what time is it in new orleans

What Time is it in New Orleans?

New Orleans, LA is in the Central Standard Time zone, also known as (GMT-6). The Central Time Zone is one hour behind the Eastern Time Zone. When it is 3:00pm in New York City or Atlanta, it will be 2:00pm in New Orleans. Pacific Standard Time (which Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Las Vegas are a part of) is two hours behind New Orleans and Central Time. So what time is it in New Orleans if it is 8:00am in LA? It’s 10:00 am, early morning.

New Orleans is a city known for its distinct music, cuisine, unique dialect, and annual festivals, Mardi Gras being the most notable. The city’s multilingual heritage has earned it the nickname the “most unique” city in the United States. The city-parish is located along the Mississippi River in the southeastern region of Louisiana and has about 425,000 residents. New Orleans is renowned for its nightlife, abundance of architectural styles that reflect the city’s multicultural heritage, and sports organizations. Whether it is the afternoon or night, New Orleans is packed with excitement for all.

Spending an Afternoon in New Orleans

What time is it in New Orleans? Noon. Let’s look at all the places you could go to and fun stuff you could do in a limousine or party bus.

Check out the Garden District:
New Orleans’ Garden District gives you a taste of real Southern charm. Green parks, plantation-style mansions, and historic cable car ride are the top attractions in the area and are sure to take your breath away!

Go to Jackson Square
Jackson Square is the most populated area in New Orleans and the premiere spot to see historic monuments. Jackson Square is in the heart of the French Quarter, and one of the NOLA’s most famous locations. The St. Louis Cathedral is a great place to check on a stroll.

Grab Lunch at the French Quarter
The French Quarter is New Orleans’ most vibrant and famous area filled with unique architecture, elegant streets, and great restaurants, the perfect place to take a stroll with your family and grab a bite to eat.

Go Horseback Riding in New Orleans City Park
The 6th largest park in the United States, New Orleans City Park has a ton of activities. Check out the Carousel Gardens Amusement Park, rent a boat and view the bayou, walk through the decorative gardens, play golf, fish, and even go horseback riding at Equest Farm in the park.

Catch the Otter Snack at the Audubon Zoo
A collection of museums and parks with a zoo and an aquarium, the Audubon Nature Institute provides a nature experience like no other. The Zoo has everything; insects, big game, and even otters! If you know the time in New Orleans and get there early enough, you can catch the otter snack at 10:45am where they let kids feed them sardines and carrots.

Visit Café du Monde
Café du Monde is easily one of the most famous cafes in New Orleans, having been open since 1862 and a staple of unique coffee. Order a chicory-laced café au lait and sugar covered beignets for the best brunch you can get in the whole country. Right next to Jackson Square, Café du Monde is the go-to spot.

Shop at Royal Street
Filled with antique, clothing, and art shops, Royal Street is the place to hit for a shopping spree. The antebellum architectural style of the area creates a one of a kind atmosphere. Check out the 100+ year old stores on this street and catch street performers entertaining crowds of onlookers.

Spending an Evening in New Orleans

What time is it in New Orleans? Evening. The sun is beginning to set, and this is where the city really comes alive! Now that the party is starting, here are some places to check out:

Watch the Saints play at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome
The New Orleans Saints are the city’s professional football team which has been quite successful over the years. Seeing Drew Brees lead to team up in down the field in the recently renovated Superdome is a great way to spend your Monday or Sunday night.

Head to Bourbon Street
When the sun starts going down, the neon signs of restaurants and bars flood the street with light. Bourbon street is known for its nightlife and party scene. Once the music starts playing, the bars and clubs start picking up and then the party starts. If you are lucky enough, you may even get the opportunity to hit Bourbon Street when it throws its annual festival, Mardi Gras. That depends on the time in New Orleans and when you come visit.

Listen to Live Music at Frenchmen Street
Frenchmen Street is at the cusp of the French Quarter and has some of the best music dance halls and music venues. This is the spot where you’ll catch unrivaled live music and festival nights.

Gamble on a Riverboat Casino
If you are 21 and over, you can gamble at any of the many riverboat casinos in New Orleans. With more than 100 table games, and 2,000 slot machines, Harrah’s Casino is one of the top casinos to hit and delivers Vegas-style gambling.

See a Concert
New Orleans is historically known as the city that created Jazz. The best musicians live and perform at the many music halls scattered throughout the city. On top of that, the city’s concert venues bring in some of the top artists around the world such as Drake and Madonna.

No Matter What Time it is in New Orleans there is always something to do. The relaxed climate of daytime is met with wild partying at nighttime. When you go to New Orleans, make sure to plan out your day. Check the time you are going to get there and schedule out your day.