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How To Make Your Party Bus Rental More Affordable

One of the things that separates Price 4 Limo from other transportation companies is our affordable party bus rentals. We provide competitive prices across the country that puts us either with or ahead of our competition. When you visit our website and decide to reserve a party bus you will have our search results provide you with the vehicles available in your area. With so many different fleets you will receive a list of vehicles that fit your transportation needs.

party bus rental

We understand that everyone wants to work with a budget and we make it easy for you to select and find the right party bus prices that work with your budget. If you are ever concerned with the party bus price we want to provide all of our customers with a few tips to help with deciding on which vehicle rental is right for them and how to select an affordable high quality vehicle rental.

Know Who Is Going To Ride In The Party Bus Rental

A lot of times when you are planning a bachelor-bachelorette party, prom, birthday, or corporate event it is important to know who is going to be traveling in one of the party bus rentals. You do not want to find yourself reserving a  14 passenger Limo bus rental and having 16 people riding with you. Even though our vehicles are spacious we do have a passenger capacity for all of our rentals. We make sure that if someone is reserving the 14 passenger party bus that there is enough room for everyone to sit back and move throughout the vehicle.

30 passenger party bus

You also do not want to find yourself with the same issue when you have 16 passengers ready to go when you have a 30 passenger charter bus reserved. The space is going to be amazing and you will enjoy having the additional room to maneuver throughout the spacious vehicle rental but the problem here is that the cost of a 30 passenger charter bus is not the same as a 20 passenger or 18 passenger party bus. Get a full commitment from your passengers to let you know who is going to be traveling with you before you make a reservation. You do not want to find yourself traveling with a number that will leave you wondering if you should have reserved the smaller vehicle.

 Have Everyone Chip In For The Party Bus Rental

With our party bus rental you have the chance to get everyone to chip in and pay a piece of the rental cost. When you have a vehicle reserved for 3 hours or even 12 hours you want to make sure that you are not left with the bill and paying for the entire cost of the vehicle rental. When you are celebrating a birthday you want your friends to get together and chip in on paying for the rental and during prom you want to make sure that all of the kids that are riding in one of our prom party bus rentals can also chip in with their own money or help from the parents. If your party bus rental is going to cost you $800.00 you can split that up with 6 people at $133. You can reserve a $1,200 30 passenger charter bus rental for 8 hours and have it split up 16 ways (in case there are couples) and only pay $75.00 for your rental, split the cost even more and you can find yourself even paying $50.00. When everyone chips in for the party bus rental you can have a great birthday, bachelor party, and night on the town celebrating in style knowing that you got a vehicle at a price everyone will be happy about.

Making Party Bus Rentals Easier To Reserveparty bus

As a transportation company we want to provide all of our customers with the best option in reserving one of our party buses for their big event. With prices available for your wedding, night on the town, bachelor party, and corporate event you will always receive the most competitive offer from our transportation company. We work hard to provide our customers with the best cost effective approach to their evening in the city whether it is for a night on the town or special occasion. Make smart decisions on the vehicle you need and get your friends involved and chip in on the rental so that you are not the person stuck with the bill. What makes Price 4 Limo one of the best places to find a party bus rental is the many different options you receive when you are looking to make a reservation.