Famous People from Wilmington, North Carolina

famous people from wilmington ncWhat’s not to love about Wilmington, NC? If you won’t love it for its affluent history, the scenic ocean, or the memories our founding fathers left behind, love it for the people who call the port city home. Did you know the 28th President Woodrow Wilson was a resident? Andy Griffith and Pat Hingle too! Chances are, if you reside in Wilmington, or happen to visit, you will be starstruck at some point. Here are five people you might be lucky to stumble upon while in Wilmington, NC.

5 Celebrities from Wilmington, NC

  • Michael Jordan

    Basketball Legend On his way to becoming a living basketball legend, Michael Jeffrey Jordan moved to Wilmington with his family while still a toddler. So much of his success is owed to Emsley A. Laney High School in Wilmington where it all began. The rest, as they say, is history. His career might have seen him own property all around the country. However, he still has two homes in the state of North Carolina, most recently the $2.8 million mansion in Charlotte.

  • Charlie Daniels

    For those not fortunate enough to have listened to Country Music legend Charlie Daniels, here’s a sneak peek preview. Charlie was born in Wilmington on October 28, 1936. The multi-instrumentalist, actor, and singer rose to fame owing to his magical Bluegrass and Country music mastery. He has achieved all that is there to be achieved in the music industry. Amongst his accolades include the Musicians Hall of Fame and Museum, Country Music Hall of Fame, and the Grand Ole Opry. You're sure to hear his music in local night clubs and party buses in Wilmington.

  • Sugar Ray Leonard

    Boxing All-time Great The boxing world would not be what it is today if it were not for the contributions of Ray Charles Leonard. Born May 17, 1956, Wilmington, NC, Sugar Ray started boxing in 1977, on the way to becoming regarded as one of the best boxers of all time His 20 years as an athlete saw him win world titles in five different divisions. He was the first boxer to earn over $100 million and was ’Boxer of the Decade in the 80’s. He is currently an occasional actor and a motivational speaker. When you're as great as Sugar Ray, you deserve the best limo service!

  • Christian Keiber

    Critically Acclaimed Hollywood Actor Born February 26, 1970, Christian Keiber started her road to stardom as a young boy from Wilmington NC. After receiving a scholarship to study theater at East Carolina University, he went on to take Hollywood by storm. For someone who started acting at age nine, his resume is by far extensive. Amongst his most notable works include Gotham (2016), Homeland (2017), Orange is the New Black (2013) and Charmed (2002). In 2014, he was featured on the Emmys for Orange is the New Black alongside Laverne Cox. Christian is no stranger to the Wilmington nightlife.

  • Maddie Hasson

    Hollywood Actress The list cannot be complete without the mention of the rising stars. Madelaine "Maddie" Hasson was born in New Bern, NC. She was raised in Wilmington, by Catherine and Michael Hasson. Her love for the theater has seen her star in Fox’s The Finder, Underdogs, and NBC’s Twisted. She is set to play Billie Jean in the upcoming Hank William’s biopic I Saw the Light’. Her career is fast gaining traction and she is sure worth keeping an eye out for.

So, there you have it. There is no denying Wilmington is home to people who have gone their way to make a mark in this great country. Next time you are in the area, maybe running an errand or having a walk on the beach, watch out for these guys. They (or once did) call Wilmington, NC home. If you want to learn more about this great city, hire a charter bus rental for a day and take a tour!