Famous People from Fort Worth, Texas

famous people from fort worth texasFrom its earliest days, Fort Worth, Texas has attracted the famous and notorious. A large number of Fort Worth natives have achieved fame and have become household names in Hollywood and beyond. Many of them moved away from Fort Worth in order to make a name for themselves and they have done this very well. This list includes Famous People from Fort Worth who were born and bred in the city.

5 Celebrities From Fort Worth, TX

  • Leighton Meester

    It is difficult for many to believe that this classy and poised actress is a Fort Worth Native. Meester starred as Blair Waldorf on the groundbreaking series, Gossip Girl. Since the completion of the six-year teen series, the actress also appeared in films such as the Roommate, Country Strong and the romantic comedy Monter Carlo. She has become one of Hollywood’s well-known faces and her career barely seems to be at its peak. Born in Fort Worth, Texas, Meester has lived much of her life in New York City. Leighton loves the Fort Worth Nightlife.

  • Kate Capshaw

    Well-known for her role in the Temple of Doom, Kate Capshaw is an award-winning actress who was born in Fort Worth Texas. Her parents, Beverly Sue and Edwin Leon Nail encouraged their daughter to follow her dreams, which was teaching disabled children. Capshaw worked as a teacher for a few years but her desire to be an actress led her to New York. She landed a number of major acting roles and got married to a fellow award-winning actor, Steven Spielberg.

  • Patricia Highsmith

    The American novelist and short story writer was known for her talent in writing psychological thrillers. Most of her creative works have been adapted to the films that we enjoy today. Although Patricia Highsmith is deceased, her talent still lingers on. She was born in Fort Worth, Texas and was the only child of the famous artist, Jay Bernad Plangman. In the year 1948, Highsmith relocated to Mexico to explore writing opportunities. She is known for famous stories such as Fighting Yanks and Sergeant Bill King.

  • Kelly Clarkson

    Kelly Briane Clarkson is a singer who needs no introduction. Her amazing vocals have propelled her to worldwide fame. The American idol winner has recorded several top 10 hits including Breakaway and Because of You. Born in Fort Worth Texas, the Grammy winning singer has proven to the world that if pursued diligently, dreams can become reality. After winning American Idol, she rode in parade with a limo rental through Fort Worth.

  • Kirk Franklin

    Kirk Franklin is a gospel singer, producer, and choir director born in Fort Worth Texas. Although he was abandoned by his mother and had many childhood challenges, Franklin received his music-playing contract at the age of seven. Due to his young age, his aunt declined the opportunity. However when he was twelve years old, he joined his church adult choir. His love of music has seen him release many hit records and scoop numerous gospel awards. Kirk's music is still popular today, played in clubs and party buses in Fort Worth.

These Famous People from Fort Worth have proven that our backgrounds should not stop us from following our dreams. Not only is Fort Worth ranked the 16th largest and fastest growing city in the United States, it also produces a handful of talent. If you want to learn more about the city, how about hiring a Fort Worth bus charter and taking a tour?