Famous People From Indianapolis, Indiana

famous people from indianapolisBesides being the largest city of Indiana, Indianapolis is also known for rich culture, history, scenic beauty and Indianapolis 500. About 2 million people calls Indianapolis their home, including many celebrities and famous personalities. The list of famous people from Indianapolis is quit long, thus here just 5 of them have been mentioned who are not only famous in their own field of work, but also recognized and loved worldwide.

5 Celebrities From Indianapolis, IN

  • Janet Langhart

    Born in the year 1940, this anchor, American TV journalist and author happens to be the Chief Executive Officer of Langhart Communications. Janet Langhart's humble being started in the world of TV as a model, but she quickly moved up the ladder because of the undying passion for her work. She is also known “My Life in Two Americas; From Rage to Reason” (2004) which is her memoir, and also “Love in Black and White” (2007). The later was co-written with her husband, William Cohen. She even wrote the play “Anne and Emmett” which was premiered in 2009.

  • David Letterman

    David Letterman came into this world in 1947 and happens to be one of the most noted TV personalities of all times. He became famous for being the host of “Late Night with David Letterman” which first aired on NBC in the year 1982. He officially retired from being the host of this televised talk show in the year 2015. Thus, making him the longest-serving late night talk show (American television history). He helped the show to win 6 Primetime Emmy Awards in the category Outstanding Variety, Music or Comedy Series along with 26 consecutive nominations. If you're not watching late night TV, maybe you're out enjoying the Indianapolis nightlife!

  • Babyface

    With the birth name Kenneth Brain Edmonds, “Babyface” was born in 1959. Anyone who listens to R&B music will come across his name as this singer, record producer, songwriter happened to won 11 prestigious Grammy Awards. 26 of his written and produced songs have managed to become #1 hit. Babyface even founded the “Soda Pop Records” in the year 2009 and by 2013 which managed to secure a distribution deal E1 Music. You can hear his music in nightclubs and party buses in Indianapolis!

  • Brendan Fraser

    Next in this list is none other than the 90s king of the silver screen, Brendan Fraser. He was born in 1968 and started his acting career in the year 1988. During the 90s he starred in worldwide blockbusters which are popular even now. Some movies he was a part includes “The Mummy” trilogy, Encino Man, Airheads, George of the Jungle, Bedazzled, and many more. Later on he showed a different side of his acting skills with award winning movies like Crash, Journey to the Center of the Earth, A Case of You and more. Celebrities like Brendan choose to travel in style with a luxury limousine or private car service.

  • Mathias Kiwanuka

    In 1983, this NFL star was born in this very city. As he played football for Boston College and later for New York Giants (2006-2014), many people are not aware of the fact that he is from Indianapolis. Playing in the Defensive end, Mathias Kiwanuka won 2 Super Bowl Champions (XLII and XLVI) against New England Patriots. Beside this, he also won several noted awards like First-Team All Big East (2003 and 2004), First-Team All-American (2004 and 2005), Big East Defensive Player of the Year (2004) and First-Team All-Atlantic Coast Conference (2005).

So, these were the 5 most famous people from Indianapolis who have made a name for themselves. It is true that there are many other famous personalities who were born and raised in this great city. But, these 5 people definitely stands out for what they achieved and the number of people they inspired and touched. Want to learn more about Indianapolis? How about booking a bus charter tour and traveling to the area's top attractions!