Best Restaurants in Eugene, Oregon

best restaurants eugene oregonFrom home-brewed beer bars with food to fresh seafood venues, Eugene has a lot of dining options for one and all. In fact, Eugene is known for its gastronomic experimentation and culinary traditions. No matter what kind of food you prefer, you are sure to find restaurants to match your taste. Though there are many dining places in this city, we shall now get to learn about the 5 best restaurants in Eugene.

Top 5 Restaurants in Eugene, OR

  • Belly

    30 East Broadway, Eugene, Oregon

    Ever since it first opened, Belly has managed to win quite a few awards, and most people consider it to be one of the finest places in Eugene to have farmhouse food. It has a nice intimate and rustic atmosphere, offers great food and great services. Only seasonal local ingredients are used to make the delicious dishes, and it must be mentioned here that the chef certainly knows not only how to cook well, but also to combine the Pacific Northwest flavors with the European tradition in a fantastic way. If you plan to order just one item then the pork shoulder confit should top your list. The boudin blanc sausage and bacon wrapped figs are equally popular.

  • Marche

    296 East Fifth Avenue, Eugene, Oregon

    Following the French bistro traditions and using the best Northwest seasonal ingredients, Marche is sure to give you an experience you will cherish for a long time. The menu of this restaurant is based on the food obtained from a farmer’s market, which is regional, seasonal, and fresh. Some popular dishes served at Marche includes spiced rabbit rilettes, pillowy gougeres, and duck confit salad. If you want to arrive at this upscale restaurant in style book a limo service in Eugene!

  • Fisherman’s Market

    830 West 7th Avenue, Eugene, Oregon

    Fisherman’s Market is one of the most popular restaurants located at just about an hour’s distance from the Oregon coast. Together with being a fine dining place, it is also a fish market. You can visit it just for a takeaway of chips and fish or may stay back and enjoy a lobster or crab dinner. At Fisherman’s Market you can enjoy delicious mahi-mahi, cod, halibut and many other seafood entrees, which you are sure to fall in love with. Seafood lovers flock here by the charter bus load!

  • Agate Alley Laboratory

    2645 Willamette Street, Eugene, Oregon

    Agate Alley Laboratory is known for its amazing scientist theme and diverse menu. The restaurant offers the best of Northwest style food but adds to it an experimental touch of international cuisine. You can choose from Elixirs and Potions, Big Bang Theories, or other interesting meals from the menu. Amongst the most popular dishes that you just should not miss are the fried squid, Dungeness crab bisque, and avocado cheesecake, which is simply delectable. Don't be alarmed if you see some famous faces eating here.

  • Party Downtown

    55 West Broadway, Eugene, Oregon

    This is one of the most creative restaurants the city has to offer. It serves creative and organic food, and the menu keeps changing weekly. Everything on the menu is cooked by the owners Tiffany and Mark, using fresh local ingredients. Their specialties include barley risotto and braciole (pig skin) with fennel sausage. Their cocktails too are original and creative. If you need a party bus rental in Eugene for the night, we can help!

Each of these restaurants is equally famous and offers a diverse and delectable menu. No matter which one you choose to visit, you are sure to have a lovely time, and the amazing taste of the dishes are going to linger on your taste bud for a long, long time.