Famous People from Las Vegas, Nevada

Many famous people and celebrities have chosen Las Vegas as their home. It would not be a wonder therefore, if you bumped into a good number of them as you strolled along the streets of Las Vegas. Better still, all you need to do is to attend a show and you will be car service airport transportiond to brush shoulders with the rich and famous celebrities of this city.

5 Celebrities from Las Vegas, NV

Below is a look at five Famous People from Las Vegas:

  • Celine Dion

    Though originally from Canada, Celine Dion settled in Las Vegas in 2OO2. She and her husband Rene Angelil bought a house after she got a performing contract at an establishment by the name of Caesars Palace. The multi-award winning songstress has had her contract at Caesars Palace extended for the next two years. So, in all likelihood, she will still be found in Las Vegas in the foreseeable future doing what she does best. We have had the pleasure of provide her limo service in Las Vegas!

  • Joe Jackson

    Joe Jackson is the patriarch of the legendary Jackson family. He is the father of the late pop icon Michael Jackson, and his equally talented sister Janet Jackson. Fans from all over the country still visit the patriarch to pay homage to the late pop icon. Interestingly, Michael himself owned a home in Las Vegas, and would often be seen shopping at Caesars in the company of his guards and some of his family members. His sister Janet owns a house in the city, which is often occupied by their mother Katherine whenever she visits the city.

  • Jenna Jameson

    Jenna Jackson is one of the better known faces from Las Vegas, due to her multiple roles as a pornographic movies star, webcam model and business lady. She has been a major influence in the world of adult-movie industry, where she has been christened The Queen of Pornography’. She started off by hustling as a nude model and stripper before she took to making erotic movies 24 years ago. She is also famous for her party bus rental appearance. Once she started starring in the adult videos, she never looked back. She went on to win one award after another, and indeed she has accumulated well over 35 of them.

  • Matthew Gray Gubler

    Matthew is yet another film personality who resides in Las Vegas. Matthew is famous for Criminal Minds’, a CBS TV show in which he stars as Dr. Spencer Reid, a criminal profiler. He is also famous as an influential American filmmaker, director and talented actor. He has taken roles in well-known films like Days of Summer, The Life Aquatic and Life after Death. He also models and paints quite competently.

  • Nicholas Cage

    The world famous star of Face Off’ moved to Las Vegas after being hounded from Los Angeles by the paparazzi. Nicholas Cage fell in love with Las Vegas, and he has been quoted saying that the city appeals to him because of the simpler, more fulfilling life it offers him. Actually, he won his Academy Award after starring in the movie Honeymoon in Vegas’.

There no shortage of nightlife or famous people in Las Vegas. A simple trip to the mall or club house can easily bring you in a face to face encounter with one of them. Many are celebrities in the entertainment industry, while others are entrepreneurs and sports personalities. The list above of five Famous People from Las Vegas is a sample to prove that indeed, Las Vegas is a star-studded city. If you want a tour of some of the celebrity homes in Vegas visit this link.