Famous People From Houston, Texas

Houston, Texas a home of celebrities as many would call it. A countless number of celebrities has a better part of their early and celebrity lives spent in it. It is known for its wide array of celebrities in the United States of America. This ranges from producers to athletes, award-winning actors and even singers. It is incredibly known for its diverse and boundless capacity to bring up talents.

5 Celebrities from Houston, TX

Among these celebrities who hail from Houston here is a compilation of five of them.

  • Jennifer Garner

    At the top of the list of Famous People from Houston is Jennifer Garner. She is not only a film actress but also a television actress. She was actually born in Houston Texas. She is best known to play a distinctive role of a CIA officer particularly in Sydney Bristow in the ABC`s. some of the best films that she has been featured involve the "Pearl Harbor”, “Dallas Buyer`s Club” and the “13 Going on 30.” There's no mistaking Jennifer when she steps out of a limousine in downtown Houston!

  • Matt Stone

    At the second position in Famous People from Houston is Matt Stone who was also born in Houston Texas. He is talented in a wide array of areas and these have greatly contributed to his fame. Stone is an animator, television director, an actor, screenwriter as well as a producer. He is famous for his role in South Park co-creation. Matt and friends love to party, and when they do, they hire a Houston party bus from Price4Limo!

  • Barbara Mandrell

    Another Famous People from Houston is Barbara Mandrell. Her award-winning country songs have played an exceptional role in making her famous. For a long period, she remained the only performer who ever won the Country Music Association`s "Entertainer of the Year." This was prior to Taylor Swift joining the industry. She actually did win the award twice, just if you doubt it. You will hear her music throughout the Texas nightlife.

  • Patrick Swayze

    At the fourth position among the Famous People from Houston is Patrick Swayze. He was also born in Houston, Texas. He was famously known because he was not only a great dancer but he was also a singer, a songwriter and an actor as well. Some of the most popular films that Swayze got featured in include “Ghost”, “Road House” and “Dirty Dancing.” His distinctive performance in these areas made him one of those personalities who is considered to have been famous in Houston. In this way, he is the fourth in this list of Famous People from Houston.

  • Jaclyn Smith

    Finally, the list of 5 Famous People from Houston is closed by Jaclyn Smith. She famously knows or being an actress as well as an entrepreneur. She has played distinctive roles in the films that she has been featured in. one of these which have remained distinctive and exceptionally used to refer her is her Kelly Garrett role in one of the hit television series known as “Charlie’s Angels." Her exceptional performance made her be liked by many hence her qualification to the top 5 Famous People from Houston.

Houston still remains a hub for many talented individuals who hit the limelight of fame in the United States. The likes of Kenny Rodgers cannot just be ignored. For individuals who love music, I cannot go minus mentioning Beyoncé Knowles. If you want to see some famous homes in the area, hire our Houston charter bus rental to show you around!