Denver Nightlife

Mile High City as it is known, is likely to be seen as a tourist destination to which one would be interested in visiting when looking to enjoy mountains and winter activities. Although this is a fairly common among locals and tourists alike, there are many more attractions in Denver that you can enjoy throughout the year. Let's have a look at some of Denver's nightlife.

Visitors will find the identity of Denver in one of its local breweries and distilleries most famous all over the world, where they produce one of the best whiskies, Stranahan Colorado Whiskey. In the distillery same test it and be able to appreciate how it is prepared, bottled, and sold, is a very great unique experience. This very great tradition of local artisanal drinks directly influences the style of Western life and the high spirit of the city. In fact, the local beer is famous in Denver. Do not hesitate to accept if they offer beer run.

There are so many types of beer in Denver, most of it in the metropolitan area. The beer culture is unique, relaxed, funny and innovative and the microbreweries use pure water from the mountains of Colorado to produce more than 200 different beers per year. Here you will find plenty of bars brewers, such as Denver beer company, with its adventurous menu, which is constantly changing. With a large variety of tours of breweries, cafés on terraces, restaurants, sports bars and shops, Denver offers a myriad of options and an excellent environment.

Although Denver offers an experience of the primary level, the atmosphere of the city is never pretentious. This is an informal site, ideal for those who appreciate the richness, the beauty and brightly of the large outdoor attractions and offers unique urban areas that surround it.

After the tour it's time to get back on track and now be directed to the city of Black Hawk, a village 100% dedicated to the casinos. There you will find casinos of various sizes and themes. The village is adjacent to another traditional village, called the Center of the city. You can play everything from slot machines-coins, poker, the famous Black Cat and more.

What to do in Denver at Night?

Something that cannot go unnoticed in this great city is the nightlife. I mention this as point and apart from more than anything to take it into account in case you have time at the end of one day of the itinerary. A wide variety of nightclubs and bars await you for a night of fun among adults.

Denver offers many opportunities to have a good night, live with friends, dancing until dawn in the clubs, go to a show of entertainers or try a local beer. If you prefer an experience of art and cultural events, Denver has a number of options each night. You can see a work of theater, attending a concert in their specialized chambers or museums, enjoy opera or ballet in their theaters or simply to enjoy a delicious dinner. The nightlife in Denver has something for every taste!

List of the 8 Best Places for Nightlife in Denver:

  1. Breweries. Denver is a major producer of beer. Therefore, the city is full all kinds of establishments where you can taste varieties of this beverage, both local and artisanal. In fact, many restaurants and bars are preparing their own beer, so you will find unique flavors and brands that you have to try during your visit to this destination highlighted by the high production of this beverage. In the lower center you'll find dozens of bars of this type, such as the falling rock tap House and Wynkoop Brewing Company.
  2. Comedy Clubs. In Denver are common places with localesy comedians shows where sometimes there are important national stars who have excelled in this genre. If you want to have a good time having fun with laughter, don't hesitate to go to one of these shows, as in the comedy works in the center of the city, Metropolis "Bovine” Theater or in the East.
  3. Evening concerts in museums. Some museums and cultural centers in Denver offer concerts in the evenings, most of them in the open air, some even free. Among them are the Denver Art Museum, the science room at the Museum of Science and Nature of Denver, the Museum of Contemporary Art, Botanical Gardens and the Museum Clifford Still.
  4. Casinos. About an hour from Denver, Central City and Black Hawk(two former mining towns) are a great deal of casinos with all kinds of games of chance, with around 10,000 slot machines, roulette, dice and cards.
  5. Clubs. The nights in Denver son very animated, so that the length and breadth of the city you will find various clubs with different environments and with music for all tastes, such as Bender's Tavern, Cowboy Lounge yVie Luxe discotheque.
  6. To the south of Colfax. This is the district of Denver, where the nights are live to the maximum in a series of bars, clubs and lounges within walking distance of one another, with different styles and rhythms. In all events are continuous, from movie nights to local bands and DJ's live, without forgetting the "after hours" to receive the morning. The clubs change their rhythms depending on the day and are not always open, but this district is recognized as one of the most famous nightlife in Denver.
  7. Larimer Square. Here you will find a wide range of restaurants, bars and clubs with a great atmosphere. One of the places that stands out in this area is the Tavern Downtown, a sports bar with live music on the weekends.
  8. Lower Downtown (LODO), the oldest neighborhood in Denver, located right in the center of the city and where there are many shops, boutiques, galleries and offices, it is also one of the most lively in terms of nightlife, since here you will find many restaurants, perfect for enjoying a dinner, many clubs and bars such as Denver ChopHouse & Brewery, cruise and Sport column.

Final Recommendations for a Fun Night in Denver

Before anything else, I will begin with a recommendation as to transport. If you do not have family or friends that are going to be carrying during your trip I recommend renting a limo, party bus or hire a Denver bus charter, as it is by far the best way to travel from one side to the other.

If you think staying at the hotel, the center or the central area of the city is probably where you will find the most luxurious hotels, which are the most expensive of course. The best thing would be to find in the suburbs in neighboring cities as Northglenn, Westminster or Aurora between other to find more affordable prices.