Famous People from Memphis, Tennessee

Many celebrities, from famous actors and singers to professional athletes call Memphis,, home. You may be surprised how many and well known stars were born and lived at least some years of their lives in this town of Tennessee, US. Even though it's a big list, the following are just 5 famous people from Memphis, that you might want to know about their lives.

Celebrities from Memphis, TN

  • Morgan Freeman

    He was born in this city on June 1, 1937, where his mother worked as a teacher and his father was a barber. Today, he is a famous Hollywood actor and he is also known as a narrator; you most probably recognize his deep voice. When he was still young, Morgan Freeman attended the City College of Los Angeles and he used to work as a mechanic in the US Air Force for four years. But the soon he figured out that he wanted to be an actor. At the beginning, he appeared in a number of African-American production, like the famous musical 'Hello, Dolly!'. Throughout his incredible career, he took part in many well known films and won many awards, icnluding the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor in the film 'Million Dollar Baby', in 2005.

  • Michael Oher

    You probably know that he is a professional football player, but you may not know that Michael Oher was born in Memphis, Tennessee, on the 28th May 1986. His childhood was not his best period of his life, as his father was often in prison and his mother loved alcohol and drugs. He didin't do well at school and he finally was adopted by a couple. His new parents loved him and helped him to improve his grades at school. Michael Oher loved football and he joined the National Collegiate Athletic Association, where he managed to become a great player. Even though many universities offered him scholarships, he chose the University of Mississippi, where he began his successful career. Since then, he became very successful as a football player and today he is considered to be one of the most renowned names in the American Football. Throughout his career, he took a number of trophies and awards and he currently plays for the Carolina Panthers. We have a party bus rental waiting when he brings home the superbowl trophy!

  • Ginnifer Goodwin

    The well known actress was born in Memphis on May 22, 1978. You probably know her fro playing Margene Heffman in from her TV roles in the'Big Love' drama series and Snow White the fantasy series 'Once Upon a Time'. He grew up in Tennessee and her father owned a recording studio and her mother was an educator. She graduated from Lausanne Collegiate School in 1996 and she attended the Hanover College in order to study Theater. While she was still a student at Boston University, she performed in various short films. During her acting career, she also appeared in the following films: 'Mona Lisa Smile', 'Something Borrowed' and more.

  • Justin Timberlake

    Justin was born on 31st January 1981. He was born and raised in Tennessee. During his childhood, he loved singing and he attended the local church choir. As a child he appeared in various TV shows, like the 'Star Search', when he was just 11 years old. He also appeared on MMC in 1989, with famous co-stars like Ryan Gosling and Britney Spears. In the late 1990s, when he was 14 years old, he was the youngest member of NSYNC. The group released his first album in 1998, with great songs like 'Cry Me a River' and 'like I Love You'. Today he is a famous actor, singer and record producer. You might be lucky enough to see Justin riding around in a limousine downtown!

  • Aretha Franklin

    You probably know her as the 'Queen of Soul'. Aretha Franklin was also born in Memphis on March 25, 1942. Her father was a respected baptist minister and her mother a homemaker. Actually, she grew up surrounded by local and national celebrities. When she was still young, she learned how to play piano by ear and she soon realized that she wanted to become a singer. Aretha Franklin released her first single album when she was just 18 years old with Columbia Records. In 1966 she signed a contract with Atlantic Reocrds and she released her first legendary single Respect, which was written by Otis Redding, the King of Soul.

There are a number of other well known celebrities that were born in Memphis, like Lisa Mary Prisley and many others. The nightlife here isn't short on anything. It's a small town in Tennessee, but many great people were born and lived some years of their lives in this great place. If you would like to take a tour around Memphis, book one of our charter buses online here.