Famous People From Fort Wayne, Indiana

famous people from fort wayne indianaFort Wayne is the second largest city in Indiana state after Indianapolis. It sits on a 287 Km2 in Allen County. Just as many other cities in the world, every place has their own famous people born in it. They are celebrities, prominent figures or just locals who are notable for their actions and deeds.

Well, Fort Wayne isn’t exceptional to the rest and the following five are some of its famous people still alive;

5 Celebrities From Fort Wayne, IN

  • Shelley Lee Long

    An American actress born on August 23, 1949, Indian village, Fort Wayne. The 67-year-old is best known for her role in the comedy series, Cheers as Diane Chambers where she won The Outstanding Lead Actress in 1983. Her other movie credits in the 90’s include the Night shift (1982), Money Pit (1986) and more others. In 2009, she took a recurring role in the ABC comedy show, Modern Family. She studied drama at Northwestern University but later dropped out to pursue her passion for acting and modeling.

  • Joshua Bell

    Joshua Bell a renowned violinist where his journey to fame begun when he was only 14 years old after his first big presentation at Philadelphia Orchestra. At age 18, he recorded his first LP after his Carnegie Hall debut. 50 years old now, Bell has many albums recorded where he has won many awards including a Grammy and the Instrumentalist of the Year by Musical America Bell, 2010. He’s attributed to being one of the first classical artists to have their music video on VH1. If you need transportation to a Joshua Bell concert, you can hire a limo service in Fort Wayne, Indiana here.

  • Matt Kelty

    Born and bred in Fort Wayne, Kelty is a prominent politician. In 2007, he vied for a mayoral position of Fort Wayne on the Republican ticket but lost to a Democrat candidate during the general elections. His political journey however begun in 2002 when he was a candidate running for the Indiana State Representative seat. He is the founder of Kelty Tappy Designs.

  • Mason Plumlee

    He’s a professional basketballer who has made it to the major NBA league as a Center for Brooklyn Nets. In 2009, Plumlee joined Duke College where he played for its men’s team, Blue Devils where they got awards such as NCAA champions as well as achieving McDonald's All-American during his senior year. He played for Portland Trail Blazers as well for two years since 2015 where he now plays for Denver nuggets since the beginning of 2017. Plumlee is 27 years old and enjoys party bus rentals in Fort Wayne.

  • Jenna Fischer

    2007 nominated Emmy-awards actress is also a Tv producer. Jenna Fischer is best known for her recurring role in the notable sitcom, The Office as Pam Halpert. Other films she has featured in include Walk Hard-The Dewex Cox Story and Blades of Glory both in 2007, The Promotion and Hall Pass. Born in 1974 in Fort Wayne Indiana, she started learning the art of acting as a child. Her most recent role was playing was playing Rhonda McNeil in the comedy-series, You, Me and The Apocalypse.

These are the most popular social figures in Fort Wayne, Indiana, that have become famous over the years from their careers and what they have mostly achieved out of it despite where or when they ended up achieving it. If you want to find out more amazing history, hire a Fort Wayne charter bus and take a tour. Be sure check out the nightlife in Fort Wayne!