Party With Friends: How Many People Can Fit In a Limo?

If you are planning an event with your friends and family you might be wondering – How many people can you fit in a limo? Typically limousines can seat anywhere from 8 to 20 people. Depending on the size of your party a standard limo or SUV stretch limousine may suit your group more safely and comfortably. At Price4Limo we serve the entire United States and offer the ability to book a limo online that can fit anywhere from 6 to 18 passengers.

When searching for the right limousine you must take into account how many passengers will be seated in the limousine. If you are party size is 5-8 people a standard 12 passenger stretch limo may accommodate you best. If you’re planning a trip for a larger group of passengers of 12-15 your ideal option for a limo would be an SUV stretch limousine such as a Cadillac stretch limo, Hummer limo or Sprinter Limo Van. Most limo companies may have these fleet options to fit parties of these sizes.

how many people fit in a party bus

How Many People Can Fit In a Party Bus?

A Party bus typically can seats 6 to 23 people In most cases a limousine can accommodate most parties or groups but in the case where you require a lot more space for extra passengers or prefer more space between passengers a Party Bus may be the best option for you. The differences between a limousine and party bus is that of the passenger count. A Party Bus usually seats more passengers than a limousine. Some Party Buses offer multi row seating instead of row seating like most limousines. This allows for your passengers to be comfortably seated all while enjoying amenities that some party buses may come equipped with such as, Flat screen TV, Bluetooth Speakers, Lights or even a Drinking station for passengers over the age of 21.

Limousines for Small Groups (6-10 Passengers)

how many people fit in a limo
For smaller groups of 6 to 10 passengers the perfect limousine would be a standard stretch limousine. These limousines can transport your group comfortably and safely. Standard stretch limousines come in many different styles and makes such as Chrysler 300 Limos, Hummer Limos, Lincoln Stretch Limos and Lincoln MKT limos. Some limos come in black, white or even exotic colors such as pink, yellow or even zebra themed!

  • Chrysler 300 Limo
  • Hummer Limousine
  • Lincoln Stretch Limo
  • Lincoln MKT Limo

Limousines for Large Groups (15-18 Passengers)

how many people fit in a limos
If you are expecting a large group of passengers from 15 to 18 you may want to look into alternatives such as SUV limos or Sprinter Van Limos. These types of vehicles can transport your party safely and comfortably. Typically for Weddings or Proms you can expect a larger group of people that need to ride in the Limo. While most SUV stretch limos and sprinter vans come in White, Black or Silver some limo companies offer exotic colors such as Pink, Yellow or Green. It is best to inquire in advanced for availability on special colors.

  • Hummer Limousine
  • SUV Stretch Limousine
  • Sprinter Van Limo
  • Party Bus Limo Van
Picking the perfect Limousine

When you are planning and arranging your transportation for your group or party the first step is figuring out how many people will be needing to be transported in the limousine. Once you have a number of how many passengers you require to be transported, next is your budget. Once you have a budget and passenger count you may proceed in the process of renting a limousine for your party. Some limo companies allow for your patrons to be picked up at multiple pick up locations, although that may be an option it may be save time and confusion if your party/group were all gathered in one pick up spot to make it easier for the limousine company. It is recommended to have your group ready to be picked up 15 minutes prior to get picked up! This gives you time to take all the necessary pictures and videos that you will remember forever.