Famous People from Eugene, Oregon

famous people from eugene oregonA city of the Pacific Northwest, Eugene is located in the US state of Oregon. It’s located near the confluence of the Willamette and Mckenzie rivers that’s about 80 kilometers east of the Oregon coast. If you are thinking of relocating to the Northwest, you should consider Eugene a city for the future. If you enjoy outdoors, you can take advantage of its outdoor living. It’s also a home to some of the most famous people. Here are 5 Famous People from Eugene, Oregon:

Top 5 Celebrities from Eugene, OR

  • Erick Christian Olsen (Actor)

    Born in may 31 1977, Erick is an American actor who is known for acting in films such as Not Another Teen and TV series NCIS Los Angeles. Born in Eugene, Oregon, Erick is of Norwegian descent who pursued interests such as Chinese, Japanese, and sports. In 1999 TV movie, he had his first starring role. He, later on, played Jake in a teen comedy called The Hot Chick. He also got engaged to Sarah Wright in October 2011 and they had their first child in 2013 and the second child in 2016. He not only works for charity but he is also an honorary member and spokesperson. Erick enjoys the Eugene nightlife when he can.

  • John Anderson (Athlete)

    A publisher and athlete, John Anderson was born in 1949. He is famous for winning the 1973 Boston Olympics. From 1966 to 1984, he was a competitive long distance runner who represented the US in many races. Having graduated from Cornel University in New York with a degree in economics, he went ahead and bagged many achievements. He represented the US in the 1977 world cross country championship and his best marathon was in 1980. In 1985 he was put in Cornel’s university halls of fame.

  • Bradley Stryker (Actor)

    Born in 1977, Bradley Stryker is an award winning actor and film maker having Film Company with simple motto Live Your Life Aloud. During his formative years, he attended six different establishments starting from Washington State University and graduating from San Diego University. Although he was from the Pacific Northwest, he grew up fascinated a lot by his surroundings. Apart from being an actor, he is also a qualified personal trainer.

  • Tracy Bonham (Musician)

    Born in March 1967 Tracy Bonham s an American rock musician who is famous for her 1996 release titled mother mother. Born and raised in Eugene, Oregon, Tracy is a trained pianist and violinist. In 1997, she managed to receive the best female rock vocal performance and best alternative album in 2001. She divorced her husband after only 3 years of marriage. In 2005, she released her third album Blink the Brightest. As a self-taught guitarist, she is one of the best musicians in Eugene, Oregon. You can hear some of Tracy's music at the local clubs and even inside Eugene party buses.

  • Phil Knight (Co founder of Nike)

    Born in 1938, Phil Knight is an American philanthropist and business man. Born in Oregon, he is the co founder and chairman of Nike Inc. in 1915 he was declared the richest man in the world by Forbes having an estimated worth of $28.1 Billion. He is a graduate of Stanford Graduate School and The University of Oregon. As a philanthropist, he has donated hundreds of millions of dollars. After graduating, he enlisted in the army and served for 1 year for active service. He has also written a book about his life titled the Dog Shoe. He is among the most popular businessmen in Eugene Oregon and always travels by way of limousine.

While these are the top 5 famous people in Eugene, Oregon, they are not obviously the only famous people. There are also a number of other politicians, actors, and athletes who have featured in major places. Overall, Eugene is a quiet and lovely place with so many famous and lovely people. If you like, you can make the move to book a charter bus rental in Eugene, and experience what it has to offer.