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Prom Limos and Party Buses: Finding the Best Transportation

Your high-school days are coming to an end and it’s time for the grand prom night. Excited as you may be if it is your prom, and worried as you may be if you are a parent; prom is special. Apart from massive problems like zits that appear on the face right before the prom night, there are others, like what the ride for the prom is going to be. Prom limos and party buses are hot right now!

Whether it is your senior prom, or your junior prom, arriving in style is the mantra. But if it you are a parent, arriving safely is the concern. So, what’s the solution? Do you have a choice?

You, indeed do! Well, if you have a limo, there’s nothing like it! But, chances are that you don’t. So, what should you do? Simply rent a limousine or party bus for prom. But what is the cost of prom in 2016?

Is Renting a Prom Limo or Party Bus an Affordable Option?

Yes, it is. And you should know that America does it all the time. Hiring Limo and luxury cars or party buses for prom is something that has been the tradition for quite some time and. Not only does it fulfill the requisite of partying in style but also of safety and affordability. So, let see what all options do prom rentals offer.

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A Stretch Limo will Have Your Friends Floored

Limousines – nothing beats them as an affordable luxury rental car. They are super-stylish; they spell luxury and are cool at the same time. And, if it is a stretch limo, you what reactions you are going to get.

The best thing about a stretch limo – it can accommodate from six to 14 people comfortably. Some of the larger limousines can seat up to 20 passengers. They are usually maintained very well and score exceptionally in cleanliness. And the courteous chauffeur is something that you will really appreciate. Also, if so many of you are going to share it, the idea of pooling in for the rental is a great one. Hence, the ride is rendered even more than affordable.

These can be rented on an hourly basis for the prom night. The limo rentals for prom usually charge per person per hour. So, it is absolutely plausible to rent one.

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Party Buses, the Hottest New Prom Trend

This is another pretty popular option for the rental. Another chauffeur driven classic ride is the party bus. We also know it by the popular names of party ride, party van, limo bus and luxury bus. It is much bigger than a stretch limo to look at and has more seating capacity than the same. Its least capacity is 10 passengers, and can seat up to 50 passengers,  so it is ideal if a bunch of friends wants to ride along for the big night.

Since it has a name which is self-explanatory, you know why so many people go for it. And if you believe in journeys being more enjoyable than the destination, a prom party bus is going to be the perfect ride for you.

What is even better? The rents are usually lower than the limos. So, that is doubly good news! Low rentals, plus more sharers, equals hell of a good time. Check out these amazing party buses for prom in Tampa, FL!

A Luxury Sedan – Exclusive Ride For Couples

If you are planning to go to the prom just with your date, a luxury sedan will suit you the best. With hourly charges mush lower than those of a stretch limo or a party bus, you can still aim for arrival in style.

Ideal for two to three people, excluding the chauffeur, these cars can fit you budget even if you are the only one paying for it.

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Stretch SUV

The cool gang will surely go for this one. They are SUV’s that are stretched like a limo. You can load it with party supplies and that is what makes it a good choice.

They cost almost as low as the party bus but have a little lesser seating capacity. Plus, they usually go without a chauffeur.

Vans May also be Considered

These cost the least; have a good seating capacity, can be loaded with loads of party supplies; do not necessitate hiring a chauffeur; quite a catch. But they do not score as high on the style score as any of the other options.

As for safety, if you have a responsible person to drive, these can be a good option.

Should You Be OK Renting Prom Limos for Your Children?

Why not? Style is what the kids want. Right?

But, parents what much more than that. For them, safety is the first concern and of course, spending is the second.

As for the safety, most these limousine rentals for prom are safe and licensed. So are others, but because the limo rentals have a certain image that they must maintain, makes them much safer than the rest; and, more courteous, in fact.

As for what you are paying for them, it is going to be justified since there is no monopoly that operates in this trade.

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A Few Things to Consider Before Renting a Limousine

  • Make Sure You Do the Research

Now, research encompasses a lot many things. Primarily, it is about finding out about the prom limo rentals that you have as options. But that is not all; that is just the first step. Here is what you need to do. After you get to realize that here is one service provider that you really like, you:

  • Check the credentials of the company. See how they are ranked and rated – on portals as well as locally. The word of mouth is really great way to know the worth of a service.
  • Check the experience that they have in this business. Usually, the older, the more reliable. But, in case the relatively newer ones seem to have good reviews, go for them.
  • Also if they have cars that are safe. Since your children will be using these for travel, it is important that you check them for safety.
  • If hiring a limo or a prom party bus with a chauffeur, do check his credentials, experience and the reputation.

Checking the fleet may add to your choices. Sometimes it happens so that we go with a mind made up, hire in a jiffy, and later find out that the options were many and better. So, check the fleet that they offer and take your time to choose the best one that fits into your budget as well as suits your conveniences.

  • Ask for Real Pictures

This check is extremely important. Unless you do this, you always keep running the risk of bad surprises at the last moment. You could end up with an old noisy engine, a car full or trash, creaking doors or moldy seats. You sure don’t want that, especially of your date is accompanying you to the prom.

So, ask for real pictures and for the rental service to show exactly that car which is going to provide transportation on the big day. Make sure that you are not shown the kind of car that you shall be renting. There is a difference between almost and not quite.

  • Check for Licenses

You can’t forget this step. Sometimes, you get so overwhelmed with the cars that you forget to see the licenses. And this has to be done for two things.

One – for the service. See if they have the license to ply their fleet that in the particular area that your children wished to be driven to.

Two – for the chauffeur. If you are hiring one, you must check the license.

  • Sign a Contract

Do sign a written contract, even if the service is reliable; even of you have hired it before. Ensure that you read it and pay attention to all the clauses. You must not be paying anything above the amount that you have promised to. So, check for all the costs that are mentioned therein. At Price4Limo, our prices are all inclusive including fuel, tip, and service fees.

So, next time the prom is around the corner, don’t fret. Just look for a good prom limousine rental and get that one burden off of your mind. It is important to land in style, but it is imperative to be safe too. Count your options, do the research, make a choice and rock that prom.