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56 Passenger Charter Bus in Vermont

56 Passenger Charter Bus

50 Passenger Charter Bus in Vermont

50 Passenger Charter Bus

40 Passenger Charter Bus in Vermont

40 Passenger Charter Bus

28 Passenger Shuttle Bus in Vermont

28 Passenger Shuttle Bus

24 Passenger Shuttle Bus in Vermont

24 Passenger Shuttle Bus

20 Passenger Mini Bus in Vermont

20 Passenger Mini Bus

15 Passenger Mini Bus in Vermont

15 Passenger Mini Bus

10 Passenger Sprinter Bus in Vermont

10 Passenger Sprinter

Hire Charter Bus Rentals in Vermont

A charter bus or minibus is an ideal vehicle that is perfect to drive your group around a city like Vermont. It is a great option for tourists and locals who are planning for a trip to go around the city. You can rent this vehicle at Price4Limo. We have the biggest fleet of charter buses, motor coaches, shuttle buses, minibuses and school buses in Vermont.

The state of Vermont was admitted as the 14th state of the U.S. in March 4, 1791. Long before its statehood, the region was initially settled mostly by the French and British, which were known to be rivals when it comes to territorial power. When the French was defeated during the French and Indian War, the territory was ceded to England, making the state as one of the original 13 colonies. After the American Revolution, Vermont was declared independent.

Vermont was nicknamed by the French as the “Green Mountain State” because of its name which derived from a French word “montagne verte.” The Green Mountains in Vermont are popular not only for its beautiful landscapes and sceneries, but also because of its destinations for skiing and snowboarding.

Vermont offers a wide variety and diversity of natural landscapes and wooden bridges. The vast areas are also perfect for outdoor activities and adventures like hiking, camping, boating, skiing, snowboarding, fishing, kayaking, and more. More than a popular major producer of maple syrup, traveling to the state of Vermont is an experience of unique nature. It is best to tour the region with a charter bus rental to accommodate your large group.

Burlington VT

Our Top Picks for Travel Destinations in Vermont

Looking for comfortable ground transportation throughout the state of Vermont? Price4Limo is your reliable charter bus company that provides high quality and excellent charter bus rentals for affordable prices. Take advantage of this offer as you hop on and visit the state of Vermont.

  • Stowe
    Its covered bridge, weathered barns, ski trails down the mountains, and white-spired church make Vermont attractive to many visitors and tourists, especially to personalities.
  • Lake Champlain Maritime Museum
    The museum exhibits around 15,000 artifacts and interesting items about maritime in the region. There are full-scale replicas of historic vessels, photos of antique boats, illustrations of the explorations of shipwrecks and more.
  • Fairbanks Museum and Planetarium
    The Old-time Victorian museum is very fascinating and charming. The exhibits cover different subjects about the Native Americans, birds, animals, Civil War, and many more.
  • Green Mountain National Forest
    Discover waterfalls, picnic trails, scenic places, and National Forest campgrounds at the area during good weather, this is a very attractive destination for outdoor adventurers.
  • Quechee gorge
    The deepest gorge in Vermont, the glaciers formed this gorge 13,000 years ago. There are plenty of things to do around the gorge.

Here are our top picks for travel destinations in Vermont: Montpelier - It might be a small town but there are still so much things going on there! If you're into art galleries then check out "The Store Front Gallery" at Main Street which features local artists' work each month with an artist reception every third Friday night.* Burlington Waterfront Park - A great place where everyone can have fun! From toddlers to senior citizens & even pets! You can walk along Lake Champlain while enjoying its beautiful views.* Shelburne Museum - This place has 38 buildings filled with art collections from different periods such as American folk art, paintings by Impressionists like Monet or Renoir & other artifacts (including antique carriages).* The Ben & Jerry's Factory Tour - Do I need to say more? Go take this tour because it will definitely make your day 

Traveling as a Group with an Vermont Charter Bus Company

You can accommodate a large group of passengers or guests to your Vermont tours on special day with a charter bus rental. It is easier to rent one now at Price4Limo whether you want to use a motor coach, school bus, mini bus, shuttle bus, or charter bus. The charter bus rentals are great for sports team trips, bachelor or bachelorette party, weddings, family reunions, church group, school field trips, and corporate trips.

One of the best ways to travel as a group is by charter bus. With everyone together on one bus, you will have the most fun and make the most memories. The bus can take you anywhere in Vermont or beyond for your trips and events. You won’t have to worry about parking or traffic because our drivers know where to go.

You might find it difficult splitting up into several cars, especially if there are parking fees at your locations. Having one charter bus will reduce costs because you can share them with your friends and family members.

Getting around with a charter bus is also more convenient that arranging multiple cars or pickups. For long trips, a charter bus is more comfortable than any other mode of transportation because we offer reclining seats, televisions, Wi-Fi connection, and more!

It can be hard sharing driving duties when traveling as a group so choose Price4Limo charter buses instead! Our drivers are trained professionals that know how to handle large vehicles safely on all kinds of roads.

Want to go to the festivals in Vermont? With the help of a charter bus, you and your group can easily travel anywhere in Vermont. You can also learn more about our minibus rentals if you have a small group. We offer different vehicles with different seating capacities to accommodate all types of groups. Our 13 passenger sprinter van is an excellent option for smaller sized groups and our 20 passengers Mercedes Sprinter is perfect for medium sized groups as well. If you have a large group then our buses are the best option for you! Our motor coaches are great because they are equipped with comfortable seats, charging ports, Wi-Fi access and air conditioning so that each passenger will enjoy their trip.

Now that you know what we offer let’s talk more about traveling to major events in Vermont with our charter bus company:

Lake Champlain

Vermont Charter Bus Rental Prices

The Vermont charter bus prices at Price4Limo are definitely within your budget. Price4Limo is proud to offer these luxury vehicles for affordable rates.

Give us a call if you have questions about prices and services or visit our website and get your free quote. Our team of experts can assist you to book your Vermont charter bus rentals or if you want to reserve one now.

There are many reasons why a group of people can travel on a charter bus or mini-bus during a vacation. The most important reason is that the driver knows the roads and can get them to their destination safely. We offer affordable rates for all of our customers, and we guarantee that you will be happy with your charter bus rental price or minibus rental price once it has been calculated by using the following factors:

  • The number of passengers who need to be transported
  • The length of time you will be using the bus for
  • The type of vehicle you will need -- which depends on how many travelers there are

Best Cities in Vermont

Vermont is one of the best places to visit in New England. It is known for its beautiful landscapes, plenty of space, and ski resorts. The state has a wide variety of things to do including museums, restaurants, and historical sites. The best way to see all that Vermont has to offer is by booking a charter bus or minibus rental with Price4Limo. When you're traveling through Vermont you should definitely stop in Burlington which combines big city culture with small town charm. Another location worthy of your time is Montpelier where you can explore the historic downtown area which features many shops and restaurants. If you love the outdoors then Stowe is the place for you! Not only will you get fresh mountain air but also a gorgeous view of Mount Mansfield which is one of Vermont's most popular peaks. Colchester offers Lake Champlain and plenty of other activities like kayaking or hiking up Mount Philo State Park or visiting the Chimney Point State Historic Site and see what life was like for Native Americans on Lake Champlain centuries ago! You won't run out things to do in this great state!


Minibus and Motorcoach Rental in Vermont To Concerts

There are many types of vehicles that you can rent from us, and you can find out more about all of them on our website. Some of the most popular rides include motorcoaches that can seat up to 56 passengers, minibuses in Vermont that can take up to 36 people, and more compact shuttle buses for smaller groups.

Motorcoaches are ideal for large groups. They have comfortable seats, plenty of space for luggage and other belongings, restrooms, DVD players with TV monitors, ice chests or mini-bars, stereo systems with surround sound speakers, hardwood floors and ceiling lights. If you are interested in something a little smaller but still capable of accommodating a big group then you may want to consider renting a Vermont minibus. Minibuses also feature plush seats and on-board restrooms and some models even have television monitors as well.

Private Vermont Shuttle Bus Service To See State Parks

Vermont has rich natural beauty that can be best explored in the outdoors. The state’s endless green and rolling hills are home to some of America’s most beautiful sights and places.

If you want to explore Vermont, here are some of the top reasons why you should bring a charter bus or shuttle bus with you:

  • You get to see lots of parks and nature spots.
  • You get to make your trip ideal for group travels.
  • You get to have a smooth travel experience as you move from one spot to another spot.
  • You get more time with your loved ones or friends as you drive through these parks!

Vermont School Bus Rentals For Field Trips

Booking a Vermont school bus with Price4Limo is super easy: just specify the number of passengers, search, and then book! If you need assistance with anything at all, our customer service team will be happy to help. To get started, figure out how many students are going on the field trip. This lets us know how many people can ride on your Vermont bus rental. Also important is the number of chaperones (usually one per 10 kids) who will accompany you on the trip to make sure everything goes smoothly (good luck!). Don't forget about the drivers! Our experienced drivers know Vermont like the back of their hand, so they’re a valuable asset for any field trip to Vermont. Then find out how much it will cost for your charter bus or minibus rental. Then do a little simple math: divide that total cost by however many students are going on the field trip to find out how much money each student should pay. Divide again by however many chaperones there are and you’ve found out how much money each chaperone should pitch in too! And that's it!

Vermont Coach Bus Rentals To Major Airports

If you’re traveling to Vermont, there are plenty of airports that you can use to get in and out of the state. Some of the most popular include Burlington International Airport, Rutland Southern Vermont Regional Airport, Edward F. Knapp State Airport, Morrisville-Stowe State Airport and Hartness State Airport. We provide ground transportation services to all of these locations, utilizing our fleet of Vermont charter buses and minibus rentals to get your group where they need to go in a timely fashion. Looking for a quick transport option between any two major Vermont cities? Look no further than the charter bus options available from Price4Limo!

Price4limo can also accommodate charter bus rentals in nearby states such as Maryland and Delaware

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