Sea World San Antonio Texas 2020

Travelers Guide: SeaWorld in 2020

SeaWorld is a world-famous amusement park that focuses on marine life – the first SeaWorld opened its doors in 1964. The original plan for SeaWorld was a restaurant based underwater but quickly grew into what it is today – a marine zoological park in San Diego, California. There are 4 SeaWorld locations around the world; San Diego, Orlando, San Antonio and Abu Dhabi with a total number of visitors between all four locations coming in at 11 million a year. The largest SeaWorld Park being in San Antonio, Texas. SeaWorld San Antonio specifically offers an incredible experience with a mixture of amusement park rides, a dedicated Sesame Street zone and animal experiences.

The rides and roller coasters offered at SeaWorld San Antonio are as listed below:

SeaWorld is opening three new rides to their San Antonio park in Spring 2020

  • The All New Texas Stingray; the tallest, longest and fastest wooden roller coaster in Texas!
  • The Riptide Rescue; you will set sail on a rescue mission for sea turtle in an exhilarating spinner ride.
  • The Sea Swinger; this ride will release you on an arc that places riders near parallel with the ground at the top of its trajectory, before sending them skyrocketing to the same point in the opposite direction – all within mere seconds.
  • Some of the Classic Rides that the SeaWorld San Antonio offers are

  • The Wave Breaker – this rescue coaster is a newer thrill ride that sends you on a quest to help an animal in danger.
  • The Steel Eel Roller Coaster – this hypercoaster includes a vertical drop of 15 stories followed by multiple camelbacks that gives its riders periods of weightlessness.
  • Rio Loco is a water ride where its riders are placed into a raft that bounces along the river, complete with twists, turns and even a waterfall!
  • In addition to the amusement park rides offered at SeaWorld, another major attraction offered in San Antonio is the Sesame Street Bay of Play that includes 3 acres of rides, shows and play areas. The famous Sesame Street characters are often walking around the park to take photos with the visitors.

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    The shows that SeaWorld offers are a large part of the SeaWorld experience. Some of their most popular shows are as follows;

  • Killer Whales Up Close; this show is lead by the SeaWorld trainers as they share their extensive knowledge of the killer whales. The attendees to this show will learn about Orcas in the wild as you watch the presentation that shows the animals habitats and behavior.
  • Ocean Discovery; this amazing show includes the beluga whales, dolphins and even macaws interacting with one another and their trainers in a playful and exciting way!
  • Pets Ahoy – this comedy show includes many well-trained domestic animals such as dogs, cats, pigs, and birds. Many of the animals that star in this show are local rescues.
  • There are two shows that focus on the park’s Sea Lions – Sea Lion High is a fun and interactive show whereas Sea Lions at Play is an up-close look at how the otters and sea lions as they engage and play with one another.

    The shows are not the only place that you are able to experience animal interaction at SeaWorld San Antonio.

    SeaWorld offers 3 different experiences focused on their dolphins:

  • Dolphin Swim allows you to experience a once in a lifetime engagement with the beautiful animals.
  • Dolphin Tour allows its visitors an up-close view of the animal and even an opportunity to touch the dolphins!
  • The Dolphin Encounter is an exclusive tour with a dolphin trainer.
  • Other animal tours that SeaWorld San Antonio offers are the killer whale tour, penguin interaction, a penguin tour, a beluga whale swim, beluga whale tour, an ultimate animal experience, a sea lion tour, the family adventure tour, an animal adventure tour, and even a shark tour!

    SeaWorld offers many different options for admissions such as annual passes and limited time offers. Their one-day passes are priced at $60.99 with special offers and coupons available on their website. SeaWorld San Antonio park hours fluctuate throughout the year but during peak season, the summer season, the park is open from 10:00am to 9:00pm.

    San Antonio Sea World Christmas Parade 2020

    SeaWorld also offers seasonal events such as their Sesame Street Christmas Parade. In addition, there are camps offered at SeaWorld such as summer day camps, overnight camps and even group camps. SeaWorld offers special pricing for field trips and specific programs for Teachers. SeaWorld invites teacher to learn about marine life, obtain fun lessons for their students and even get ideas for their science class! SeaWorld prides itself on their rescue and rehabilitation programs – to date, SeaWorld has rescued or helped more than 33,000 animals.

    SeaWorld attracts thousands of visitors a year and provides an incredible family vacation in San Antonio, Texas. SeaWorld San Antonio is located about 18 miles from the San Antonio Airport so for traveling visitors, transportation is important to their vacation planning. is a great resource to utilize – their website provides a search engine that allows the input of the dates of your vacation, and the number of guests traveling. offers a fleet of buses, limos, party buses and even charter buses. To obtain a quote on only takes 30 seconds! They offer nationwide services, not just in San Antonio, Texas. Their website is equipped with a live chat agent that you are able to reach out to if you need assistance with your reservation or have any questions.

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    SeaWorld offers many experiences to all different ages. The Sesame Street Bay of Play is geared toward smaller children, the amusement park section focuses on the adolescent age and the focus on marine life is geared towards your whole family. The park offers a fun learning environment if you are a teacher looking for an option to broaden your student’s science knowledge. SeaWorld has something for everyone and creates an experience that you will never forget. San Antonio, TX has something for everyone in the family. Consider taking a trip to the Riverwalk for some night time fun with family and friends!