San Antonio: The Alamo Travelers Guide

San Antonio is wonderful destination for your next visit. As the second largest city in the state of Texas, it has many attractions to offer to its residents and its visitors. In addition to the world famous Riverwalk, The Alamo is known as the biggest piece of Texas History as the site to the infamous Battle of the Alamo.

The Alamo History

The Alamo is the destination to many tourists as it holds so much history. The Alamo’s history begins back in 1700 when the Mission San Francisco de Solano near the Rio Grande River in South Texas. The Spanish Missionary Father Antonio de San Buenaventura y Olivares worked to convert many to Catholicism. After he traveled to Texas in 1709, he feel in love with area, now known as San Antonio, Texas. The mission of the Alamo originated in 1718 as Mission San Antonio de Valero. In the years of 1794 to 1821, the decline of the Spanish rule began. During this time, there were many threats from the French and American people living in neighboring Louisiana. Spain placed its military in the Texas Frontier, now known as the Alamo. It became secularized and the Spanish military occupied this compound and converted it into a military base. In 1821, Mexico declared its independence, the Alamo remained a military outpost.

The soldiers occupying the Alamo became followers to the newly formed independent nation of Mexico. The Texas Revolution happened on March 6, 1836 which is known as one of the most famous days in Texas History. Shortly after, on April 21, 1836, Texas won it’s independence from Mexico at the Battle of San Jacinto; however, Mexico did not give up its claim to Texas and launched many military attacks on Texas several times in the following years. The Alamo, during this time, remained a vital military base. In December of 1845, Texas joined the United States of America and the Alamo greatly benefited.


The Alamo became a U.S. Army outpost and deport. During this time period, the Army added the Alamo’s famous bell-shaped top, that can be seen today. In 1876, the United States Army left the Alamo and established Fort Sam Houston to replace the Alamo. The grounds of the Alamo were divided and sold for various uses. The Catholic Church claimed ownership of the remaining buildings while the city maintained ownership of the roads. The “gate” to the Alamo was sold to the City from the Church in 1871 so that it could be demolished for a new public plaza.

The mission lost its southern border and a vital part of its identity. The Alamo was even used as a commercial warehouse until the State of Texas purchased it in the 1880s. Today, the Alamo stands at the heart of the city of San Antonio and it often viewed as the heart of what it means to be a Texan. It is currently managed by the Texas General Land Office on behalf of the people of Texas. People from all over the world have visited the Alamo and learned about the mission and its role in defending freedom.

Hours/ Location/ Price

The Alamo is open from September 4 to May 24, considered to be off-peak hours) are from 9am-5:30pm. During peak season, May 25-September 3, the hours of operation are 9am-7pm. The Alamo is closed one day a year, December 25th, Christmas Day. The entrance fee to the Alamo and its grounds is Free for all visitors. There are many different tour options from a guided tour to self-touring the Alamo and surrounding areas. The Alamo offers many videos, plaques and tour guides to learn about its history.

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The Alamo is located in Downtown San Antonio in the heart of the city. There are many surrounding restaurants and shops that allow visitors to have a successful trip to the Alamo.
When you arrive at the Alamo, you can see the surrounding statutes of the heroes of The Battle of the Alamo, there are typically lines of other visitors. Once the Alamo opens for tours, you can get a photo taken in front of the Alamo by an Alamo employee that you would be able to purchase at the end of your visit. When you first enter the Alamo, there is a gift shop. The Gift Shop offers anything from t-shirts to many other souvenirs of your choice. Then you are able to enter the church, there are many rules while in the Alamo, such as not touching the walls. As they are original, the Alamo is very proud of its preservation. There are different rooms that you cannot enter but can look inside. There are many plaques hanging that provide information on the room or area that you are in. You can walk to grounds to another building that holds many original artifacts of the Alamo to include but not limited to, the military uniforms worn during the battles, weapons used during the battles and even interactive modules that show what the Alamo looked like before and what it looks like today.

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Experiencing a large part of Texas History is visiting the Alamo, this is the reason that it is the number one visited attraction in San Antonio.