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Executive Transportation Services

A business executive is tasked with a lot of important responsibilities. It is their job to run part of an organization or company, doing their best to promote organizational growth and success. To get this position, years of hard work and dedication are needed, along with a drive for achievement. Not only do businesses reflect the work of its executives, but executives also reflect the company and its image. It is important to maintain a professional image, and represent your company appropriately when conducting business with other companies and with clients.

What Does My Chauffeur Transportation Say About My Company?

Projecting your company’s image is extremely important. When it comes to the traditional business executive, professionalism is key. You need to maintain your look to help promote your company’s culture at the office, and outside the office. The idea of projecting your company’s image is more easily related to life in the office. It makes sense that you should look and act professionally when you are in the workplace which is why this is more commonly understood. But, professionalism does not stop there. You need to take your business outside the office and represent yourself and your company in many instances. While doing business away from your home of operations, you need to show others why your business is the one to work with. Perspective is key, and people are more likely to work with companies that they view as more respectable, and professional. For this reason, it is important to present your company well in every aspect when you travel.

What is Executive Travel and Business Travel?

In regards to business travel, the vehicle you travel in not only signals your business partners about the nature of professionalism in your business, but also the individual tastes and culture of your business. Just like how clothes are different and tell others about your personality, the different types of vehicles out there signal the type of business you work for. Every vehicle has its own look, and there are many different types of professional vehicles used for executive transportation. The most common form of executive transportation is a chauffeured luxury vehicle. Vehicles include luxury sedans, sprinter vans, charter buses, coach buses, antique cars, classic cars, limousines, and shuttle buses. Each of these vehicles has differing styles that can be used to display the personality of your company.

Chauffeur Executive Transportation, and Chauffeured Transportation

Let’s start out by first discussing what a chauffeur is. Although the term refers to a driver of a privately owned vehicle, a chauffeur is a highly skilled, experienced operator of a luxury vehicle. They are the best of the best when it comes to drivers in the transportation industry and commonly service executive ground transportation. Understanding why businesses prefer chauffeurs over normal drivers is actually quite easy. For one, chauffeurs are reliable. When business executives travel, they need to be picked up on time and taken around according to schedule. One mishap could lead to getting to a meeting late, which could be interpreted as your business being unprofessional. The reliability of chauffeurs erases this. Chauffeur services are known for being reliable and professional. When working with a chauffeur, expect a professionally dressed driver to arrive early, and be waiting for you. As the premier driver in the transportation industry, it is a chauffeur’s job to show up early ready to go. This eases the fear that your vehicle will either show up late or not at all. Once the vehicle picks you up, expect superior chauffeur service. The chauffeur will be skilled, and easily navigate the roads to make sure you are on time. Chauffeurs are in a sense executives like you and will treat you as such.

Different Executive Chauffeur Services

For the most part, executive chauffeur companies offer a wide selection of vehicles for hire to fit the many different needs of business executives. Vehicles typically include antique cars, classics cars, luxury sedans, stretch limousines, coach buses, shuttle buses, minibuses, and sprinter vans. Each vehicle is handled by a professional chauffeur. Professionalism and comfortability are the focus for this type of service, so expect to be treated well. Drivers wear suits, and typically provide water and ice, along with stellar service. The wide selection of vehicle types provides variety for each and every need of business executive transportation. On top of that, the expansive fleet that chauffeur services offer can accommodate groups of many different sizes. If you are traveling alone, with fellow business partners, or clients, there won’t be a problem. There are vehicles of every size.

The Right Executive Vehicle For You

Finding the right vehicle for your business travel transportation will depend on a few things. What do you want to get out of your vehicle? Do you want to show traditional professionalism or stand out? How many people will be traveling with you? These are a few things to consider when looking for the right chauffeured vehicle for you. The many different types of vehicles and vehicle types available that offer different benefits and project different images.

business meeting in executive transportation

What Your Vehicle Says About You

The vehicle you travel in during business trips is a direct representation of your business and values. Traveling in a cab to the front of your client’s headquarters does not project the same image as being driven by a professionally dressed chauffeur in a 1950s classic Bentley sedan. The vehicle you arrive in impacts the way that businesses will view not only your company but you as its representative so it is important to make the right vehicle choice.

Finding the right vehicle to travel in isn’t easy. You need to have an idea of the culture of the company or clients you are working with to find the perfect match. For example, it makes more sense to get a luxury sedan when you are working with an accounting firm at their office, while it might be better to get a limousine when you are working with an entertainment agency. Although this generally is the case, not every situation is the same. Context is EXTREMELY important for vehicle choice. Not every meeting for business is done at the office, which you should know by now as a business executive. The point of these trips to meet with other companies is not just strictly business, but about forming connections and bonds which is why attending events and meeting in more casual settings is becoming more popular. Attending sporting events and concerts are common ways that businesses and clients can enjoy themselves while discussing business. As the company representative responsible for this event, you have different vehicle options available. The more professional vehicles might not be the best choice because of the nature of the fun and rowdiness associated with these types of events, which argues that a limousine might be a better option than a luxury car in this case. The takeaway here is: Think about the situation in which you are going to conduct business to find the best means of transportation!

The Right Solo Executive Travel

For smaller groups or solo executive travel, a luxury sedan is recommended. These vehicles typically fit around 2-4 people, the smallest of all chauffeured vehicles. A luxury sedan is a classy, and effortless way to display your company’s professionalism while on business trips. These vehicles not only display professionalism but also provide comfort. Leather seating, air control, reclining seats, and storage space are just a few reasons why luxury sedans offer maximum comfortability.

What To Get For Mid Sized Executive Transportation

For mid-sized groups looking for executive travel, shuttle buses, sprinter vans, and limousines are the ideal vehicles. These all fit between 6-20 passengers, making them perfect for transporting moderate-sized groups of clients and business partners. Again, all of the vehicles are professional but have different individual styles and taste. Shuttle buses and sprinter vans are more straight to the point, classy means of transportation while a stretch limo is a more flashy, professional vehicle. All three of these vehicle types focus on comfortability and have plentiful personal space for each seat.

charter buses for executive transportation

Large Coach Bus Executive Transportation

For the largest of groups looking for business executive ground transportation, coach buses and shuttle buses are what to get. Both of these professional buses can carry up to 50 passengers, which make them ideal for large company gatherings and meetings. Again, these vehicles will be driven by a professional and personable chauffeur, and provide maximum comfort. Cold water, WiFi, power outlets, TVs, leather seating, and personal storage compartments are what you can expect with a coach bus or charter bus.

When Should I Book My Executive Chauffeur?

The answer to this question is reserve as soon as you can. Executive chauffeur services are based upon availability. This means that the different vehicles offered are unique, and once rented by someone else, become unavailable to others in need of transportation. For this reason, it is advised to book as early as you can. Doing this will ensure that you can lock in your desired luxury vehicle, and avoid being forced to select from a narrow fleet of available vehicles. Waiting until the last minute can leave you to choose between vehicles that might not be the best fit to convey your company’s image, which can lead to an unprofessional view or misrepresentation of your company in that particular instance.

Executive Transportation Prices

Chauffeuring is a service which means that prices will reflect the extent of the service being provided. There is no one set price because of this, so let’s talk about what influences the price you will pay for business transportation. The vehicle you select is the biggest influencer on pricing. There are many different vehicles out there that have their own features, passenger count, and amenities, which make each vehicle unique. This uniqueness across vehicles will determine the price depending on how large the vehicle is, and how many features are equipped. Obviously, there are more high-end vehicles, and more traditional vehicles, so be wary of that. The next biggest influence on price is how long you need the vehicle for. The longer you need the chauffeur for, the higher the price will be. This is pretty self-explanatory. You are paying for not only the vehicle but also the chauffeur’s expertise so the more of it you need the more you will have to pay for it. The last factors that influence the price of chauffeur transportation are where you will be traveling and vehicle availability. Most companies do not charge extra for traveling within a certain mileage radius, which can range from 60-180 miles, but outside a specified range, there could be an extra mileage charge. For this, check with the company you are working with to verify if your trip is within their radius to avoid any unnecessary fees. When it comes to availability, the price will be placed based on what is left. Typically, when there are more vehicles available, the prices are normal. Once the vehicle began to be rented out and only a few remain, a lot of companies raise the prices. To avoid this, it is advised to rent as early as possible.

Where To Get The Best Executive Chauffeur Service

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