Famous People from San Diego, California

famous people from san diego californiaThere are numerous famous people. From honor winning specialists to TV hosts and expert competitors, artists who have won the Grammys, numerous capable people regard San Diego as their home. Truly a city for everyone, San Diego makes the most of its open space. Balboa Park near the city center is dubbed America's largest urban culture park and encompasses enough things to see and do to fill an entire holiday, from award-winning theaters like The Old Globe to landscaped botanic gardens, roller coasters and even the San Diego United Nations Building. How about we take a gander at the ten most famous people from San Diego.

Celebrities from San Diego, CA

Here is a list of famous people from San Diego:

  • Cameron Diaz

    Cameron Diaz, an on-screen character, maker and the previous model, was conceived in San Diego, California. Getting to be in many movies, she is known for her parts in "The Mask," "The Wedding of My Best Friend" and "Something About Mary." Cameron likewise voiced Princess Fiona in the movies of Shrek. Cameron still enjoys the San Diego nightlife when she's in town.

  • Adam Brodie

    Adam Brody was conceived in San Diego, California, and was a performing artist and performer. He is known for his part of Seth Cohen on "The O.C.", which instantly transformed him into a high school symbol.

  • RuPaul

    Conceived of San Diego, RuPaul is a performer, ruler of resistance, TV character, craftsmanship executive and creator. In the wake of marking an agreement with MAC Cosmetics, RuPaul turned into the main supermodel of the imperial crown. Rupaul is a superstar, and you can be too when you rent a party bus from Price4Limo.

  • Mimi Bialik

    Mangle Bialik, conceived in San Diego, California, is a performer, creator, and neuroscientist. She is best known for playing the title character in the arrangement "Bloom" of the 90s and Dr. Amy Farra Fowler in The Big Bang Theory.

  • Shaun White

    Shaun White was conceived in San Diego, California, and is an expert snowboarder and skateboarder. He twice brought home Olympic gold and held a record for the greater part of the gold awards won amid the X-Games.

  • Scratch Cannon

    Scratch Cannon, conceived in San Diego, California, is a rapper, on-screen character, business person, maker and TV have. He has shown up on a few TV programs and in many movies, however, nowadays he is best known for taking "The America's Got Talent." Scratch loves to use our limousines to get around town.

  • Holly Mary Combs

    Holly Mary Combs, an on-screen character, and TV maker, was conceived in San Diego, California, and is referred to for her part as Piper Halliwell in the film Enchanted. Right now, she additionally assumes the part of Ella Montgomery in the arrangement "Really Little Face." A fascinating actuality about Holly Marie Combs is that she turned into a confirmed jumper at 13 years old.

  • Adam Driver

    Conceived in San Diego, Adam Driver followed up on Broadway and in many movies. Be that as it may, it was in 2015, when he got overall consideration for his picture of Kilo Rena in The Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

  • Mario Lopez

    Mario Lopez, Jr. is a performing artist and TV moderator. This San Diego local is best known for playing A. Slater on the hit demonstrate "The Saved by the Bell." Mario is additionally taken part in the third period of "Hitting the dance floor with the Stars," completing the second.

  • Tony Hawk

    Tony Hawk was brought up in San Diego and is an expert skateboarder and performer. Turning into an expert skateboarder by the age of 14, Tony is viewed as a standout amongst the best pioneers of present day vertical skateboarding.

San Diego is a mecca for famous faces and celebrities. If you want to take a tour of the city and check out some amazing homes and monuments book a charter bus rental from us today!