Famous People from Charleston, South Carolina

Celebrities from Charleston SCCharleston, South Carolina has proven to be one of the most fast-growing areas. The city’s character and charm can be attributed to its lush history. When it comes to a memorable summer vacation, Charleston is the place to go! The meticulous way in which the city’s architecture is presented, its local southern cuisine and attractions make it one of a kind. Perhaps the most important role of the city is that of being home to several famous celebrities and personalities. These individuals are known for talents and abilities that set them apart from the rest of the world. Here are Famous People from Charleston, SC:

5 Famous People From Charleston, SC

  • Bill Murray

    As a well-known name on the big screen, Billy Murray is an actor who was raised and still resides in Charleston, South Carolina. Over the years, he has been found on many movie sets and television programs such as Ghost Busters and Saturday Night Life. Murray is also an owner of the restaurant Harold’s Cabin, the actor has always prophesied love for his home city. He claims that his eclectic and charming personality came as a result of being raised in a seaside town. When he comes to visit his hometown he hires a Charleston limo service to get him around.

  • Stephen Colbert

    The comedian spent a better part of his young life in Charleston, South Carolina. Stephen Colbert attended Charleston’s Porter-Gaud School where he took part in several school plays. This helped him in honing his acting and comedic skills. Although Colbert has previously relocated from Charleston, his family still resides in the city. In many of his interviews, Colbert often says that before fame came along, he was just another Charleston boy, eating, swimming and playing by the beach. Price4Limo can make you feel like a celebrity in a Charleston party bus.

  • Elise Testone

    As famous singer who is well-known for her 6th place in the reality television show, American Idol, Elise Testone has proven that a small town girl can make her dreams come true. The singer was born and raised in Charleston and only left the city as an adult. Elise shoots most of her music videos around various places in the city. She has embraced her love for Charleston and put it front and center for the world to see.

  • Thomas Gibson

    Thomas Gibson is certainly one of the most Famous People from Charleston, SC. The actor remembers the city as a place filled with the most amazing wild dunes and golfing places. At the age of nine, he attended the Young Charleston Theatre Company, where he honed his acting skills. Propelled to fame by the TV show Criminal Minds, Gibson has always admitted that the City shaped him into the actor that he turned out to be.

  • Kwame Brown

    Kwame Brown is one of the Nation Football League’s top players who was born in Charleston, South Carolina. His parents moved to the city when he was only a young boy in search of a better life. His success today shows that his parents struggle paid off. According to him, the welcoming fields of Charleston gave him a place to practice football every day as a child. His success today reflects that for him, the sky was the limit. Take a Charleston coach bus rental to one of his games.

Although these famous people are all different in what they do, they all have one thing in common; their love for their home city, Charleston. The city certainly played a role in their success today. According to all of them, being born and raised in Charleston was a big part of their lives. Many of these celebrities are no stranger to the Charleston night life when they are in the area.