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Choosing Between a Limousine or Party Bus for Birthday Parties

Birthday parties these days have got a lot bigger and you need to be much more creative to make sure that the guests are not bored. Whether the birthday party is for children or for adults, every guest is looking forward to an experience that they would take back home and keep in their memories for years to come.

This is especially true when the party is for a milestone birthday like your 18th or your 60th birthday parties. The excitement of having reached that milestone is alone enough to make you want a terrific occasion to share with your loved ones. This is one reason that many birthday parties are arranged in different locations. This requires reliable and fast transport. We provide this transport.

You have a few options for party transport. Two of the most popular transportation options that we provide are limos and party buses. They both have their own advantages and disadvantages, depending on the type of party you are organizing and the number of people you need transport for, as well as the location of the place of the party. We’ll explore the advantages of each option in detail so that it becomes easier for you to make the right choice.

Advantages of hiring a limousine

Stylish to the extreme

The cost of hiring a limousine for a long period might be high but it is well worth the cost if you consider the magnitude of the occasion. Stylish and unique, a rented limousine party can raise brows wherever you go, and wow the guests like nothing else. The luxury trappings will be appreciated by the guests and you can arrive in style at the actual party destination. Limos are the most popular ride for prom and homecoming dances! A journey in the comfort of a limousine will put everyone in a good mood and start the party off in good style. Hiring a limo can be sometimes cheaper than hiring a party bus, which is an additional bonus for the more stylish option.

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Suitable for small parties

Depending on the type and model of the limousine hired, the vehicle can transport anywhere from eight to thirty people. If you are planning a small and intimate birthday party with only a few close friends invited for the occasion, a limousine is a great vehicle to consider hiring. With a limousine, you can enjoy yourself on your way to the party destination while traveling in luxury. It is a spacious vehicle that can accommodate people in comfort and luxury. It is especially a wonderful choice for intimate parties. In fact, when it comes to smaller parties, a limo is often the best choice.

Excellent for theme parties

Limousines are built in such a way that they are easily adapted to different themes. Because there are already many facilities provided within the vehicle, tweaking the inside decor a little here and there is easier in order to create a wonderful decor in keeping with the theme decided. Whether you are arranging a retro party, a disco theme or even a Disney theme, limos are a wonderful base in order to make your ideas come alive. With a limo, you can do basically anything. It is also a wonderful idea to have a fancy dress party in a limo.


Advantages of hiring a party bus

Suitable for large parties

Party buses can usually carry any number of people from 20 to 50 passengers. If you are planning a large party to commemorate your birthday, then a party bus is perfect for the occasion. A party bus is huge, spacious and is fit up in a way that can facilitate organizing different kinds of parties on-board. The party bus can be used either to travel from your house to the destination of the party or you can even arrange to have your party inboard provided you arrange for a large parking space to park the bus. This is an ideal way to hold a large party without disturbing the neighbors!

Birthday Party Bus

Fun activities for children or adults

Party buses have a great advantage as in they are suitable for children and adult birthday parties. Hiring a party bus for your child’s birthday saves parents from having to organize the party in the first place, but it also saves them from having to clean up the space afterwards. Thus, parents, children and the guests can have a good time without worrying about the responsibilities of taking charge of the party. You can organize movie screenings with the right decorations and ask the kids to dress up as the characters. Alternatively, you can have game systems fitted up inside the buses. There is simply no end to the options once you let your imagination soar.

Take longer trips

If you are planning to have a longer party, then a party bus is the perfect option. You can take road trips over the weekend on the bus, all the while entertaining your guests with music, food, dancing, movies, or whatever else you want to incorporate in your party. Bachelorette and Bachelor parties are the perfect occasion to rent a party bus. Party Buses are the preferred means of wedding transportation. You can make stops at various locations or simply camp at a camping site or sign in to a hotel for the night before continuing your trip. Like a room on wheels, you can spend time together with your friends on your special day while at the same time touring your city and its surroundings from the comfort of a party van.

Party Bus Prices

Whether you hire a limousine or a party bus, will ensure that you are able to create great memories by providing safe, reliable and comfortable transportation options. We will also be able to advise you on what kind of vehicle to hire based on your budget, number of guests expected and the theme for your party. One simple rule of the thumb is to simply collate all the information for your party and we will do the rest!

Whatever the mode of transport you choose, we will ensure that you are accompanied by a reliable, well-informed and courteous driver who will ensure that they follow the traffic and other rules and make your party a success.