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Six Flags Over Texas Charter Bus Rentals

If you’re ready for some fun and adventure, take a trip over to Six Flags Over Texas. This theme park provides plenty of activities for all ages and abilities, and it is easy to get to, especially if you charter a bus. With rides and shows for children of all ages, you’re sure to find something here for the whole family.

Rather than worrying about driving to the park early in the morning and needing to navigate home after a long day in the parks, let us help you. We at Price 4 Limo offer charter buses that you can reserve to get you from Point A to Point B. Take your whole group, whether it be family or a school group, in one bus. We’ve got plenty of options for rental, from 12 passenger sprinter vans to 56 passenger motor coaches.

History of Six Flags Over Texas

Get ready for fun in the sun at Six Flags Over Texas. Located in Arlington, Texas, it’s just outside of Dallas and Fort Worth, easily reachable from either city. Opened in 1961, this park is one of the oldest Six Flags amusement parks in the country. An easy 15 mile drive separates the largest amusement park in the area from Dallas, meaning you’ll be able to get there readily, whether you drive yourself or take one of our buses.

Six Flags Over Texas is a 212 acre amusement park brimming with different rides. As of 2019, it has 45 different attractions, with 13 roller coasters for the thrill ride enthusiast in any group. The park is divided into different sections, largely named for real and fictitious lands, such as Texas, Mexico & Spain, and Gotham City for Batman fans.

Rides & Shows

While you’re enjoying yourself at Six Flags Over Texas, there are a variety of rides and shows to keep you occupied. In addition to the entertainment, there are dining options to suit even the pickiest kids as you wind your way through the park. You’ll have plenty to keep you busy all day, so you’ll really appreciate having one of our buses waiting to take you home at the end of the day.

When you enter Six Flags Over Texas, you enter at the Star Mall location. This area includes the Silver Star Carousel and dining options like funnel cake. During different seasons, you might catch a variety of shows on the stage, but the daily show is the Looney Tunes Party Rockin’ Dance Party from March through September.

Traveling further into the park, you’ll encounter the Mexico & Spain area, featuring the world’s first log flume ride, El Asseradero. It also includes roller coasters such as La Vibora. You can watch DJs broadcast music around the park in this area and eat at places like Rancho de Pollo.

Everything is Bigger In Texas

In another part of Six Flags Over Texas, you’ll find the Texas section. One of the original sections when the park opened, you’ll get to experience intense roller coasters, including the New Texas Giant and the Titan, the tallest, fastest and longest roller coaster found in Texas. There are shows at the Crazy Horse Saloon and Lone Star Theater, and your group will find eateries such as Panda Express.

The Old South & France portion of the park includes a largely indoor roller coaster, Runaway Mountain. It includes the largest indoor theater in the park, the David Blackburn Southern Palace Theater, where  variety of shows take place. You’ll find dining options that include JB’s Smokehouse Barbeque.

So Much to See & Do

Continuing on around the park, you’ll enter the USA section of Six Flags Over Texas. This area includes the children’s play area known as Bugs Bunny Boomtown. For older guests, this part of the park contains a 3-D motion ride, Justice League: Battle for Metropolis. Bugs Bunny Boomtown, on the other hand, includes a variety of kiddie rides for children in mind, from the junior roller coaster Wile E. Coyote’s Grand Canyon Blaster to the Taz Tornado Swings. You’ll find dining at the Six Flags All-American Cafe.

In 1973, another part opened in the park, Goodtimes Square, which is loosely 1950s themed. It includes rides like the Judge Roy Scream, a wooden roller coaster. It also includes the second-tallest Star Flyer in the world, the Texas SkyScreamer. You’ll be able to rest for a little while in the Majestic Theater, where miscellaneous shows occur throughout the year.

As of 1999, visitors to Six Flags Over Texas can experience the thrill of Batman’s Gotham City. This area features an inverted roller coaster, Batman: The Ride, as well as the launched roller coaster, Mr. Freeze: Reverse Blast. For those in your group that won’t ride roller coasters, there’s The Joker, a 4-D free spin ride. Dining options include Johnny Rockets in the area.

Next to the Gotham City section of the park, you’ll find the Boomtown section of this amusement park. It includes several roller coasters, from the Runaway Mine Train to Pandemonium. The railroad around the park also makes a stop here. In Boomtown, you’ll encounter cleverly named dining facilities, such as Dusty Dan’s Waterin’ Hole.

The Tower section of Six Flags Over Texas is named for the oil derrick that is located in this section, the largest oil derrick on land anywhere in the world. This functions as an observation tower to see all around the park. There is a looping coaster, the Shock Wave, as well as go-karts and a skycoaster that require an additional charge to experience. The Music Mill Amphitheater is the large outdoor theater here, and there’s plenty of snack dining, such as Cold Stone Creamery.

Six Flags Water Rides

Before you get busy enjoying all of the thrill rides at Six Flags Over Texas, don’t forget to bring your swimsuit or a change of clothes. That way, you’ll be all set for the water rides that at scattered around the park. In addition to the log flume ride El Asseradero, you can have fun on the river rapids ride known as Roaring Rapids. In the USA section of the park, there’s also Aquaman Splashdown, a boat ride also referred to as a shoot the chute, where the boat splashes down a long slide at the end of the ride.

When you come to Six Flags Over Texas, make sure to bring your appetite. There are dining options all around the park for you and your family to enjoy, from funnel cakes at Flags Famous Funnel Cakes to hot dogs at Bubba’s Texas Giant Hot Dogs. You can get a Dining Pass in the park to help provide some flexibility in what you eat. Pull up a seat at the All American Cafe and enjoy the cooler atmosphere on a hot day.

Special Information

Six Flags Over Texas is open most of the year, from late February until early January, so you can experience all of the seasons at the park. In addition, there are special events that occur throughout the year. The park has numerous theater venues where you can watch performers sing and dance. Enjoy the open air amphitheater or take in the air conditioning in an indoor theater while you kick up your feet and relax.

You can enjoy a variety of seasonal activities at the park as well. When many schools have Spring Break during March, you’ll find lots of outdoor activities in the park during the featured Spring Break Out. There are concerts and games. In April, you can enjoy a celebration of Hispanic heritage with Festival Latino, featuring performers and cuisine.

Later in the year, Six Flags Over Texas gets spooky and turns into Fright Fest. This event occurs on select days during October and is the park’s annual Halloween festival. There are haunted houses and “ghouls” that wander the park to scare visitors. For a more relaxed atmosphere, come and experience Holiday in the Park, when Christmas lights by the thousands decorate the buildings and rides. It occurs between November and December and features holiday shows, seasonal treats, and even a snow hill that you can slide down.

When you come to Texas, whether for work or play, you’ll want to visit Six Flags Over Texas. There are plenty of things for everyone in your party to see and do, from Bugs Bunny Boomtown for kids to shows at the Crazy Horse Saloon. You’ll find tame rides like Yosemite Sam’s Texas Tea Cups, and you’ll have the opportunity experience thrilling adventures such as the Superman Tower of Power, the tallest freefall tower in the world.

Charter Bus Transportation

We can help make your trip even better. Reserve a bus with Price 4 Limo, and we’ll pick your entire group up and drop you off at the front of the park. At the end of the day, when everyone is tired, we can pick you up and take you home. No need to worry about traffic. You can even doze in our comfy seats. Recharge your batteries while you literally recharge your (phone) battery in some of our charter buses. Contact us today to see how we can help you make memories to last a lifetime.