Famous People From Kansas City, Missouri

Some of the recognizable names in the United States of America have had their origin from the great Kansas City. Throughout the metropolitan, it is possible for those who are visiting the city for first time to be able to experience the lives of these famous figures in Kansas. Their contribution in various areas in the United States of America is invaluably esteemed.

5 Celebrities From Kansas City, MO

  • Harry S. Truman

    Harry S. Truman tops the list of the Famous People from Kansas City, MO. Truman is not only distinct because he is considered to be an independent MO but also because he spent two terms as president. His fame is also derived from his two term presidency which is considered to be the most eventful periods in history as well as most studied in the history of America. President Truman had one of the most classic limos in history.

  • Amelia Earhart

    Amelia Earhart takes the second position in this listing of Famous People from Kansas City, MO. Reason being, she was the most celebrated aviators. Amelia is a native of Atchison, Kan. She was also the first woman ever in the history of the United States of America to make a solo flight across the Atlantic Ocean. However she disappeared and her wear about still have a lot of speculations.

  • Charlie Parker

    Parker is another Kansas City native who was famously known for his distinctive skills in playing saxophone. His legendary up rise to fame came in the 1940s when he took the world of jazz by storm. This resulted to him adopting the inscription “The Bird Lives.” Actually the City attributes its 18th as well as the Vine Historic Jazz District to Parker. Parker was laid to rest in Lincoln Cemetery in Kansas City. Charlie's music still blesses the Kansas City nightlife to this day.

  • Walt Disney

    Disney did attend the Kansas City Art Institute. After this he opened the famous Laugh-O-Gram Studio. This was his first studio on the 31st`s Street corner. It is held that he did feed a friendly rodent in the building where he established his studio and this is perceived to have had inspiration to his character Mickey Mouse. Hire one of our Kansas City party buses and we can show you this popular attraction and many others like it.

  • Jesse James

    Finally Jesse James closes the list of the Famous People from Kansas City, MO. He stands distinct in this group because of the attribute he held in the Kansas City as well as the American society. James was an outlaw. Apart from this he also involved himself in both bank and train robbery. He was a guerrilla, a murderer as well as a gang leader. James hailed from the Little Dixie located in the western region of Missouri. He stood out to be the most famous member in the James-Younger Gang group. He was later on assassinated in 1882 April 3rd at St Joseph Missouri.

The famous individuals in the top five Famous People from Kansas City, MO are recognized due to their distinct contribution in the Kansas City. This is regardless of nature of their contribution. One thing that however stands out among them and that is during their life time in the Kansas City they were famously known. This implies that they were an icon in whatever activity they engaged in in Kansas City whether good or bad. If you want to take a tour of some of the most famous attractions in the area, book a charter bus from Price4Limo today!