The Complete Guide to Party Bus Rentals

Looking to rent a party bus for your next group celebration or event? We understand that this is a first for many and understandably, you'll have some questions — what will it look like, how much is it, what’s included — the list goes on and on… But don’t worry! Price 4 Limo has been providing party bus rentals for over 10 years with over 1,000,000 satisfied riders, so we know all the ins and outs about renting one and can help you navigate the process. We've put together this guide to answer the most frequently asked questions and set expectations before your big day. Additionally, we have a 24/7 reservations team on standby ready to help you with any and all questions you may have — reach us at 866-265-5479.

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party bus rental guide

What is a party bus?

First off, what is a party bus? Well, a party bus, also known as a party ride, limo bus, or luxury bus, is a large motor vehicle derived from a conventional bus or coach but customized and designed to carry groups of people for recreational purposes. They are usually converted from traditional buses or coaches, but the interiors are upgrade with amenities ideal for group celebration and events. They range in size, typically accommodating 10 to 50 passengers, and will often have newly added features like sound systems, wood floors, neon lighting, built-in bars, and restrooms. One of the main reasons why they’re so popular is that they allow groups to hit multiple destinations or events conveniently without the need to draw straws about who’s the DD (and you can drink onboard)! Originally popularized in San Francisco back in the 60s, party buses have since expanded across the US and give groups a mobile venue to celebrate everything from bachelor and bachelorette parties to proms, concerts, sports games, nights on the town, wine tours, and more.

What does a party bus look like?

It depends! Party buses come in all shapes and sizes depending on the vehicle chassis and how it’s customized on the inside. Since a party bus is built by taking another vehicle and then transforming it into something new, there’s so many different ways it can look. Generally, you can expect to see large panoramic windows on the outside, one door near the driver seat on the passenger side (or a large slide open door on Sprinter vans), a logo painted on the side or back of the bus, and a black/white/silver exterior.

party bus exterior

When it comes to what’s inside, there’s really no one-size-fits-all answer since there are so many ways to build a party bus. The most common builders are Grech Motors, LGE Coachworks, Tiffany Coachworks, Executive Coach Builders, LA Custom Coach, Pinnacle Party Bus, & Krystal to name a few who all have a unique style. In general, the inside of a party bus will have a center aisle that is open with seats extending all the way to the back.

sprinter limo interior

This is a sprinter limo interior.

krystal party bus interior

This interior is from Krystal coach.

tiffany party bus interior

Here’s an interior from Tiffany Coach Builders.

grech party bus interior

Interior by Grech Motors.

LGE party bus interior

Designed by LGE Coachworks.

As you can see above, there’s many different configurations you can choose from. When it comes to seating — the most common seating arrangements are wraparound (seats that do look like a U and go all the way around) , perimeter (seats on the wall facing inward), J seating (seats in a J formation – primarily Sprinter buses), and bucket/captain’s chairs. Most often, the benches are cushioned or line the perimeter, facing inward towards each other. Some higher-end buses may have tables and even captain’s chairs.

Who rents party buses?

Party buses are popular rentals for all kinds of group outings and special events where ensuring everyone stays together and has fun is a priority. Passengers range from teenagers headed to prom to corporate executives planning a unique client experience. Here’s some previous trips we’ve organized:

  • A company with offices in Orlando and Tampa rented a party bus for a full weekend to take employers down to Formula 1 in Miami.
  • A wedding planner in San Diego rented multiple party buses for a 10-hour block to shuttle guests to and from the hotel & reception.
  • We scheduled a party bus to take Utah Jazz fans from their home in Salt Lake City to the stadium for tailgating with a return ride after the game.
  • A group of 10 booked a sprinter bus to attend a concert at the Georgia Tech Center in Atlanta, with a pick up out of Macon.

How many seats does a party bus have?

Party bus passenger capacities typically range from 10 seats to 50 seats. Smaller party buses built on a van chassis generally seat 10-15 passengers. Mid-size buses built on shuttle bus bodies usually seat 20-40 passengers. For the biggest groups, you can get one seating 40-50 people in a motorcoach chassis.

What is the difference between a charter bus and a party bus?

There are a few types of buses you might come across when researching group transportation rentals. While they share some similarities, here are the key differences: Charter buses are traditional full-size buses used for more basic group transportation like business trips, airport transfers, and field trips. They offer comfortable seating — forward-facing seats like an airplane — for long journeys but lack extensive “fun” features. There’s also mini buses which are smaller charter buses ideal for groups around 20 passengers. They offer a more maneuverable ride and can be a good choice for getting into tight venues and parking. So while those two vehicles are geared more for moving from point to point, party buses are designed specifically for fun and partying! They include upgraded amenities like LED lights, dance floors, bars, different seating arrangements where you can face each other, and restrooms on some. There’s also another type of bus called entertainer buses — which are used by musicians or performers on tour. They may include sleeping quarters, expanded lounge areas, and extra luggage room. While they all transport groups, party buses are designed specifically with entertainment and celebrations in mind. They offer a unique experience compared to standard charter buses used for more practical group transportation.

What amenities are included in a party bus rental?

What fun will you find onboard? From basic sound systems to elaborate laser lighting, strobe lights, TVs, AUX sound systems and more! Some have state-of-the-art audio-visual systems with multiple flat screen HD TVs, satellite TV, Bluetooth and HDMI ports — while others have more standard features.. Bars are common and will either be drop-down coolers or more extensive setups with coolers, ice buckets, champagne flutes and drink rails so you can serve up cocktails and refreshments. Some super luxury buses can even include gaming systems like Playstation and Xbox, and touch screen control panels. Party bus amenities can vary quite a bit based on the company, vehicle, and customization. So, be sure to discuss any specific features you want when you call us and we’ll do our best to try to accommodate your requests!

bar on party bus

Do party buses have WiFi and phone chargers?

Whether or not a party bus has WiFi and phone chargers depends on the specific company and vehicle. Some newer party buses come equipped with onboard WiFi for passengers to use. Some also have USB ports or standard power outlets to charge phones. However, you'll want to request and confirm these amenities when booking, as not all buses will have them. These can be handy features too — you can snap pics and share instantly on social media, livestream video, text friends, play music, and more. If WiFi and phone charging capabilities are important for your group, be sure to ask your party bus company to guarantee a bus with these features. Some may charge a small additional fee for WiFi.

Can we bring food and drinks on a party bus?

Policies about outside food and drinks vary between party bus companies. Many allow passengers to BYOB (bring your own booze) onboard. However, some have restrictions against outside beverages or food. Make sure to ask ahead of time about the policy of your rental company. If allowed, it's courteous for passengers to avoid bringing messy or smelly foods that could stain upholstery and leave a mess. You may also want to provide your own coolers to store food and drinks. While some buses have refrigerators and drop down ice buckets onboard, space may be limited. Bringing single-serve drinks (cans or boxed drinks) and easy finger foods is usually your best bet for party bus snacks if allowed!

Can we drink alcohol on a party bus?

Yes. Most party bus companies will allow alcohol consumption in moderation by legal-aged patrons — however, policies vary between bus companies, so be sure to verify the rules with your specific provider. If alcohol is permitted, sometimes riders will typically need to pay an added security deposit in case of spills, damage or excess messes that require cleanup after the trip. You would also want to check ahead of time if there are any policies on what types of bottles you can bring when it comes to glass bottles or cans. As long as your company allows it and you're responsible, drinking adult beverages in moderation is one of the main perks of the onboard experience!

Do party buses have storage space?

Some do, some don’t — it depends on the bus. Party buses do not generally have much luggage space, if any. On Mercedes and Transit models, you may have a usable trunk in the back for a few carry ons. For the other models, depending on the chassis that the party bus is built on, it may have limited trunk space. Some larger buses may also have dedicated luggage areas separate from the main cabin (under the bus or in the back). The amount of storage space varies based on the size of the bus. Full-sized party buses over 40 feet long generally offer the most substantial room for stowing luggage and other gear. If you’re planning on transporting large items like sports equipment or coolers, inform your party bus company ahead of time so they can ensure there is adequate cargo space. Sometimes the companies can tow trailers to extend space for larger groups with luggage.

Do party buses have restrooms? What are they like inside?

Usually, only larger party buses will have a restroom on board which you’ll find near the front of the bus next to the driver’s seat. Party bus restrooms provide basic functionality for passenger needs, but aren't overly spacious. They are similar to restrooms on board an airplane or train. The toilet and sink areas are compact to fit the confines of the bus, and standing room is limited. Amenities are dependent on the bus, but can include:

  • Toilet
  • Sink
  • Mirror
  • Soap dispenser
  • Paper towels or air dryer
  • Waste bin
  • Toilet paper

While party bus restrooms get the job done, they lack the spaciousness of a hotel or public restroom. As such, it's best for passengers to use the restroom before lengthy periods of travel and utilize pit stops as needed. The restroom should mainly be used only when absolutely necessary while the bus is en route. But it's a convenient feature for longer trips and emergencies!

Can we smoke on the bus?

No. Smoking of any kind on the buses is prohibited. This includes cigarettes, vaping, etc. However, your party bus driver will be happy to make periodic stops as requested so smokers can step off the bus briefly to light up. Just provide a heads up so they can pull over at an appropriate location.

What will we pay if we go over our allotted time?

If your event runs longer than expected, most companies will charge for overtime usage beyond the scheduled time. The overtime hourly rate is usually similar to the base hourly rental rate, but may have a minimum number of hours that will be charged. For example, if you go over by 20 minutes, you may be charged for a full extra hour — this will depend on the company’s policies. To avoid surprise overtime fees, carefully estimate the duration you'll need the party bus when booking.

Can I book a party bus without a driver?

Party bus companies do not allow customers to rent their vehicles without a driver. Unlike smaller passenger vans offered from places like Sixt and Hertz, there are no companies offering “self-drive” party bus rentals where customers operate the vehicle themselves. You will need to book a package deal that always includes a driver from the company.

Can I make last-minute stops as directed?

Yes. Your rental is “as directed” so you control the itinerary. For example, a quick 5-30 minute pit stop can usually be accommodated at a gas station or restaurant en route so passengers can use the restroom or grab snacks. But just keep in mind, adding lengthy stops at additional destinations may incur added hourly fees if you go over your allotted time. To avoid surprise charges, it’s best to inform your driver of any potential changes to the itinerary ahead of time so they can plan accordingly.

How far in advance should I book my party bus?

To ensure bus availability and the best rates, we recommend booking your party bus at least 1-2 months in advance. For major events or busy seasons like prom and graduation (April, May, & June) as well as weekends in the Fall season, reserve your party bus 6-12 months in advance when possible. Of course, sometimes last-minute situations do come up. We can accommodate bookings as short as a few days out or even the same day. Just expect potential limitations on vehicle availability and higher pricing due to demand – which we want you to avoid!

Pro Tip: Know your local event calendar! Holidays like New Year's Eve or big events like Formula 1 in Houston, Ultra Music Festival in Miami, and Governor’s Ball in NYC can also limit availability (some events get booked out a full year in advance!). To lock in your ideal dates, vehicles, and the most affordable pricing, start inquiring about group transportation and secure your party bus rental as far ahead of time as you can. That gives you the best rates and can build in some flexibility in case you need to make any changes to the itinerary or passenger headcount!

How much does a party bus rental cost?

We know – by now, you want to know how much it will cost. Well, it depends. Party bus rental pricing depends on things like the size of the bus, the year, amenities on it, date of your event, how long you need it for, where you’re going, and some other factors. Don’t worry! We have an online pricing tool that will help you figure all this out for you and get a quote in just 30-seconds! You can use that on this page, or you can always call us at 866-265-5479. We also have a party bus pricing guide which will go more in depth about what affects the prices.

Pro Tip: For a price estimate before calling, check average rates on our party bus rental pricing guide. Just keep in mind your total depends on trip details like distance, duration, party bus type, and season.

How do I rent a party bus?

Renting a party bus is easy! Here’s what you should have handy to get the right quote for your trip:

  • Addresses of destinations and exact pickup/dropoff times
  • Trip start date and duration
  • Total number of passengers
  • If you'll make stops enroute mid-route – if you have a full itinerary you should provide it
  • Any amenity request like WiFi, restroom, etc.

Now, what party bus company should I book with?

As one of the largest party bus providers nationwide with more than 1 million satisfied riders, Price 4 Limo checks all those boxes. With over two thousand 5-star reviews and thousands of trips completed, we’re a top choice for party bus rentals! Our diverse inventory ensures we can match you with the right fit at the best price. Call 866-265-5479 or use our online quote tool to get started and immediately see all the different vehicles available in your area!

Reach out anytime to get a complimentary quote or ask us questions.