Famous People from Sacramento, CA

famous people from sacramento californiaSacramento is the capital of the US state of California. It is located at the mouth of the American River and the Sacramento River in the northern part of the Central Valley of California, famously known as Sacramento Valley. The estimated population in 2016 was 493,025 and hence ranks it at number six among the largest cities in California. This City is home to a lot of America’s famous people from Actors, Filmmakers, Athletes and even musicians.

5 Celebrities from Sacramento, CA

  • Merrin Dungey

    Merrin Dungey is one of the top television actresses that are in Hollywood today. Merrin has had roles in some of the best Films in Hollywood. She is well known for roles that she played in Alias,Summerland and the king of queens.She also appeared on Once upon a time and legal drama conviction from ABC. Dungey is among the celebrities that were born and raised in the city of Sacramento. If you want to roll like a celebrity, book a Sacramento limo from us!

  • Chris Kelly

    Chris "Casper" Kelly is also another famous person who hails from the city of Sacramento. Chris is a writer, director and television producer. He is famously known to many as the co-creator of the live action adult swim series, Your pretty face is going to hell, hoop, Infomercial episode of Too many cooks and animated series stroker. Chris has a had a great career in Hollywood after producing and directing some of the best films. Chris is also a born and raised person of the city of Sacramento and enjoys the California nightlife.

  • Brian Edmund Posehn

    Another famous person is Brian Edmund Posehn who is a comedian, musician, writer and actor. Brian was born in Sacramento in the year 1966 and even started his career in Sacramento.He attended the Sonoma Valley High school and also studied in the University of Sacramento state University. Brian is also of Irish and German origin. He is very well known from the program Comedy Central and WB's Mission Hill. Brian has used Price4Limo for party buses on several occasions.

  • Molly Kathleen

    Singer and song writer Molly Kathleen was born in 1968 in the city of Sacramento. Molly is an American singer, songwriter, dancer and actor. She is one of the multi talented celebrities in the US. Molly was also born and raised in this city. She earned a Golden Globe nomination from her debut film Tempest. She has had a lot of success in all of her careers in Hollywood. Molly appeared in great films of the 80’s such as pretty in pink,the breakfast club and sixteen candles.

  • Colin Lewes Hanks

    Colin Lewes Hanks is a filmmaker and American actor who was born and raised in Sacramento. He has stared in films such as King Kong(Preston) and Orange County(Shaun Brumder). Collin was born in 1977 in this city of Sacramento and he is the eldest son to famous actor Tom Hanks. He featured In one of the animated series Talking Tom and Friends where he was talking Tom. Tom has had a great career after his father and is one of the celebrated actors today.

Some of the famous people in Sacramento are born and raised here and others are just residents, but clearly this city is home to a lot of celebrities from different careers. If you ever want to take a tour of the city, book a Sacramento bus charter from Price4Limo.