Best Restaurants in Richmond, Virginia

best restaurants richmond virginiaAs the former center of Melbourne’s rag trade, Richmond wasn’t always a dining destination. With the exceptions of a few stalwarts, good eating in Richmond used to be thin on the ground. However, this is not the case anymore as there is an increasing number of new diners to Richmond. When it comes to restaurants, there are so many options that nobody could try everything that it has to offer.

Top 5 Best Restaurants in Richmond, VA

  • Mama J’S Kitchen

    415 N 1st St Richmond, VA 23219 Downtown, Jackson Ward

    If you are looking for a nice southern meal or have craving for soul food, then Mama J's Kitchen is the place to be. Their service is not only phenomenal but you will also find very fresh food. Whether it’s chicken strips or crab soup, every dish that they offer is inviting. If you are visiting the place for the first time, rest assured that you will leave it happy, full, and satisfied. If you want the food that will make your mouth water then ask your Richmond limo service stop at Mama J’S Kitchen and you will never be disappointed.

  • Lunch and Supper

    1213-1215 Summit Ave Richmond, VA 23230 Scott’s Addition

    When it comes to restaurants, this is among the best recommendations. Even if you are not a food fanatic, you will get to enjoy some of the best foods that you’ve never had. What makes it stand out are the desserts which you will find really yummy. As a first timer, you will find yourself coming back. Its menu is not only extensive but also offers sandwiches, entrees with sides, appetizers and a variety of drinks. When it comes to the service, you will not have any complaints. Overall, you will love it. Before you head out for a crazy night with your party bus rental in Richmond, stop here for a bite!

  • Stella’s

    1012 Lafayette St Richmond, VA 23221 near West End, Malvern Gardens

    With an optional first come family style, Stella’s restaurant is a pretty restaurant with an excellent bar. If you are more than 2 people, it’s advisable to make a reservation or go early. When it comes to their service, they check on you every now and again. With a beautiful and romantic setting, you will really enjoy staying in this place. If you love eating in a group then you will love the communal table. Once you visit the place, you will always be looking for an excuse to visit it again. However, since it can get a bit busy during weekends, it’s important to book otherwise you may have to wait. If you are living here or you are just visiting, then this is a must do restaurant.

  • Fighting Fish Restaurant

    3172nd St Richmond, VA 23219 Downtown

    Apart from the ambience, you will really enjoy food served at this restaurant. Before being served the main food, you will be given small appetizers such as miso soup and edamame. For the quality of food that you will be given, you will find the price really good. Although you might find that nothing is filling everything in this restaurant tastes really good. There are a lot of options in the menu hence you can choose what suits you. You will not only love the menu but also find the service great. If you're on a local charter bus tour, Fighting Fish might be one of your stops!

  • L’Opossium

    626 China St Richmond, VA 23220 Oregon Hill

    If you are tired of booking a reservation then L’Opossum is the place to be. While you will not find it packed you will realize that it’s definitely busy. Whether you are visiting it for a birthday party or to celebrate an anniversary, you will definitely love the place. This is the only place where you will enjoy a great meal at a reasonable price. Moreover, they have friendly waitresses and everything that they present is beautiful. This place will not disappoint you as you will have a great dining experience. This is a popular restaurant is favored by many Richmond celebs.

When you are in Richmond and you are confused about where to have a meal, then these are some of the best restaurants to choose. They not only excel in their cuisine but also in ambiance and service. Since there are many options to choose, choosing the best will depend on your taste and preferences.