Famous People from Nashville, Tennessee

famous people from nashville tennesseeThe multi-dimensional town, Nashville is a hometown of some the most eminent music artists and other reputed performers of the world. The city of Nashville is the capital of the State of Tennessee in the United States. It has a splendid history of world-famous musicians, bars and nightclubs, as well as music venues. Besides the famous music artists, Nashville has also been a birthplace to many actors, actresses and other celebrities.

Top 5 Celebrities from Nashville, TN

  • Lucille Laverne

    This Nashville-born actress achieved an exceptional career life during the silent movie times. The majority of her performances were witnessed in the theater troupes during her teens. She performed with these troupes across the country. Eventually, she made her appearances in Hollywood movies and Broadway. The best recognition of her performance is the voiceover of the Evil Queen in the Disney movie, “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.” The world will always remember Lucille Laverne as one of the famous people from Nashville.

  • Lillian Jackson

    Nashville has been the place of birth of Lillian Jackson, an American baseball player. She has been an outfielder in her entire career life and was one of the first women to play baseball at a professional level. She had not taken the sport seriously when she was a kid. However, she gained momentum in softball, baseball and other games at the age of 18 while studying in Isaac Litton High School. One cannot forget that she was one of the pioneers of the All-American Girls Baseball League.’

  • James Denton

    The famous actor, James Denton was born and brought up in the little and beautiful city of Nashville. He started his acting career in small films like Grace Unplugged’. James made his way in achieving fame as Mike Delfino in Desperate Housewives’. He has acquired a degree in journalism from the University of Tennessee. At the age of 23, he commenced his acting career in a community theater located in Nashville itself. Eventually, he shifted to California and achieved great heights of success for his talent.

  • Emily J. Reynolds

    Nashville has not only been the homeland for actors, actresses and musicians. It has also witnessed the birth of the Secretary of the US Senate, Emily J. Reynolds. She occupied the office during the period from 2003 to 2007. She is the fifth woman to handle the duties of the Secretary of the US Senate.

  • Hillary Scott

    Hillary Scott was one of the leading music artists to take the first breath in Nashville. As many talented musicians are from Nashville, it is no doubt called as the Music City of the world. Widely known for her contribution in the music group, Lady Antebellum, she released her own album named Love Remains in the year 2016. She has won the prestigious GRAMMY award seven times in her entire career. Celebs like Hillary use party buses and Nashville limos to get around town.

So, these are the famous people from Nashville who have contributed immensely to the world in their respective fields. The range of fields includes music, acting, sports, and even politics. Also, one cannot forget Nashville’s well-known music venues, museums and auditoriums as prominent tourist places. If you want to take a tour of Nashville charter bus rentals can be booked through Price4Limo.