El Paso Nightlife Review

el paso nightlife bars and nightclubsEl Paso nightlife is known throughout the area for its unique blend of South West Hospitality with a sprinkling of the Mexican influence you expect to find in a border town. This perfect mix lends itself to good drinks, great food, lively atmosphere and above all a hospitable welcome.

Whether you want to eat, drink dance or play El Paso nightlife has something to offer. It would take too long to cover all possible options here so whilst we recommend you take a walk through the towns streets yourself and let your sense of adventure and fate guide you to a gem of a venue here are 5 recommendations we would make:

Top Bars & Nightlife in El Paso, TX

Some of the most happening bars and nightclubs in El Paso are:

  • The Black Orchid Lounge

    6127 N Mesa St El Paso, TX 79912

    The Black Orchid Lounge is a hip bar serving craft beers, great cocktails and wines. Compliment this with a good bar food offering then add into the mix regular live music and trivia nights and you have the ingredients for a great hang our spot. Not a spot for dancing but its cool atmosphere relaxed vibe makes it a great place for quiet drinks with friends or a date.

  • Rubiks Arcade Bar

    4025 N Mesa St El Paso, TX 79902

    A must for any child of the 80’s. A lively bar with great music, but to stop just there does this place a major disservice. The walls are adorned with a mix of retro 80’s and 90’s movie posters and there are enough retro video games here to keep even the most avid gamer happy for hours. Whether your inner child needs to be let out for a while or you’re just looking for a night out with a difference this is the spot for you. After a long night of boozing and gaming, call your El Paso limo service for a pick up!

  • Prickly Elder

    916 N Mesa St. El Paso, TX 79902

    Definitely a place for the hipsters out there. Great music and good drinks, the only issue perhaps is it’s a venue on the smaller side meaning it can get crowded quickly. This is more than made up for by the cool clientele and staff and this is a great place to meet friends or for pre-club drinks. If you have a party bus rental for the evening, this is a fun place to stop for a drink.

  • Little Bit of Texas

    5500 Doniphan Dr El Paso, TX 79932

    We couldn’t do El Paso Nightlife without taking in a country bar. Little Bit of Texas, does some crazy deals on drinks (there are rumours of $0.25 beers if you get in early enough on a Saturday) and has a kicking atmosphere if county music and dance is your scene. Country music, dancing and cheap drinks, what’s not to love?

  • Black Pearl

    504 W San Antonio Drive El Paso, TX 79901

    One of El Paso’s liveliest night clubs. Set up by club people for club people this is a jumping venue. Guest DJ’s, events nights and drinks promotions means this club is always busy leading to an awesome atmosphere. If you prefer your clubbing to quiet drinks then this is definitely one to check out. When you've had enought, head over to your hotel and call it a night!

Those looking to enjoy the El Paso Nightlife scene have plenty to keep them busy. There are many more great venues which we didn’t cover here; not because they don’t deserve it but because we wanted to give as varied selection as possible. If you want to experience them all you can hire a charter bus from Price4Limo and start your own pub crawl! Whether you want a quiet drink, to dance the night away or just something a bit different El Paso has it all.