Guide to Wedding Transportation

The Complete Guide to Wedding Transportation

You are engaged! You are going to be a bride! Getting married will be one of the greatest days of your life. From the time that you get engaged, you will spend most of your time planning for this wedding.

Many brides have an idea of what they want for their wedding – including their wedding colors, dresses and even the flavor of cake! One area that often becomes troublesome is transportation.

How are you going to get to your wedding venue?

How are your guests going to get from point A to Point B?

What is included?

There are so many questions that bride-to-be’s have when it comes to the planning of their wedding transportation so here are some tips for planning your transportation on your big day.

The itinerary is vital to ensure that your wedding day is planned and followed on the day of. You may not need to include every detail but you will need to section times of what should be “getting done” during specific hours such as when and where are you getting your hair and makeup professionally done?

Will you be having a first look with your future spouse or taking bridal party photos before the wedding to save reception time? Each of these factors can influence your transportation needs. If you feel overwhelmed or are not sure how to start an itinerary, your hired wedding photographer can usually be a great resource as experienced wedding professionals, they can provide insight to the events on your big day.

Wedding Transportation Professionals

Find The Perfect Rental

Once you have an itinerary for the day and you are aware of your transportation needs, you will need to set a budget. Your finances will help you to choose the best dress, the food that will be served and transportation will be no exception. When searching for wedding transportation, you will need to know your transportation needs, the hours and mileage needed. This will be helpful when researching to determine transportation costs as it will typically be per hour and price per mile. Knowing the distance that needs to be traveled is vital when researching and securing your transportation as these factors will determine the cost.

Once you have established your wedding transportation budget, it is time to start researching rental companies. Ideally, you should start this search about 6 months before the big day and you can also book in advance as well. has your answer. They offer buses, limos, party buses and even charter buses. Their homepage allows you to input your specific travel details; such as your location, date and time to ensure that your transportation needs are covered on your wedding day. In addition to their fleet of vehicles, they provide additional services such as airport transportation for your out-of-town guests. Their website provides a live support agent that is able to help you with your reservation and walk you through the process; however, the free quote offered on only takes 30 seconds! They offer their services nationwide so bookmark their website, for all of your Wedding Day transportation needs!

It can be overwhelming trying to ensure that you, your family, your bridal party and your guests will have adequate transportation on the day of your wedding so utilizing the search engine that offers can be a life saver.

Another tip for wedding day transportation is to get creative. If you are going for a boho wedding vibe, a limo may not be the best choice for your bridal party but if you have multiple guests arriving at the airport, a limo may be the best option for your specific needs. Throughout the planning of your wedding, you will hear “it’s you day” approximately a million times and it’s true. No wedding will be like yours and your needs will be different than other brides. That is why it is vital to understand what your personal needs are for the day of your wedding.

Many brides opt for a small intimate wedding where their personal transportation needs will be much smaller than the bride who opts for a large, downtown wedding.

Another aspect of wedding day transportation is if your wedding ceremony will take place at the same venue as your reception. Often times, couples will get married in a church and travel to another venue for the reception festivities. If you are having your ceremony at an actual wedding venue, you will likely not need transportation from the ceremony to the reception as it will be located on the same grounds.

As all of this may seem overwhelming from creating an itinerary to budgeting for your needs, always try to envision your special day. Do not get so wrapped up in the details that you miss the day itself. Weddings go back hundred and thousands of years ago. They are constantly growing and evolving – in fact, the wedding industry is expected to be worth $20B this year and by 2025, it is estimated to be worth $70 billion dollars. As there are many facets of a wedding, there are often many people involved.

Let’s look at the list of people that will likely have a hand in your wedding – friends, family, pastor/officiant, florist, wedding planner, DJ, cake baker, stylist and caterer. These are just to name a few of the people that you will need to coordinate with for your day, not including the makeup artist or who you have chosen for your transportation needs. Your wedding will be all about you and your future spouse and the details that you have chosen to celebrate that.

When planning a wedding, always think about what you want first. Everything else will fall into place, with networking through the industry, what your budget will allow and simple tips such as websites like, that allow to have all of your options in one place. You will be a beautiful bride, your family will love your venue, your friends will love your decorations and you will live a beautiful life. Congratulations!