Richmond Nightlife Review

richmond nightlife best bars and nightclubsWhen you visit Richmond, Virginia, you’ll find some famous bars and night clubs. They feature high energy music, large dance floor, Karaoke among others. If you like evening entertainment, you can find something that suits your taste. Let me walk you through the 5 best bars/nightclubs where you can experience the real Richmond nightlife;

Top Bars & Nightlife in Richmond, VA

  • Candy Bar

    3904 Hull Street Rd Richmond, Virginia 23224

    This is one of the most famous adult clubs in Virginia. The waitresses and bartenders are welcoming and sexy. There is a good menu of different foods. The club does not sell liquors, but you can enjoy your favorite beer or wine. On Saturday night, you’ll always see sexy curvy girls on stage at all times. However, they are not 100% nude. The Candy Bar a good place to hang out for some adult entertainment. There are a few Richmond limo companies that can provide free entry with service.

  • Fallout RVA

    117 N 18th St Richmond, VA 23223

    No matter the day of the week, you’ll always find a lot of fun going on at Fallout RVA. Here, you’ll find different events that cater for different groups of people. The décor is eye-catching and features ambience lighting for a night dancing. The bartenders are attentive to details. On the other hand, their food is always on point. You can catch your favorite drink anytime or enjoy the awesome theme nights on the weekends.

  • The Canal Club

    1545 East Cary Street Richmond, VA 23219

    This club is pretty big and operates 7 days a week. The food and drinks are reasonably priced. In addition, it has state-of-the-art dance floor. The entire staff is customer-friendly and efficient in their duties. For maximum comfort, booths are provided as an alternative to high top tables. Compared to other clubs, canal club has managed to keep their bathrooms well stocked and clean. There is also an ample parking space. This club is popular for events like free-up Fridays and canal club Sundays. The upcoming events include school of rock continental tour, glow range paint party, culture killer farewell tour among others. If your renting a party bus in Richmond, this should be one of your destination.

  • Aqua Lounge (Closed for repair)

    1708 E Main St Richmond, VA 23223

    The club features a nice Richmond nightlife atmosphere. It has one of the top deejays who play a great mix of modern music as you enjoy your drinks. The bartenders and security officers are welcoming. On Saturday, they offer happy hour for all drinks. When you get there early enough, you’ll get a chance to seat on the executive coaches. Here, all drinks are reasonably priced. If you’re a dance enthusiast, the dance floor is big enough for you. When you need a place to stay, there are budget hotels in the area.

  • Kabana Rooftop bar

    700 E Main St Fl 20 Richmond, VA 23219

    Apart from the amazing view during sunset, the club is usually crowded on Saturday night. Don't be suprised if you see Richmond charter buses dropping people off! The food, drinks, music and atmosphere are on point. The staff offer professional service and the drinks are well-priced. You can also enjoy jazz night on Tuesdays as you catch up with your friends.

The above clubs have a reputation of spicing up Richmond nightlife. If you are in Richmond and you’re looking for a good place for evening entertainment, you can choose from any of the above bars/nightclubs.