Rochester Nightlife Review

rochester nightlife best bars and nightclubsHaving a night life is just as important as having a day job or day life if you will. This is the time you get to unwind before you retire to bed. It gives you time to enjoy yourself without worrying about the anything other than your pleasures. Night life being so important, the last thing you want is to spend it in the wrong place.

Top 5 Bars & Restaurants in Rochester, NY

  • The Vertex Night Club

    169 N Chestnut St Rochester, NY 14604

    This club is known as a Goth club, and yes, it is. However, all peoples are welcome. If you are looking for the perfect combination of night club and bar, then look no further. The vertex club sits in two floors; the first floor is a bar complete with games such as pool and darts while the second floor is a night club. The vertex offers you the best night life there is; you can choose to unwind drinking and playing, or just dance it out. Being one of the largest clubs, Vertex often attracts charter buses full of patrons ready to party!

  • One Night Club

    1 Ryan Alley, Rochester, NY 14607

    One Night Club is the ideal club for anyone who just wants to dance the night away. It has the most beautiful, spacious dance floor and is a favorite among dance lovers. The deejays are always on fore and the music is off the charts. It also has space outside where you can go cool off a little after dancing. As one of the most popular clubs in the area, our Rochester limos and party bus rentals are available for all your transportation requirements.

  • The Tilt

    444 Central Ave, Rochester, NY 14605

    The Tilt is perfect for someone looking to have a laid back night life in Rochester. If you are looking to just have a beer, dance a little, meet some people- nothing crazy, Tilt is the spot for you. It is usually free before eleven, they have an awesome dance floor, and the music is not so loud making it easy to talk to other people. Besides, it’s beautiful outside and ideal for the loners.

  • The Grill at One

    1 Ryan Aly Rochester, NY 14607

    Now, having a night life does not necessarily mean you have to be unmarried and a party freak. You could be a family kind of person who wants to enjoy life with family members and friends. The grill at one is the spot for you. It has amazing service, great food and drinks, the music is never too laud and most importantly and the fee is affordable. In addition, making group reservations is pretty easy. If you have friends in town from out of state that need accomodations, there are some great hotels in the area.

  • Flat Iron Café

    561 State St, Rochester, NY 14608

    Okay, so maybe you don’t want to dance or drink the night away. You do not want to play either. All you want to do is catch up with a friend and have fun. Here is the spot you have been looking for. At Flat Iron Cafe the music is soft, the music is lovely and the dance floor is never crowded. On Thursdays, a dance instructor teaches salsa. Talk about a place you can bond and unwind with a friend. A great date destination too.

Your night life need not be boring. Do not close your door, sigh and binge on food because you have nowhere to go. Hit one of these five locations and enjoy your life.