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56 Passenger Charter Bus in Kentucky

56 Passenger Charter Bus

50 Passenger Charter Bus in Kentucky

50 Passenger Charter Bus

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24 Passenger Shuttle Bus in Kentucky

24 Passenger Shuttle Bus

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20 Passenger Mini Bus

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15 Passenger Mini Bus

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10 Passenger Sprinter

Hire Charter Bus Rentals in Kentucky

Many people are drawn to the outdoors by the idea of traveling in a small group, sharing a meal, and experiencing all kinds of new things. You may not think about charter bus rentals in Kentucky when you're planning your trip, but it's an option that can make an unforgettable adventure even more exciting and give you a great opportunity to meet new friends on your journey. We'll take you through what it involves, how to book one, where you can go on your next trip, and some practical information to help ensure that your experience will be everything you hoped for.

Kentucky became a state in 1792, the first in the west of the Appalachian Mountains. The region was originally inhabited by hunters and agricultural people, leaving prominent landscapes that show their culture and lifestyle. In the 17th Century, the Spanish people and French explorers were among the first to come into the region of Kentucky via the Mississippi River. They were followed by prominent traders from the eastern colonies. Other European settlers also came to penetrate the central region.

The French Indian War, American Revolution, and Spanish Conspiracy and other sieges and skirmishes happened first before the state of Kentucky was admitted as the 15th state of the US. It was Isaac Shelby who was appointed as the governor of the state. Frankfort was appointed as its capital city.

The state of Kentucky was known as an agricultural area and is a primarily a major producer of coal. There are also bases built here for the U.S. military, the Fort Knox and Fort Campbell. The home of the Kentucky Derby and legendary bluegrass music, the state became productive through different industries as educational reforms were implemented.

As the state grows in economy, more attractions were added to historical sites and national and state parks. The state is filled with beautiful scenic parts and exciting activities, including the biggest cave system.

Louisville, KY

Our Top Picks for Travel Destinations in Kentucky

Kentucky is a state that rarely gets the attention it deserves. Sometimes mistakenly known strictly as "bluegrass country," Kentucky has much more to offer than just this. It's a gorgeous state with plenty of beautiful places to explore, and there are tons of things you can do here. Here are some of our favorite places in Kentucky:

  • The Kentucky Derby in Louisville is one of the most famous horse races in the United States, if not the world.
  • The Kentucky Horse Park at Lexington is another great place for horse lovers to visit.
  • Churchill Downs in Louisville is another great way to experience the beauty of horses and the thrill of a race up close and personal.
  • Mammoth Cave National Park in Brownsville has incredible cave tours that amaze visitors from around the world with its enormous underground network of caverns and passageways, filled with stalactites, stalagmites, natural springs, and other wonders that make it well worth seeing for yourself!
  • The Louisville Mega Cavern offers some unique ways to see this underground wonderland—from zip lines to tram rides—so no matter how adventurous or tame your sense of exploration may be, it can accommodate all comers!

In the state of Kentucky, there are places that you will want to travel and attractions you will want to reach with your group or with your family. From the old farms to the ranches to the museums and stadiums, and to all the historical sites and wonderful lands, you can always count on the Kentucky charter bus rentals. Here are your best choices for Kentucky tours:

  • Cumberland Falls State Resort Park
    Surrounded by hiking trails, the falls in this resort park are very impressive. The 125 feet tall waterfalls give that rainbow effect when lighted by the moon.
  • Mammoth Cave
    Kentucky boasts of this cave because this is the longest cave system throughout the world. The 400 miles of underground passageway were found to have traces of human.
  • Kentucky Derby
    The longest running and oldest sporting event in America happens only one day each year in Kentucky. This is where people gather to watch the horse racing champion games and to visit the museum after the games.
  • Louisville Zoo
    This award-winning zoo is a home to many rare animals such as snow leopards, polar bears, and black-footed ferrets.
  • Daniel Boone National Forest
    The beautiful forest in the region, Daniel Boone National Forest is best for camping, hiking, rock-climbing, and hunting. The scenery is also amazing.
  • Creation Museum
    Operated by the Christian creation apologetics organization, this museum located in Petersburg, Kentucky is designed based on the Bible from the creation to the Noah’s Ark story to biblical animals.

Traveling as a Group with an Kentucky Charter Bus Company

If you are planning a group trip, consider renting a Kentucky charter bus to get around while in the state. Traveling with a group of friends or family is more fun than traveling alone. However, planning any trip can be difficult and work-intensive when you're trying to find transportation that works for everyone. If you want to save on time and energy, consider renting a charter bus instead. With a charter bus, you can travel anywhere in the state with ease, meaning that you will get to see more of Kentucky and do more things during your stay.

You might rent an Kentucky charter bus for any number of reasons including:

  • Family trips
  • Destination weddings
  • School field trips
  • Corporate events

With Kentucky charter bus rentals, traveling to different cities to find the best attractions and experience unique destinations is easier at Price4Limo. You can have the best choice of vehicle from its large fleet of charter buses that includes school buses, motor coaches, shuttle buses, and minibuses. They are designed with features and amenities you will enjoy for bachelor or bachelorette party, school field trip, family reunions, weddings, church groups, sports team, and corporate travel.

Kentucky Derby

Kentucky Charter Bus Rental Prices

For those who are curious about charter bus rental prices in Kentucky, the following answers some of the most frequently asked questions.

How much does it cost to rent a bus in Kentucky?

The average cost of a charter bus rental in Kentucky is $165 per hour. However, prices vary depending on the type and size of your group, as well as the length of your trip.

Why are charter bus rental rates so cheap in Kentucky?

Charter bus rental rates are low in Kentucky because the state isn’t densely populated and not many people travel by ground transportation within it. This means there isn’t much competition among providers—which is good news for you!

Hiring a charter bus in Kentucky for any ground transportation purposes is so easy and convenient at Price4Limo. The prices are low and the choices are wide. You are sure to find a charter bus that is within your budget and suitable to your needs.

Talk to us by phone or by logging in to our website for your inquiries or for free online quotation. Our customer representative can help you with your online reservation and booking or if you want to compare prices of our Kentucky charter bus rentals.

Best Cities in Kentucky

Charter Bus Rental Kentucky Prices

Charter Buses fit 15 to 60 people costs about $175 to $285 per hour. Need More Room? Charter Bus Prices in Kentucky for a 50 passenger coach bus rental prices vary from $185 per hour from Sunday to Thursday and $295 on Friday and weekends. A Shuttle Bus can fit larger groups 15 to 30 passengers and are priced around $135 to $185 per hour. Minibus pricing start from $175 to $225 per hour. View Coach Bus Pricing and Availability in the state of Kentucky.

  • Charter Bus
  • Coach Bus
  • Mini Bus
  • Sprinter Bus
  • 60 Passenger Charter Bus

In Kentucky, charter bus rental prices are based on rental duration, mileage, bus type and amenities. Motor coach and mini bus rentals in Kentucky have the same rates structure. Here are the average charter bus rental rates for cities across Kentucky:

Louisville: $160 to $300 per hour 

Lexington: $160 to $300 per hour 

Bowling Green: $190 to $350 per hour 

Owensboro: $190 to $350 per hour

Covington:  $190 -$350 per hour


What to Expect When Renting a Charter Bus in KY

When you rent a charter bus in Kentucky, you can book your trip online with us at Simply enter the details of your trip, including where you want to go, how many people are traveling and when you want to travel. When we quote your price, it will include all tolls and fees. We do not charge extra for mileage; our prices are “anywhere to anywhere” fares!

We also provide 24/7 customer service support via phone if you have any questions about renting a charter bus or minibus in Kentucky or if you need help making a reservation.

Of course, we understand that plans change sometimes and that life happens. If for some reason, you need to cancel your reservation for a charter bus or minibus rental in Kentucky within 48 hours of departure time, there is no cancellation fee on most buses (some exceptions apply). There is also no fee if the date of your trip changes more than 48 hours prior to departure time.


Minibus Prices in Kentucky

If you need to organize travel for a large group of people in Kentucky, a minibus may be the perfect option. With seating capacity for around 24 people, a minibus is one of the most affordable ways to transport a small group on the road.


The Weather in Kentucky

If you’re planning a trip to Kentucky, you might be wondering what the weather will be like when you’re there. The weather in Kentucky is pretty mild, with summer temperatures around 80 degrees and winter temperatures around 40 degrees.

Kentucky gets about 50 inches of rain per year and 20 inches of snow per year.

You can take your group to many interesting destinations during your trip to Kentucky. Lexington, Louisville and Bowling Green are all popular cities that have lots of sightseeing opportunities for your group.

Price4limo can also accommodate charter bus rentals in nearby states such as Indiana and Louisiana

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