how much do you tip a limo driver?

How Much Do You Tip a Limo Driver?

So, you’ve just sat down on the leather seats of a brand-new pink Stretch Hummer limousine. The speakers are blaring, LED lights shining, and you are with your closest friends ready to enjoy your bachelorette party and THE question comes to mind “how much do I tip?”

The common misconception about tipping a limo driver is that there is “a right amount.” Like hairdressers, waiters, and stylists, limo drivers are providing a service and the amount you should tip them depends on how good a job they did. This brings us back to the question; how much DO you tip a limo driver? The answer to that question depends on what type of limo you get, how long you rent it for, the event you are celebrating and most importantly how exceptional the service was. Although there is no universally accepted tipping amount, the typical tip tends to be 15-20% of the total price, like any other service. Here is a guide to help you figure out just how much to tip a limo driver:

Step One: Find Out if Tip is Included
Once you have rented a limo, the first thing you should be doing when figuring out how much to tip your limo driver is to find out if the company you are booking from includes tip in their price. This is extremely important to know so that you don’t provide an additional tip that has already been paid for. Accidental over tipping can lead to problems between you and your limo company. Generally, companies do not include tip and expect you to tip on the day of service (preferably in cash), but now some companies have all inclusive prices. That means the price they give you includes gratuity, and all other fees. Companies also sometimes automatically include tip for weddings limos, and prom limos. To figure out if your limo company includes tip, reach out to them.

Call your limo company and ask them “is tip included?”
Even if tip is included in the price you paid for your limousine, you can still tip the driver on the day of service if you feel they did a great job.

Step Two: What Did You Get?
By now you have called your limo company and determined if tip and gratuity is included in the price you paid. Now its time to look at the details of your rental to figure out how much you should tip your limo driver.

What type of limo rental did you get?
Look at what you rented. Different services might require different tip amounts. Weddings, bachelor parties, and prom rentals usually take a few hours so the tip for that will be more than what you usually tip for an airport pick up. Airport pickups and drop offs are shorter rides which means that you tip less for that. Take a look at what you got. What limo did you get, how many passengers do you have, and how long did you rent the limo for?

I looked at my rental package, now what?
Now you figure out how much to tip.

Tipping $10 to $20 is the minimum for airport transfers. When the price is more than $100, considering tipping around $40.

Trips for multiple hours should have a minimum tip of $50 to $100. This is just the minimum and does not mean tip $50 for every ride. If you rent a limo for 12 hours, a tip of $150 to $200 would be the minimum you should tip.

The standard tip for limo drivers is 10% to 15% for average service, and 15% to 20% for exceptionally above average care. You can tip more or less than these numbers depending on your discretion.

For most limo service events, a base tip rate of 10% is fair. During the holidays it is common to tip an extra $10 to $20 as a bonus to the limo driver.

Should I tip my chauffeur 15-20% or less than that?

Now that you have an idea of what you should be tipping (generally between 10%-20%), let’s explore if you should tip below or above this.

Quality of service determines your tip! You should keep these numbers in mind, but ultimately tip based on the quality of service.

  • Poor Service: 5-10% minimum tip. Only tip in this range if your chauffeur did a terrible job. This includes showing up late, the limo not being clean, the driver being rude, didn’t allow unscheduled stops, broken A/C, etc.
  • Average Service: 10-15% minimum tip. This is the gratuity rate you should be adding on for a limo rental that went just as expected. The driver was nice, on time, waited for you, etc.
  • Excellent Service: 15-25% tip. For limo rentals that went beyond your expectations, tip about 20%, and 15% at the minimum. These rides are when your driver went above and beyond the typical limousine chauffeur and delivered an unforgettable experience.

These numbers are suggestions based on standard industry rates. The best way to show your appreciation to your driver is with a tip. Remember, always tip in cash!

Also consider that you should tip based on how much of a mess you made in the limo. Limo drivers often wash, clean, and stock vehicles on their own which is a service not typically paid for. If you leave the vehicle dirty, you should tip a little extra.

There is no right answer to the question “how much do I tip my limo driver.” Each rental package is different so look at what type of limo you rented and how many hours you got. Determine the quality of service and then tip accordingly, remembering the general range of 10-20%. Your tip tells the chauffer and limo company how great your experience was.