What to Bring on a Long Charter Bus Ride

So you’re prepping for your next group excursion. Great! You’ve booked your bus through Price 4 Limo. Even better! But now you’re wondering what you should and shouldn’t pack for the ride. Not so great. 

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We’ve transported over 1 million passengers across the country—from weddings and bachelor parties to sporting events and school field trips—so we know a thing or two about what folks bring (and what they wish they’d brought). Whether you’re a first-time bus traveler or just looking to streamline the packing process, keep reading to learn how to stay comfy, entertained, and prepared on a long bus ride. 

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What to Bring on a Long Charter Bus Ride


When you’re on a bus ride that lasts several hours, staring out the window at the passing landscape will only keep you occupied for so long. Especially if you’re prone to motion sickness, you’ll want a few other options to keep your mind engaged along the way. 

Many charter buses in our network have flat-screen TVs with DVD players. So bring your favorite movies! You can even ask your group to vote for the ones they want to see. Pop in a classic comedy like “Bridesmaids” or “21 Jump Street,” or put on a singalong favorite like “Grease” or “Mamma Mia!” 

Don’t have DVDs? No worries. You can request charter buses with WiFi, and power outlets at each seat. That way you can stream music on Spotify, watch TV on Netflix or Hulu, play games on your phone, and browse the internet without using up your mobile data. Just remember to pack your headphones! The other passengers might not enjoy “Baby Shark” as much as your kids do. And they might not want to hear all the gory details of your favorite audiobook.


Even if you’re on a full-sized motorcoach with reclining seats, spending several hours in a moving vehicle isn’t always a walk in the park. So consider a few essentials to make your bus ride a little cozier! 

A travel pillow can really make a difference when it comes to neck and back support. Trust us, your neck and lower back will thank you at the end of the trip. Consider getting a compressible pillow to stow away easily in an overhead bin.

You may also want to pack a light blanket or a jacket in case the bus’s AC is a little too brisk for you. Avoid jeans or other restrictive clothing! Opt for leggings, sweats, and other soft, stretchy fabrics.

Snacks and Refreshments

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<p class=While you’re packing your bag, throw in a couple of your favorite snacks. A growling stomach on a bus is not fun. And even though your driver will make stops for food, having snacks on hand can keep those hanger pangs from setting in. 

But there are some food and drink items you’ll want to avoid – and you’ll also want to make sure you’re allowed to bring on food since not all buses allow it. This is mostly common sense, but for those who aren’t aware, here’s a quick rundown: 

  1. Smelly food: Think pickled eggs, stinky cheeses, and fish. Your fellow passengers may not enjoy the aroma as much as you do in an enclosed space. 
  2. Messy food: Powdered donuts, Cheetos, and anything that will inevitably crumble onto the floor. The last thing your charter bus driver wants is to scrub spilled soda or crumbs out of the bus carpet after your trip. 
  3. Foods that need refrigeration: Deli sandwiches, pre-cut fruit, and yogurt. These items can go bad quickly, especially during a hot summer road trip.

Pro Tip! Pack a couple of resealable bags or a small container to collect your trash during the trip. Most charter buses have trash cans near the entry door, but these can fill up quickly, especially if you’re traveling with a large group. Your driver will appreciate it when your group has all of its trash collected before the end of the ride!

Reading Material

Staring at screens for a long time can take a toll on your eyes. If you plan on bringing a tablet or laptop, take a break by bringing a book to read. 

Whether you prefer traditional paper books or an e-reader like a Kindle, bringing a book will save your eyes some strain and an inevitable headache. You can also bring a journal and pen to write, play some charter bus games like hangman, draw, or brainstorm new ideas during your long trip.

Emergency Items

These items should be stored in your carry-on bag for easy access, whether it’s a purse, a tote bag, or a small backpack. You won’t be able to reach the undercarriage luggage bays during the ride. 

If you take any prescription medications, make sure these are within reach. You should also pack any over-the-counter medications that you might need during the trip, such as ibuprofen for headaches or an antihistamine for allergies. 

If you’re prone to motion sickness, pack some Dramamine for the ride. You can also consider bringing ginger chews or ginger ale to help settle your stomach. 

Pro Tip! You may also want to pack a small first-aid kit! It doesn’t have to be fancy—a couple of Band-Aids, some Neosporin, some pain relievers, and a small pack of tissues will usually do the trick.

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