10 Reasons to Rent a Limousine or Party Bus

Top 10 Reasons to Rent a Limousine or a Party Bus

No matter what innovations keep adding to the repertoire of luxury cars, when it comes to hiring a luxury ride, it’s a limousine that always stands apart. It is not about the abundance but about the image that limos have still maintained. It spells LUXURY!

Party buses, on the other hand, is the latest trend in transportation.  They’re incredibly affordable, and still edgily stylish. It is sure a rage when it comes to students and youngsters, especially the ones going to prom. Party buses are also a favorite for wedding transportation!

While luxury and affordability are the top reasons for a limousine and a party bus, respectively, there are ample other reasons why you may hire either of these.

So, here the top 10 reason for hiring limos and party buses.

  1. Shared Travel = Cheaper Travel

If you are going for a big occasion with a group, stretch limos and party buses are rather economical choices for when the rent is shared. When you do the math, the share comes to be even lesser that what you may have spent on taking your own car for the occasion. If you add up the taxi fares or gas expenses, they will turn out to be much more than what you will end up paying as your share as the carpool amount.

Moral of the story – they are totally affordable! You can view and compare all prices for limos and party buses with price4limo.com.

But even if you are going solo or with a friend or a date, they are not exorbitant. The charge, with out a doubt, is higher than what you pay in shared ride, but it is still not too much for a luxurious Limo.

  1. Convenience All the Way

Since both these rides come with a professional chauffeur, all you have to do is board, have a pleasant ride, and alight. The ride will come and pick you; drop you wherever you wish to; will wait for you; and bring you back. This amounts to total convenience.

Moreover, nothing beats them in comfort. Both the vehicles are so roomy that they can fit in a minimum of 10 people comfortably. Not only that; they are luxurious as well. The point is that you don’t get to travel anywhere you like. It is like a prequel to a special occasion, especially in a party bus.

  1. There Can Be No Better Ride for Your Wedding

One of the most awaited moments in life, as a one’s wedding is; there can be nothing better than arriving and leaving in a Limo. And if you have all the near and dear ones tagging along to a destination wedding, the party bus is your kind of ride.

The idea of hiring party buses for a wedding is a really nice one. You get to enjoy the good times with your near and dear ones, while still saving a lot of money.

And if you wish to throw a bachelorette or a bachelor party, the night before the wedding, the bus serves a perfect spot.

  1. An Absolute Delight for Those Who Can’t Drive

Now, there can be situations. You are too young to drive; you do not have valid license for driving in the US; or you simply wish to enjoy the ride. When you rent either of these, you have the luxury of being chauffeured around without a worry. Prom party buses and limos are a great example.

Moreover, party buses or limos work really well for the parents who wish for a safe and decent ride for their children to prom or to a college party. For that matter, the rental services make sure that their chauffeurs are properly licensed and thoroughly professional.

  1. Safety is a Given – Avoiding a DUI

Good occasions always call for a drink or two; but drinking and driving can make you and the others on the road vulnerable to accidents. And avoiding drinks when all your friends are around can be quite a predicament. So, what do you do to be safe? You rent a party bus, so that you are not behind the wheel.

You can expect absolute safety in a rented party bus or limo, provided the rental service is a good one. Most companies deploy vehicles that are safe; and employ chauffeurs who are licensed, with a clean track record. In that case, you can trust them for your safety.

This way, you not only ensure safety for yourself and your friends but also for the others on the road.

  1. The Party Travels with You

You must agree when we say that these rides are a party in their own right. When you move with the spirit of the party, these luxurious rides boost your spirit even more. You need not wait to get to the venue to get the party started. The parry starts right here, where you and your friends are.

Alternatively, your party could be a party on the move. In fact, this idea is incredibly popular for bachelor and bachelorette parties as it even saves you the trouble of booking a venue.

  1. Finding a Parking is Never Your Headache

For a chauffeur driven ride, it is not you who goes through the ordeal of finding a parking space; it’s your handy chauffeur that does it. And, neither are you obliged to pay the exorbitant parking fees during the holiday season.

You will be simply dropped at and picked from the designated spot at the designated time. All you need to do is have fun and not worry about the parking issues.

  1. Limousines are a Must for Business Travel

When it comes to business, it is all about the image that you present, and the impression that you make. An ace class business ride can help you make that professional impression and get you the deal that you always wanted.

Also, if you need to book a ride for an important partner, or a client, or a team of delegates, a Limousine has no rival. With it you send across the right message, i.e. professionalism and class.

  1. Going Out for a Night on the Town

Going to concerts, clubbing and tailgating with a bunch of friends can be total fun and no hassle with a party bus. All you have to do is direct, and your ride goes wherever you want. Whether it is club hopping, going to a concert with friends, catching a soccer game or tailgating, a party bus is the thing to rent.

The ride, in this case it a party in itself. With friends and fun, it is the journey that you enjoy more that the event itself. So, the party doesn’t stop unless you want it to stop.

  1. Carrying the Supplies

The best part about both these vehicles is the luxurious amenities that they already provide. These make you feel totally comfortable. Some come with a stock of snacks and non-alcoholic drinks that you may wish to enjoy.

Moreover, if a party bus is what you are taking, you can stack it up with the party supplies. Drinks, snacks, decoration, and all that you want for the party can be carried around in the ride. And yes, because you are not driving, you can start the party before you arrive at your destination.

Nevertheless, there are some things that you must keep in mind before you hire either of these.

You Must Remember that:

  • Hiring must be done after a fair amount of research – into your budget, and into the standing of the service providers that you choose
  • You must check the vehicle in person before you rent it
  • Do check the contract and make sure everything is legal
  • Don’t hire without signing a contract
  • Check the insurance
  • Ensure the chauffeurs are properly licensed
  • Do not mind negotiating. Even if you may not be able to get the charges down, you may get some complimentary service. Not a bad deal!
  • And, make sure that you act responsibly on board.

So, these were the top 10 reasons for renting a party bus or a limo; but they are not all. If you go on to find more reasons, you will definitely find numerous. And for these very reasons, such rentals are always in demand in the United States of America. Whether it is for a wedding or a prom; for a bachelor party, or club hopping; for business travel or concert going; stretch limos and party buses make the perfect choice. Not only do you get to arrive in the most impressive and stylish manner, but also to be fair to your budget and convenience.

All you have to do is look for the best service; hire your favorite ride; and get ready to roll. Make a reservation now!