Green Bay Nightlife Review

Everyone has their own idea of what makes for great nightlife. However, once the main features are met any spot can be great. Here in Green Bay, there’s a commonality in that; the places are clean, open environment allowing ease of access, great food is served and great music is heard.

The above mentioned five pillars run throughout the following five venues that are ideal spots which are the true embodiment of Green Bay nightlife. Green Bay does have quite a few bars and nightclubs within a square mile coupled with great eateries. There truly is something for everyone!

Top 5 Bars & Nightclubs in Green Bay, WI

  • XS Nightclub

    1106 Main St, Green Bay WI

    This nightclub offers locals and visitors alike a clean, spacious, fun atmosphere fit for drinking and socializing. The staff is great at their job making all patrons comfortable and keeping the vibe flowing throughout the space. Drinks are reasonably priced which is always a great item on the average patron’s list. I mean we all want to go out and have a good time and that would be a little hard to do in the event drinks were on the expensive side.

  • The Libertine

    209 N Washington St, Green Bay

    Remember when I mentioned that Green Bay has a varied nightlife scene, the Libertine offers a swankier vibe. A clean, well seated, spacious atmosphere offering patrons a wide variety of specialty drinks. With welcoming staff, you will feel right at home and want to stay for a few rounds. The drinks are a bit pricey but when you think of all that you are offered in return, I mean it’s a reasonable price to pay.

  • Rum Runners

    715 S Broadway, Green Bay

    A perfectly quaint bar offering patrons live music great drinks and a great vibe. The bar is an ideal spot for a fun time. Great service, a wonderful atmosphere, and an amazing Bloody Mary Bar. The name is befitting of the environment and all that it has to offer.

  • Prohibition Spirits and Cigar Lounge

    159 N Broadway

    This lounge is a good spot to have a great smoke with a few good drinks. It is a premium location for a good time. Discovering its location is tantamount to locating a hidden gem. Top rated cigars with an impressive humidor, what more could you ask for if this type of scenery is one to your liking?

  • River St. Pier

    1984 Velp Ave, Green Bay

    A fabulous eatery offering patrons delicious food and even better drinks, the Rover St. Pier is an ideal location for a great time. Known mainly for their fish, this little eatery is great for a Friday night to hang out spot. this quaint location is easy to find and easy to enjoy a great time with friends and family alike.

Green Bay has so much to offer their locals and visitors. Finding such locations isn’t difficult at all. There is a wide variety available for everyone and much to be discovered.