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Finding Affordable Party Bus Rentals

I Need Transportation, What Should I Get?

There are a variety of different vehicle options available when it comes to transportation. These options range from your typical every day car, to luxurious limousines and party buses. Stretch limousines, stretch SUVs, and party buses are frequently used for special occasions and events such as birthday parties, weddings, sporting events, concerts, proms, and much more. A stretch limo accommodates roughly 8-20 passengers, while a party bus usually accommodates 15 or more.

The more spacious option is a party bus. A party bus is the preferred vehicle for larger parties, or parties that would like moderate amounts of space for passengers. These party buses usually seat 20-50 passengers and are generally equipped with laser lights, surround sound systems, and genuine leather bench seating. If you are looking for entertainment and safe transportation, a party bus is the perfect vehicle for you!

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How Much is a Party Bus Rental?

The price of a party bus depends on a lot of different factors, which include drive time, availability, and party bus size to name a few. There is no uniform pricing on party buses, so let’s discuss some of the factors that influence the price of the party bus you would like to reserve. The largest price determinants are what city you are getting the vehicle in and the availability at the time of reservation.

Major cities such as Miami, New York, and Chicago are packed with party buses ready to take you out for a fantastic time, but also with people looking to rent such a vehicle which is why availability plays a key role in pricing. When you are going to book, if there are a lot of vehicles available the price will be a bit cheaper than the average, but the same is also true for the opposite.

When many of the vehicles have been rented and there are not many options left available, you should expect the price to be slightly more expensive than usual. Prom season is one of the times where availability plays a large role in pricing. More vehicles get rented out rather quickly at this time so if you want to avoid having to pay higher prices for a rather slim selection of vehicles it is advised to rent as early as the start of the school year.

City and availability are two of the factors that play a role in pricing, but there are much more out there. It is commonly known that the longer you need a vehicle for, the more expensive it will be. The industry has realized that sometimes this can cause prices to be a bit too high, and many companies have introduced discounted multi-hour packages, and free hours for renting a certain amount of hours. Overall, these promotions have helped made longer reservations more affordable.

Party Bus Rental Features

Each party bus is unique and comes with its own features, and benefits. One thing about each party bus that plays a role in pricing is how many passengers that bus can carry. Typically, a larger bus will be more expensive than a smaller bus, which makes sense. Size is specific to each bus, just as how luxurious each bus is.

Each bus comes with different features which determine what you pay. Some of the more high end buses come with VIP services and packages. Red carpets, new LED lighting, a stereo system featuring aux and Bluetooth compatibility, sub-woofers, dance poles, bathrooms, minibars, TVs and even gaming consoles are some of the features you can expect in these buses. Yes, a bus with all of this will be more expensive that the traditional bus, but it will be an experience you will not forget!

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When considering how much you expect to pay for a party bus, it is important to consider how far you will be going in the bus and how many stops you plan to make. Usually, limousine companies will provide service within a certain radius for no extra charge, but if you travel too far, you might have to pay more. Each company has a different policy on this, so it is hard to estimate this potential fee beforehand.

Just consider this if you are thinking of traveling extremely far to your destination, and then back. How many stops you take is not directly linked with how much you pay, but it does play a role in pricing. You are allowed to make as many stops as you’d like within the amount of hours you have reserved the vehicle for at no extra charge, but it is important to note that these stops take up time. Too many stops can take up more time than expected and potentially lead to overtime hours which cost more. Make sure to plan out your stops reasonably to make sure that this doesn’t happen.

According to, a standard party bus ranges between $100-$300 per hour to reserve, and that price increase for more high end buses and vintage vehicles.

How Do I Reserve A Party Bus?

If you have decided you want to rent a party bus, you will need to gather some information. Figure out the date you want the vehicle for, how many hours you are expecting to need it for, where and what time you are going to be picked up and dropped off, and how many passengers there will be. With this, you can find out exactly what vehicles are available and the prices for those vehicles.

Thanks to the internet, you can run a search and get an instant quote in less than 30 seconds from and find the vehicle perfect for you. Tip and gratuities are included with us, but not everyone. It is customary to tip the driver 20% of the base price on the day of service. Since we include tip, you are not obligated to provide the driver any tip on the day of service. Providing an additional tip to the driver is up to your discretion.

What Do I Bring With Me On The Party Bus?

After reserving your bus, you might want to know what you should expect to bring on it. Different companies come with different packages so you might want to see what is included in your reservation. Party buses generally come stocked with ice, and could come with soda and water depending on the company you reserve with. If you are 21 or over, you are allowed to drink alcohol on the bus but it will not be provided. You will need to bring your own alcohol if you plan on drinking it on the vehicle. It is important to note that although drinking is allowed on party buses if you are of the legal age, smoking is prohibited on all buses because it is a fire hazard. Plan to bring snacks for longer trips so you don’t get hungry along the way!