Best Restaurants in Houston, Texas

The famous saying "more and more in Houston" is in many respects true, and one of them is for appetites when it comes to eating good food. People in Houston like to eat in beautiful places, whether it's a tiny family restuarant or high-end dining experience designed for the most special cases. There is a constant competition between Houston and Dallas, and who has the best restaurants. This article describes some of the favorite and best restaurants that can be found in Houston, and why they are so good.

Top 4 Restaurants in Houston, TX

  • Mark's American Cuisine (Closed)

    1658 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77006

    Mark's American Cuisine is located in one of the most interesting places, the Old Church of the 1920s, which was transformed into this great restaurant. The owner or chef Mark Cox used to be in the chic Tony, and now he opened this large dining room, which serves delicious dishes such as five pepper cortex Scottishs salmon and lamb with basil sauce. This elegant restaurant also has an excellent wine list and several unique and cheerful drinks that will also please Tick, which is champagne, vodka, and sweet wine. This is an expensive experience, which is usually reserved for special cases. You might run into some famous people here!

  • Vika and Anthony Steakhouse

    1510 Texas Ave, Houston, TX 77002

    Another one of the best restaurants in Houston is the Vika and Anthony Steakhouse, located in the center of the city and is always full of people ready to order some great entrees. It has a piano lounge and a pleasant dining room where other things are served, except for excellent steaks such as pork tenderloin and lobster. Their wine lists is also extensive and has received awards for it. And when you want the enitre family to come together, hire a Houston party bus and head over to this restaurant!

  • Quattro

    1300 Lamar St, Houston, TX 77010

    Quattro is located in the city center. This is an Italian restaurant, decorated in a stylish and modern style. Some of the things that this restaurant is known for apart from excellent service are the antipasti bar, the seafood tower and the stunning selection of the Italian wines. One of the best things about Quattro is a Sunday brunch, where they lay out a few buffets of unusual dishes and desserts to make up the last brunch-feast. Sunday brunch is an excellent tradition for many families. If your are traveling as a large group on a charter bus and want a bite to eat, stop at Quattro.

  • Indika

    516 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77006

    The final restaurant, which is recommended to visit in Houston, is know as "Indika," which is a delicious mix of Texan cuisine mixed with Indian torch and flavors. The atmosphere is open and airy and have modern, clean line, mixed with bright colors to give it a cheerful atmosphere. Some examples of great dishes are salmon teak, which is fried eggplant with a panini and ducks tandoori. Save the dessert room with the current owner or chef, the Anita Jaisinghani was a former chef in the pastry shop and at the end of your meal was cooked an excellent candy.

We hope you enjoyed our brief run down of some of the most popular restaurants in Houston, TX. Remember if you need a Houston limo service to take you and your significant other out to eat for the night, count on Price4Limo!