Dayton Nightlife Review

dayton nightlife bars and nightclubsDayton known to be The Gem City. In 2012, Dayton ranked number 2 in the country being an arts destination ranking higher than the larger cities including Atlanta, St. Louis, and Cincinnati. Famous for it’s Urban Nights which was a free biannual event held in Dayton every year that showcased downtown’s dining, nightlife, music, retail, art, held once in the spring and also once in the fall.

Daytonians and other guests and visitors are left to entertain themselves at the plenty restaurants, bars, and nightclubs that this town offers. In case you are in Dayton and are wondering where to spend your nights, here is a list of five bars/clubs where you can dance the night away.

Top Bars & Nightlife in Dayton

Here are some of the best bars/nightclubs in Dayton:

  • Julia’s Nite Club

    8939 Kingsridge Dr Dayton, Ohio

    Julia’s Nite Club is the place to be if you are looking for a cozy dance floor with some old school music. If you and your friends are looking for a place that it is free of drama and in meanwhile offers excellent drinks which are on the cheap side too, Julia’s Nite Club is the place to be. Good service and very friendly staff. Our limousines can provide you with transportation for the evening.

  • Therapy Café

    452 E 3rd St Dayton, OH 45402

    Every day of the week there is something going on in Therapy Café, but if you don’t enjoy a young crowd then you sure do want to skip this place. But if you are the type that enjoys it and also is looking for some amazing food and drinks, you found your place and it’s called Therapy Café. If you ever wondered why the name Therapy Café, well it is because this place is therapeutic. Go on and schedule your appointment.

  • Club Masque

    34 N Jefferson St 45402 Dayton, Ohio

    Ooo the Club Masque. What we got here is a place that it is 18 years plus friendly and that it is open throughout the week, pretty grown up stuff, right­? LGBTQ friendly, you’ll be entertained by the best drag queens in town all the while sipping on some tasty drinks. Did I mention that it stays open till 4 AM? If you and your friends have a party bus, this might be the last stop you make for the night!

  • Yellow Rose Night Club

    852 Watertower Ln, Dayton, OH 45449

    It’s Saturday, you are in the moods for fun but do not where to go, may I suggest the Yellow Rose Night Club? This place is extraordinary. Each Saturday, there is a line dance instructor who teaches three dances from easy to more challenging levels to satisfy the needs of all the dancers. It has a large floor to accommodate line dancers and partner dancing. So I don’t know how to dance is no longer excuse’, grab your partner and hit that dance floor. When the night comes to an end, head on over to one of the nearby hotels and take a load off.

  • Trolley Stop

    530 E 5th St, Dayton, OH 45402

    The bartenders are great, the servers are great, prices are reasonable and the patio is the perfect chill spot on any warm night. Also, the food is pretty good too. What more can one ask for? Good music? Got it too, so head on over to the Trolley Stop.

Dayton is slowly but surely moving towards it’s brighter future, thanks to the high speed tech development, the youngsters are out and about. So there you go, no more excuse due to your lack of motivation as whether you should go out or not and where and why not, grab this list and go make your nights memorable. If you really want to do Dayton right, hire our charter bus rental and start your own bar crawl!