will find this a lifesaver, especially when going through drastic climate changes. Passengers traveling in the Fort Lauderdale during summer may crave icy-cold air conditioning while travelers venturing across the Denver in December may want to add a little extra warmth for their ride.

TV Monitors

charter bus tv monitors

Modern charter buses can also come equipped with TV monitors for passengers to enjoy. Depending on the size of the vehicle and how the seats are arranged, there will be several TV screens positioned throughout the bus for everyone to see — either handing down from the ceiling or built into the seat’s headrest in front of you. Turn on your favorite classic film while on the road with a group of friends or put on an educational program while taking your student field trip to a museum.

DVD Player

Enjoy a movie on a long drive when you book a charter bus with a DVD player! Just remember to bring your DVDs! For a true throwback experience, choose a classic film or bring an animated favorite for the little ones. Before you rent your bus, call to verify the availability of a DVD player. Many buses now have streaming services in lieu of a DVD player for passenger entertainment. Your bus rental specialist can answer any questions you have about what your charter bus includes.

PA System

A PA system isn’t only useful for your bus driver to keep your group organized, but it’s a great way to keep everyone entertained while traveling. Your tour guide can use the PA system to share important information with guests, the band director can play upbeat music for marching band members to enjoy, and chaperones can have a sing-along with little ones on an academic field trip.

Overhead Luggage Compartments

charter bus Overhead Luggage Compartments

Charter buses are convenient for multiple reasons. The ample storage space, in particular, sets this travel option apart from rideshares and personal vehicles. In most charter bus rentals, you’ll find overhead luggage compartments above the seats, similar to what you see on an airplane. These compartments are perfect for storing small personal items like purses, backpacks, and snacks, keeping your legs free and the aisles clear. Each bin is usually around about 10 x 16 x 24 inches holding 2 bags at a time.

You can learn more about the total luggage space in our charter bus packing guide.

Undercarriage Luggage Space

charter bus Undercarriage Luggage Compartments

Charter buses also have undercarriage luggage compartments, also known as storage or luggage bays. Unlike overhead compartments, these compartments can hold larger, bulky items like sports equipment and checked suitcases, making them perfect for large groups. You generally want to keep your bag 62 inches or less.

The bay size vary depending on which bus you select, but you can expect 94" x 46" x 41" for Bay 1 and 65" x 46" x 41" for the second Bay.

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