Price 4 Limo Buses over 400 Dr Long John Middle School Students to Grad Bash!

For the second year in a row, Price 4 Limo helped over 400 students of Dr Long John Middle School attend Grad Bash in Orlando, Florida! We booked seven 55-passenger charter buses on one of the busiest dates in Florida.

chartr bus for grad bash


Universal Studios is one of Orlando’s best theme parks — and a yearly destination for schools across Florida. Each year the park hosts “Grad Bash”, a day when the parks close down and are only open for schools. It’s a celebration for the end of the school year – and a fun time for students!

There are all sorts of awesome rollercoasters, attractions, food, and concerts exclusively used by the schools. In 2024, the event will take place on May 1, 8, 10, 23, 24, and 31.

If you are a parent in Florida, you definitely know about this. The event is open to over 5,000 middle and high schools statewide. Any Florida school can elect to participate and send students over to the fun.

The Challenge & Price 4 Limo Solution

Now, the particularly challenging thing about this event is that it is one of the most sold-out dates in the year. Tens of schools head to the event each night, and they come from all over the state needing transportation to get there.

As you can imagine, securing transportation is very difficult with thousands and thousands of students from all over the state attending — all needing a way to get there! The most common way to get there is by booking a charter bus. And you generally need to book your bus at least a year in advance.

Our client, Dr Long John Middle School, is located in Wesley Chapel, Florida which is two hours from Orlando. Back in 2023 they needed a way to send their students to Grad Bash and came to us in December for the May event.

Even with four months to go — almost all buses across Florida were sold out! We had to search through our network of hundreds of Florida bus companies to find any available buses, and we did!

We were able to secure multiple buses and move the students to Orlando and back easily.

We’re happy to have served the school. And they thought so, too—they decided to book the 2024 trip a year in advance.

Price 4 Limo immediately went into action and booked buses for next year's trip and set up seven full-sized charter buses. And just like that, easy, secure transportation was set up for a smooth trip.

grad bash charter bus rental

We’re a Trusted Partner for Schools Across the Country

Price4Limo is a national charter bus and limo company based out of West Palm Beach, Florida. We’ve been servicing school groups throughout the country since 2011 helping elementary/middle/high schools, colleges & universities, school sports teams, greek organizations and more. Every charter booked with us gets personalized attention and we’re proud to work with our amazing clients.

This Grad Bash season, Price 4 Limo has transported tons of schools all over Florida to attend this event. For more information about how Price4Limo can help plan the transportation for your next school trip, please call us at 866-265-5479