Famous People from Scranton, Pennsylvania

famous people from scranton pennsylvaniaScranton is the sixth largest city in Pennsylvania. Established on 23rd April 1866, this city gradually developed as a major industrial city. Also, this city is noted for a centre of mining and railroads by attaching so many cities together. Through the years, this city has seen many great persons born here who became famous in the world with their remarkable talent and passion.

5 Celebrities from Scranton, PA

Here are the five top celebrities born in Scranton city who are famous and popular as well.

  • Chris Motionless

    This metal singer was born in Scranton on 17th October 1986. He has formed his band in 2005 and the passion for singing took him to another level and now he is an icon. His family belonged to Scranton and his parents were separated. At a very young age, he was joined by keyboard player Josh Balz in the band Motionless in White. He added a new dimension to the rock metal songs. Some of their most admired and famous albums are Infamous, Reincarnate and Graveyard Shift. The work for the last album is still going on and expected to release soon. So crank up the music in your party buses and hit the town!

  • Megan McCarthy

    This 25 years old girl is a Youtube sensation and became popular very quickly for her innocence and real voice. Megan McCarthy first video was posted on Youtube in 2014 about making fun of what it was like to live with Joey. But sadly, this couple broke up. After that, she gathered 3.5 millions of subscribers on Vine and over 2 million subscribers on Youtube who followed her every day and night. She was also seen in a movie beside Robert Downey Jr.

  • TJ Bell

    In the world of hardcore rock, TJ Bell in a very popular name. He is known for his magic on rhythm and bass guitar. Born on May 16, 1989, TJ Bell is the member (guitarist) of the metalcore supergroup “The Dead Rabbits”. Earlier he was a member of the band “Motionless in White” and was separated in 2011. He made his own fan group by his sole talent of playing the guitar. This 28 years old Guitarist has already performed with Kevin Graft, Craig Mabbitt and Robert Ortiz in the band “Escape the fate”.

  • Lizabeth Scott

    Born on Sept 29st, 1922, Lizabeth Scott is one of the famous stars Scranton city has seen. She was an outstanding actress. She was seen in many famous movies like Dead Reckoning, Pulp, Stolen Face etc. Her other famous films are Paid in Full, Burke's Law and You Came Along etc. She was seen with Humphrey Bogart in the film Dead Reckoning. In the year 2015, at the age of 92, she breathed her last.

  • Abigail Ratchford

    In the modelling industry, Abigail Ratchford is a famous name. Born in 1992, this 25 years old model has appeared in several sports illustrated websites as swimsuit and lingerie model. She was getting famous after posting a picture of herself from a Facebook fan page in 2013. Gradually she became a famous name in the universe of sports modelling. She was also seen in a small role in an episode of NBC’s Parks and Recreation with Nick Offerman. Abigail deserves the finest Scranton limo service available!

These celebrities, along with other talented and famous personalities have taken the name of Scranton city to a new height in the world. If you want to visit some famous homes in the area hire our charter bus for the night and let us give you a tour!