Famous People from Grand Rapids, Michigan

famous people from grand rapids michiganGrand Rapids Michigan has a lot of surprising statistics. It has a population of over 193,000 and is the second largest city in the state of Michigan. It is also the hometown to more household names than you probably realize. From well-known actors to musicians, to athletes, these celebrities have made their mark in their chosen industries as this is most important ever for a number of people who are much involve.

5 Celebrities from Grand Rapids, MI

Here are 5 famous people that you likely didn’t know hail from Grand Rapids.

  • Taylor Lautner

    Most notable from the Twilight fame, Lautner was born in Grand Rapids in 1992. He attended Jamestown Elementary school in Hudsonville, Michigan. He is also a big sports fan, including the University of Michigan’s Wolverines. In addition to the Twilight movies, you’ve probably seen him in The Adventures of Lava Girl, Valentine’s Day, Grown Up’s 2, and - most recently - Scream Queens.

  • Anthony Kiedis

    Anthony Kiedis, lead singer in the band Red Hot Chili Peppers, was born in Grand Rapids in 1962. He has been with the band since its inception in 1983. His band has had five top-five albums in Europe and North America and have sold over sixty-million records worldwide. Despite forming in 1983, the band is still touring and recording albums. They recently toured for their latest album, The Getaway as this is important ever as far as it is well concerned. Anthony and bandamates have used our limousine services in the past on many occasions.

  • Floyd Mayweather Jr.

    Born in 1972, Floyd Mayweather Jr. was born in Grand Rapids. He is widely seen as being the greatest boxer of his era. He is an undefeated five-division world champion and has won twelve world titles. In addition to boxing, he also works as a boxing promoter. Before announcing his return to boxing, you likely saw him compete on Dancing with the Stars. Floyd loves to show his cash off and hire party buses for his crew.

  • Kiff VandenHeuvel

    Most notably known as an alumnus of The Second City, VandenHeuvel was born in Grand Rapids in 1970. He has appeared on hundreds of radio and TV ads and is a well-known voice in a handful of popular video games. Voices include Zachary Hale Comstock in Bioshock: Infinite, Walter, in The Walking Dead video game series, and has most recently voiced The Evil Within. He also hosts his own podcast, All Over Voice Over, that has been SOLAS nominated.

  • Andy Richter

    Richter, famed for being a writer on Conan, was born in Grand Rapids in 1966. Not only is he a writer on the show, he’s often seen on air. Before landing that gig, he attended the University of Illinois and Chicago’s Columbia College to study film. Andy loves the local nightlife and can be seen out and about form time to time.

In addition to this impressive list, there are many other notable people from Grand Rapids. The city has much to be proud of. With the history that includes having the premiere Street Car System in North America from 1926-1935 and being home to Heritage Hill - one of the largest urban historic districts in the country -, it’s no shock that Grand Rapids has developed quite the list of talent. If you and your friends or family members want a more in depth tour of the city, book a few charter bus rentals and let Price4Limo take you around town.