Famous People from Riverside, California

famous people from riverside californiaWhen trying to find the most famous people in any region of the world, it is understandable to determine what they actually did that made them influential. You must first understand what makes the locals speak about them. Is it politics, entertainment, Charity or sports?

Based on the description given by the City of Riverside Governments website as the City of Arts and Innovation, there is a hint that the lifestyle in Riverside is mostly influenced by Artists and innovators. But this is not what actually made these people listed below to be famous. Every person was a superstar of his or her own category.

Top 5 Celebrities from Riverside, CA

  • Barry Bonds

    Barry Bonds is famous for the accolades he achieved during his time as a Baseball player. He won individual awards three times in National League and was one of the highest-paid players in the league history. Barry is a Riverside native, born on 24th July 1964.In 2001; he was on the list of 25 most appealing people of the year. One of his best personal quotes was “ I’m not terrified to be alone at the top”. Price4Limo is Barry's go to limo service in Riverside, CA!

  • Alia Shawkay

    She is the second youngest famous people on our list at the age of 28. She was born as an American – Iraqi and raised in Riverside and she is from a family with acting background. She is an actress and is worth almost 4 million Dollars according to reports. She was in the actress famous list of the year 2017. Riverside loves her for her prowess in acting. Being the hub of nightlife entertainment in California, she has been influential so far in that industry.

  • Kellie Martin

    She was born on 16th October 1975 in Riverside. She started acting at a very tender age through the introduction of her Aunt who arranged an audition for her. Her fans like her for the wonderful cover photos and her active interaction on social media. She owns several toy stores in Riverside and always define herself as a mother and as a wife.

  • Myles Jeffrey

    Myles Jeffrey was born in 1990 Riverside and is best known for his role in Early Edition series as Henry Paget. He won two Young Artist nominations Award at just the age of 9. And was crowned as the youngest best-supporting actor In Drama series. He is the most famous and influential among his peers.

  • Michelle Phelps

    She is well known for her outstanding development in her boxing career, where she has been as a correspondent for many years. She was born in Riverside County in the year 1984. She is identified by her trademark laughs and fun during her interviews with boxing gurus such as MayWeather, Amir Khan, and Mani Pacquiao amongst others. She is recognized for her role in sensitizing women.

As you can see, the list is endless. Riverside is full of celebrities. Their fans adore them for what they have done I their various fields. If you want to learn more about this great city, hire a charter bus rental in Riverside. Alternativlely if you just want to go out for a night on the town, try a Riverside party bus from Price4Limo!