Famous People From Tulsa, Oklahoma

Tulsa, a city in Oklahoma, is the second largest city in the state and the 47th most populous city in the United States. The city has greatly developed over time in fields like infrastructure, finance, and communication. It is well known for world class art museums, art deco architecture and full-time opera and ballet companies.

Forbes magazine has even recognized it as one of the most livable cities in America. There are a lot of famous personalities from this wonderful city that is known worldwide and brings fame and glory to Tulsa.

Top 5 Celebrities From Tulsa, OK

  • Pamela Bach, actress

    Having acquired first class studies at Tulsa East Central High School and Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College Pamela Bach proves to be well educated. She is an accomplished actress and has received acclaims and awards such as the yearly Otto Award as one of German teens’ favorite actresses.

    She has worked on TV series Baywatch, alongside her husband, David Hasselhoff. She is also recognized from the series, Sirens and is a participant of the 2011 UK reality TV show, Celebrity Big Brother.

  • Derek Blankenship, actor

    Also a native of this great city, Derek Blankenship was in many high school plays while also managing football and baseball. From an early age, he has played keys and strings. He attended Baylor University on an NCCA baseball scholarship where he majored in Film and Digital Media.

    One of his accomplishments is being part of the Grammy and Teen Choice Awards crew. His acting skills have been showcased in movies and series such as Dads, Jessie and The Big Bang Theory. Additionally, he also took part in the 59th Annual Grammy Awards and The Voice as a musician and instrumentalist.

  • Mildred Grosberg Bellin, author

    Mildred is a cookbook author, most noted for Modern Jewish Meals and The Jewish Cookbook. Though raised in New York, she is a proud Tuslan. Her father ran a grocery chain, perhaps influencing her passion for culinary. After college, she directed meal planning clubs and cooking classes at the Jewish Community Center in New York where she married Dr. Harold Bellin, a physician. Her book, Modern Jewish Meals sold more than 90,000 copies, an accomplishment worth bragging about.

  • Paul Harvey, radio broadcaster

    Having been an American radio broadcaster for the ABC networks, it goes without saying that he is really famous. He broadcasted News and Comments as well as a really popular segment, The Rest of The Story. America endured great pain when he passed on in 2009, having lived a fulfilling life.

    He is praised for his rhetorical style of broadcasting and his lively character. He attended Tusla Central High School where his voice seemed to impress many and in the University of Tusla, his skill showcased as an announcer and program director.

  • Brent Albright, wrestler

    Brent Albright has been a famous frenzy since he joined the show, WWE as a 238 lbs, 6-foot wrestler. He appeared on Friday Night Smackdown as Gunner Scott. He is a former NWA World Heavyweight Champion while he debuts for All Pro Wrestling in 1998 as Vinnie Valentino. He has worked in Ohio Valley Wrestling, Ring of Horror and National Wrestling Alliance.

Tulsa is a talent-filled city that has personalities worth bragging about. Anyone born or raised in Tusla should walk neck high with well-deserved bragging rights.