Famous People from Albany, New York

Before going on to the great people of Albany a brief introduction of this great city is imperative. Albany is the capital city of the New York and also the seat of Albany County, it lies on the west bank of Hudson River. Albany was the first European settlement in the state of New York settled by Dutch colonists in 1614, than in 1664 English took over this settlement and renamed the city to Albany in the honor of Duke of Albany.

Over the past four centuries Albany has developed from a small Dutch settlement to New York’s capital city in the heart of burgeoning Tech Valley. City of Albany is now a fun place to both visit and settle in as it offers four seasons of entertaining events, unique cultural attractions, historic masterpieces, great shopping centers and culinary delights from around the world.

The city of Albany has given birth to a lot of great people who made their motherland proud in the fields of arts, science and politics. Some of these famous sons and daughters of great city of Albany are mentioned in this writing.

Top 5 Celebrities from Albany, NY

  • Ray Charles

    Born in 1930, Ray Charles was a legendary musician who was known to be the pioneer of soul music in 50’s. Ray Charles created hits like Unchain my heart, Hit the road Jack, Georgia on my mind and A blind genius by mixing R&B, Gospel, Pop and country music. Ray Charles passed away in 2004 leaving behind an unmatched artistic legacy.

  • Clelia Duel Mosher

    Clelia Duel Mosher, M.D. was born on December 16, 1863 in Albany. She was the first female physician in America; she graduated from John Hopkins University School of Medicine in 1900. She conducted the first ever study on Victorian sexuality. Mosher died on December 21, 1940 at the age of 77.

  • Alice Coachman

    Alice coachman was track and field star born on November 9, 1923. Alice Coachman was the first black woman to win an Olympic medal in 1948. She leapt to a record breaking 6 feet. King George VI, father of Queen Elizabeth II, awarded her the honor. She passed away on July, 14 2014 at the age of 90 in Georgia.

  • Paula Deen

    The Food network star Paula Deen is a master Chef with couple of successful shows which represent southern cooking on air like Paula’s Home Cooking, Paula’s Party and Paula’s Best Dishes. Paula has also written several books on southern cooking and also started a magazine titled as cooking with Paula Deen.

  • Kirsten Gillibrand

    Kirsten Gillibrand is famous lawyer and politician; she has served both in senate and House of Representatives. Kirsten Gillibrand was born in a political family, Kirsten won a House of Representatives seat in 2006 as a democrat, and appointed in senate in 2009. Gillibrand won in 2010 and gain in 2012 reelection.

In 2014 Kirsten released the bestselling work OFF THE SIDELINES in which she offered her political ascension and prospective on government affairs. Kirsten is also known to be a strong supporter of Hillary Clinton.

These were few of the famous personalities that left their mark on the history hailing from the great city of Albany. Surly the land of Albany is fertile as it gave America highly motivated personalities which served their country and people with artistic, athletic and intellectual abilities.